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  1. Beginner error. I had the ASCOM for DSLR driver selected as that's what I'm used to seeing in SharpCap Turns out that will connect OK but then return a blank image - not helpful. I switched to the Canon drive and all is well - image returned as expected. So, all set for the next long run of cloudy nights after the last 4 clear ones. Like comedy, it's all about timing Not be making that mistake again in a hurry...
  2. Hi, I am trying to use NINA as a plate solver and I have run into an issue with it. It connects OK to the camera and can fire the shutter etc. but I just get a black image back. I have tested it in SharpCap and I can see the image in there just fine. Just wondering if I have missed something 'obvious' Thanks in advance!
  3. That makes sense. I think some of the more advanced image processing apps for this stuff does it a little better than Photoshop? OR maybe I'm just being too hopeful
  4. Hi, I am processing a couple of images from last night and the subjects were low in the sky, hence I have some gradients in the images. Since I was not using a filter, any suggestion for removing gradients? I have Photoshop as my main processing application. Any help much appreciated
  5. With all these clouds around in the evenings that seem to drop in just when it's getting dark, I thought I might look into solar imaging for the (rare) times the sun comes out. I'm looking to add something basic to my setup to allow me to do this. Looking at the FLO website, I see these filters: https://www.firstlightoptics.com/solar-filters/baader-asbf-solar-filters-for-binoculars-and-camera-lenses-50mm-aperture.html Questions: Would I just attach that to the front of my 72ED Skywatcher and I'd be OK to image without destroying anything???? IF that is the equipme
  6. Final update on this one. The vendor did take the scope back 'for inspection'. They paid for postage when I asked for it. They cleaned the scope and returned it to me. The optics are now 100% dust free so I'm happy with the final outcome. I do feel I had to work overly hard to get a resolution to this and at no point did they say they were sorry that their customer was not happy. So in conclusion, would I buy from them again? No, I'll stick with FLO (as I tried to do originally) but the outcome is just shy of a name and shame post I think. The lesson? As stat
  7. Guiding is next on my list... I'm going to run my mount in EQ mode for longs exposures as over 90 seconds is too much for the mount in AZ mode. All part of my education So for initial alignment. If I manually get Polaris in the center of my view then I should be ok for the 5 degrees needed? Thanks for the help
  8. I like this method Dave as the mathematical solution is not so simple for me
  9. No specific satellite setting that I know of. It's a Skywatcher AZ-GTi mount that I can run in EQ or AZ mode.
  10. Hi all, I am trying to track the Prospero satellite as it passes near me. From the website I get information in a format different to my mount and I am struggling to understand how to convert from one to the other. The website information is as follows: I wish to hit it at the max altitude so I have Az=NE59 and EL=14 So for this example, what would I enter into my mount that asks for the details below: Thanks in advance
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