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  1. kippford

    Backyard Time

    "It's four in the morning and once more the dawning Just woke up the wanting in me" Jerry Chesnut.
  2. kippford

    Gallloway Gathering Spring 2019

    We don't tolerate whiskey up here either. Only whisky allowed.
  3. kippford


    I heard the supplied eyepieces were not great so I bought some random ones . I got a BST StarGuider 60º 25mm ED, a BST StarGuider 60º 5mm ED and a Vixen slv 9mm. I have no I dea when or if I will get a chance to use them.
  4. kippford


    I think I did. I only managed a peek through a hole in the clouds a few days ago. There seemed to be 2 0r 3 stars. Throught the telescope, there were dozens of tiny pinpoints of light. The weather has been far too cold for me recently though so I have not been out with it again. -6.6c at the momment and falling.
  5. kippford


    I got home a couple of hours ago to a clear sky. No time to cool down a telescope, so I went out with binoculars and saw the orion nebula for the first time in my life. It was just a smudge, but a smudge I have been longing to see. It may be cloudy here most of the time but when it clears up it is amazing. I am so glad I moved here away from all the light pollution.
  6. kippford


    It lets you focus better.
  7. kippford

    Cloudy Skies every night

    It is now over 4 weeks since I received my telescope. There have been two nights when stars were visible. The first night I discovered the collimation was so bad it was impossible to see anything. The second night it was far too windy to use a telescope. The forecast for the next few days is not good.
  8. Could have been a puddy tat.
  9. kippford

    Scots newbie with inevitable questions

    I think it is a blood moon. I doubt you could lift a lens that would give a shot like that.
  10. kippford

    Scots newbie with inevitable questions

    What settings did you use for the Orion Nebula?
  11. kippford

    Am I a cheat? A question of morals.

    Fat off?
  12. kippford

    Am I a cheat? A question of morals.

    I was that fat man.
  13. kippford

    What did the postman bring?

    Only if the good stuff was finished.

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