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  1. I am selling up all of my equipment and would like to sell it as one lot so would like sensible offers, PM me and I will email a list of most of the items. George Astronomy Items for sale. Skywatcher HEQ5 Pro With Tripod Hand Controller plus spare and cable Skywatcher Mains Power and cigarette cable ADM Saddle plus the original Puck Has had a New Motherboard on May 2019 From ( Modern Astronomy) Rowan Belt Drice upgrade 2019 Also have a home built peir with Skywatcher mount on an aluminium tube which is fully adjustable, this can come with a Home
  2. Hi if you decide to split I would be interested in first refusal on the ZWO 120mm  


    Many thanks David

  3. I am having to sell all my astronomy Equipment due illness there are two complete scope setups one is a Meade LX90 with heavy duty Tripod and lots accessories mainly for planets and the other is for deep sky work and is Starwave 80mm on a HEQ5 Pro with modified rowan belt drive New Motherboard both in May this Year. There is a lot of other items, if you want a list plaese contact me and I will send you some picks and a list. I will only consider selling the whole lot at this moment in time £3000 Astronomy Items for sale.docx
  4. Hi Steve, Thanks for the info but I have got rid my Tal, but will pass the info onto a close friend who has a 200K and has modified it but does not do a lot of imaging. Regards George
  5. Hi All Sorry for the late reply and thank you all for giving your suggestions I have now purchased a new motherboard and fitted it, as you have to take the motors out to get at the two retaining screws I thought I might aswell do the town belt drive mod while replacing the board and I am glad to say it is one of the best things to do with this mount as I can hardly hear the motors and there is little or no backlash, I did read all the suggestions and they were what made me do the project. Thank you George
  6. HI I need some quick advice on the following what is the best method of replacing the motherboard on my HEQ5 Pro mount, a few nights ago I had the following message displayed on my Hand controller Caution " no response on both axes " which when I looked on the net meant that the motherboard had gone faulty, so I have to replace it but to do this it looks like I will have to take out the two motors, can anybody tell me if this is the case or has anyone done this before. George
  7. Hi CJ Have had a look at this but looking at the way my focuser is attached to the mirror is not the same, the one in the link just slots over a spigot that is attached to the mirror, but mine is attached nuts that are on a threaded shaft there are three of them one on the end and two that act as locking nuts, I've not seen this on a meade and I did have an LX200. I don't know if it has may have moded by a previous owner because it would be hard to get at the nuts through the focuser hole, I will try and take some pictures and post them so you can see what I mean.
  8. Hi I need a focuser for a meade LX90 EMC as mine has a slightly bent shaft, I thought of fitting a feather touch but the fitting method is different from mine so anyone with and old standard focuser please get in touch or PM me George
  9. Hi Andy, Yes I have seen it and am interested, I have emailed Steve about it. Thanks George
  10. Hi I am looking for an ED 80 APO but not the Skywatcher as it is to long for my needs, something similar to the Altair Lightwave 72ED-R Refractor with Dual Speed R&P Focuser. Thanks George
  11. Hi Need some advice on how to mod the above so I can fit scopes with dovetails fitted to them on this head, I have seen something along the lines of what I want to do, but have searched the net and can't find the puck part of the assembly, has anybody got any ideas, see pic for what i would like to do. Thanks George
  12. Hi The problem has now been sorted in two ways the first being my own stupidity and the second old age senility, I totally forgot to turn RA axis to the left which reveals a hole and allows you to see through the polar scope, but thanks for the input , the men in white coats are coming on wednesday to take me away, my better half phoned them!!! Thanks George
  13. Hi Can anybody help, after a period of about three months I decided to set my mount and telescope up on the pier every was fine until I came to do the polar alignment, I got everything ready and looked through the polar scope but couldn't see Polaris tried to adjust the illumination no difference so I looked through the mount and could see a tube were the weight bar goes up and I don't know what it is if anyone knows can you let me know do I need to have it repaired or is it terminal. Thanks George
  14. Hi Guys My preference on views is that I want to try and concentrate of Nebulae and Galaxies although I have had some nice pictures of planets with the reflector the optics on the Tal are really good as for using them side by side is not an option as one has to go to fund the observatory which will be the cheapest I can make.
  15. Hi Guys, I need some input on a problem I have I have two scopes one which is a Helios 5" refractor which has been modded to have a finder/guider scope fitted and also fitted with a Crayford dual speed focuser with a two inch diagonal, my other scope is a Tal 150K Klevtsov /Cassegrain which again has been adapted for a Finder/Guider both can be fitted to my HEQ5 Pro which is mounted on a pier in my garden which can be remotely controlled, my question is which of these should I keep I have used both for viewing and and the Helios for astrophotography, other factors to take into acco
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