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  1. James, thanks for checking this issue. Here is the TIFF image. oaCapture-223440-20190524-000000.tiff
  2. Hello again James. I got to test the new version of oaCapture last night. It looked good until I checked the saved tiff file (attached). I also attached the text file with the camera and app settings. The camera settings were the same as I used (successfully) with the older version (1.4.1) that did not crash. What caused this strange rendering of the GRBG 16 bit image? Fivel oaCapture-223440-20190524-000000.txt
  3. Hi James. Thanks again for all your hard work fixing the issues. I have a few feature requests, that I hope are not to intense to code. I did post this first one at the end of the issues thread. 1. Add an auto stretch for the preview to aid in framing and focusing. That will be only for the image preview. 2. For the focus aid maybe change the colored line segments to a couple of rings of different colors. When focus is achieved, they will overlap. 3. Add an auto focus capability. I realize it will require a method to integrate focuser drivers. Since your app finds and utilizes the camera drivers, maybe it is possible to do the same for the focusers. As soon as we can get some decent nights, I will look forward to using oaCapture for DSO imaging. I will also use it for planetary videos when the season arrives. Thanks again. Fivel
  4. Thank you James. That works much better-no crash. I have a feature request, if you have time to code it. For previewing a capture, have it display using an auto stretch, (preview only) to aid framing and focus. Thanks again for correcting the crash issue. Fivel
  5. Hello again James. As I mentioned in the post for version 1.6.0 it still crashes. I have a different issue now in that when I set the camera capture for RAW 16 bit (GRBG16LE) I sometimes get the TIFF save option. To get it I have to open my other camera with RAW capture and can get the TIFF save. Then I reopen the main imaging camera (ZWOasi1600mc-c) and may get the TIFF option back. I will be contacting the store where I bought my Mac Mini and have them reload El Capitan. It may have some issues. If oaCapture version 1.6.0 works with Mojave, I may just upgrade to that OS. Of all the capture apps I have tried, this one has more of the features and simplicity I am looking for. Thanks again for your hard work developing and supporting this app. Fred
  6. Hello again James. I installed this new version, but it has the same crash issue as with the previous version. As with my previously posted issue, when I select the ZWOasi 1600mc-c cameras, the app crashes and will not open. I had hoped that the issue would be resolved with a new version, but unfortunately not. I did delete the .plist file (only one there) but it did not help. Is it just me having this issue, running it on El Capitan? Fivel
  7. James, that last suggestion worked. On my computer, the .plist files were in a hidden library folder. but it is working again. It took a bit of fiddling, with the camera setup, but I finally got the tiff save option back. As for version 1.5.0, I still get a crash when selecting the main imaging camera, even after checking the .plist files. I am thinking it doesn't work properly with the OSX El Capitan, where version 1.4.1 does work with it. Did you change from the .plist to .ini files with version 1.5.0? Your thoughts on that please. Fivel
  8. Hello again James. I have the app on two Macs and neither one has the.ini file. Is this file for a Windows or Linux version? On my office iMac it has an older version 1.1.0. and it opens OK. I tried that version on the Mac Mini and it will not open either. On the at-the-scope Mac Mini, I had two versions available (see my initial post above) and neither will open. So, waht else can be causing this problem. Fivel
  9. Hi James. Thanks again for your quick reply. I attached that terminal output as well as the lengthy (sorry for that) Mac crash report. I hope you find some useful info in them. Fivel oacApture crash report.rtf OaCapture run from terminal report.rtf
  10. Version 1.4.1 (for El Capitan) was working on my Mac Mini at the scope, but it crashed and will not reopen. It crashes as soon as I try to open it. Version 1.5.0 still crashes when I select the ZWOasi1600mc-c camera. Both versions open on my office iMac, but It only has the built-in webcam . I tried deleting and reinstalling version 1.4.1, but it still will not open. This was the only capture app I had, that could properly save the color images in tiff format. I hope James or someone else can help me with this. Fivel
  11. James, thank you for your hard work and great support. I look forward to the next version. Do you know what caused that fault with one of the two USB 3.0 cameras I have, and not the other? I will be re arranging the connectivity between the cameras and my Mac Mini. I hope it will improve some minor data handling issues. Fivel
  12. Well, some good news. I installed the older version (1.4.1) and it works well with both cameras. The only thing I need to check again is that the reticule doesn't appear to work. No matter which type I choose, nothing shows up on the display. Maybe the next decent evening (who knows when that will be?) it may surprise me and start to show up. At least now I can avail myself of all of oaCapture's nice features and options. Fivel
  13. Hello again James. It took quite a while before I could accomplish this but here is the result. I could open oaCapture vai the terminal but the same problem exists. I could select the ZWOasi185mc, but nit the 1600mc-cooled. It still causes a crash. Here is the info that was in the Terminal app before and after the crash. Not much help there. Both cameras are USB 3.0 and connected via the same USB 3.0 powered hub to my Mac Mini. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ FredsMacMini:~ User$ /Applications/oaCapture.app/Contents/MacOS/oaCapture libpng warning: iCCP: known incorrect sRGB profile oaZWASI2InitCamera: control AutoExpMaxGain is not supported oaZWASI2InitCamera: control AutoExpTargetBrightness is not supported oaZWASI2InitCamera: control HardwareBin is not supported Segmentation fault: 11 FredsMacMini:~ User$ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- All I could see is the Segmentation fault: 11 So waht are your thoughts? Fivel
  14. Hi James. oaCApture opens properly from the Terminal. Thank you for that advice. I hope today to see if that keeps the app from crashing. Fivel
  15. Hi James, thank you for your reply. I am not familiar with how to open the app in the console (Mac is called Terminal). Are you knowledgeable of how to do this on a Mac? If so, please provide me with the command line. I tried to find a log, in the files structure, but none was created. As additional info, I previously used oaCapture with my planetary camera, the ZWOasi185mc (not cooled). It worked well on a Windows 10 laptop. I had no issues with that camera. I hope we can get this issue solved. Fivel
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