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  1. Pluto1948

    Wanted ED 80

    Hi Andy, Yes I have seen it and am interested, I have emailed Steve about it. Thanks George
  2. Pluto1948

    Wanted ED 80

    Hi I am looking for an ED 80 APO but not the Skywatcher as it is to long for my needs, something similar to the Altair Lightwave 72ED-R Refractor with Dual Speed R&P Focuser. Thanks George
  3. Pluto1948

    Skywatcher EQ3 2001 mount

    Hi Need some advice on how to mod the above so I can fit scopes with dovetails fitted to them on this head, I have seen something along the lines of what I want to do, but have searched the net and can't find the puck part of the assembly, has anybody got any ideas, see pic for what i would like to do. Thanks George
  4. Pluto1948

    HEQ5 Pro Problem

    Hi The problem has now been sorted in two ways the first being my own stupidity and the second old age senility, I totally forgot to turn RA axis to the left which reveals a hole and allows you to see through the polar scope, but thanks for the input , the men in white coats are coming on wednesday to take me away, my better half phoned them!!! Thanks George
  5. Pluto1948

    HEQ5 Pro Problem

    Hi Can anybody help, after a period of about three months I decided to set my mount and telescope up on the pier every was fine until I came to do the polar alignment, I got everything ready and looked through the polar scope but couldn't see Polaris tried to adjust the illumination no difference so I looked through the mount and could see a tube were the weight bar goes up and I don't know what it is if anyone knows can you let me know do I need to have it repaired or is it terminal. Thanks George
  6. Pluto1948

    Which is best

    Hi Guys My preference on views is that I want to try and concentrate of Nebulae and Galaxies although I have had some nice pictures of planets with the reflector the optics on the Tal are really good as for using them side by side is not an option as one has to go to fund the observatory which will be the cheapest I can make.
  7. Hi Guys, I need some input on a problem I have I have two scopes one which is a Helios 5" refractor which has been modded to have a finder/guider scope fitted and also fitted with a Crayford dual speed focuser with a two inch diagonal, my other scope is a Tal 150K Klevtsov /Cassegrain which again has been adapted for a Finder/Guider both can be fitted to my HEQ5 Pro which is mounted on a pier in my garden which can be remotely controlled, my question is which of these should I keep I have used both for viewing and and the Helios for astrophotography, other factors to take into account are instead of stripping down after every session I want to build a small observatory and leave it setup, and start from the park position rather than have to align every time, one has to go!!!! All advice will be gratefully received and read with gusto. George
  8. Pluto1948

    Advice on fitting a Finder Guider

    Thanks for the advice will digest it and try it out Regards George
  9. Hi I am trying to think of ways to fit a Finder/Guider to my TAL 150K and thought I would put it out for advice, I have thought of using a Skywatcher 9x50 finder scope modified to take a QHY5iiL, I have a spare skywatcher mounting plate which I thought could be attached to the rear OTA clamp by drilling and tapping it , but don't know this would weaken it too much. I have pics o show what I propose any better ideas would really welcome. Thanks
  10. Hi I am looking for a Skywatcher GPS mouse at a reasonable price PM me if you have one. George
  11. Pluto1948

    TAL 150K Scope

    Hi Andy, This is the back end of mine which looks different to yours, I take it that I don't need to touch these bolts as the focuser tube comes out without touching this plate and as the collimation is ok I will leave well alone. I mohave the camera adapter which original like yours, it came with two original eyepieces 25mm and 10mm, a x2 barlow and have acquired x3 barlow which again are original TAL products including the box Tools, cleaning brushes and all in unused condition, all I need now is to get a good dry not so cold night and try it out. I am trying to make my HEQ5 Pro remote access using Orion Starseek remote control then all will be well hopefully, thanks for all the help might come back with questions on attaching and focusing my Canon 1000D and ccd why 5 ll L. REgards George PS can't access the link to Astro-Talk.ru via google translate not available.
  12. Pluto1948

    TAL 150K Scope

    Hi Andy It's the one were the focuser backplate attaches to the scope solid, what is the difference, I actually thought that if I undone the bolts the whole inside assembly would come out and I would have do the Collimation from scratch. When I did the rebuild there are marks on the focuser outer that seems to tell me its been catching on something as it goes in and out any ideas. REgards George
  13. Pluto1948

    TAL 150K Scope

    Hi Steve, Great to hear that there are other people with similar scopes and a user group as well, I that means I get more information, I'm hoping to get some more from Andy as he has sorted out two problems already, so any info you have will be great. Thanks George
  14. Pluto1948

    TAL 150K Scope

    Hi Andy, Thanks for the info I will take your advice and stick with the diagonal I have and save myself money on having mods made for it, as for the focuser I think I'll read through the process of a rebuild and then make the decision to take it out and service it, someone told me that if I take out the forward bolt on the rack the tube will come out, is this true. In my own estimation I have checked the colimation and it seems to be spot on so don't want to play around with it, you have given me so much to digest it's great, so as per your request here are a couple of pics, in the background in the garden you'll see my pier which has a HEQ5 Pro on it which I use for my Helios 5" reflector with a Crayford focuser on it and a Guide scope, hopefully I will be able to put the Tag 150K on it, I like to get to know as much as I can about the equipment I buy and use and it was cheap considering I got the mount as well, I wouldn't mind meeting you as I go up to Glasgow quite often as my stepson lives there.
  15. Pluto1948

    TAL 150K Scope

    Hi Andy. You are right mine measures 31.72 the difference could be that mine looks as if it hasn't been used a lot. I will have a look at yours and will await any more info with eagerness. Thanks George

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