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  1. Hello Selling this as i no longer have the lens . My circumstances have recently changed and i need the funds... the bracket came from Astrokraften. Bracket is in great condition but there are marks on the vixen dovetail. £65 inc postage in the Uk Alan
  2. Vixen4eva


    Its nice to see more women getting interested in the hobby. I`m sure you`ll be hooked just like the rest of us. One thing is for certain your bank balance is going to suffer. Clear skies Alan
  3. Hello Looking for 2 of the following.... https://www.firstlightoptics.com/adm-mini-dovetail-series/adm-mds-dovetail-plate-adapter.html Alan
  4. Hello Guys Quick question regarding flats. I`m REALLY struggling with mine!!! I currently use an ASI 1600 MM Pro and these scopes... TS65 Quad apo 150 PDS These filters... Optolong L pro and Baader NB filters. I`ve tried various values using APTs flats aid with little to no success. Would anyone care to help with settings / rough exposure times with their 1600?? Regards Alan
  5. Deep Sky channel on You Tube did a video for this a few days ago...
  6. You just follow the instructions. Like i said the trickiest part is adjusting the mount. You obviously have to have the camera on loop and you`ll need to wait for it to refresh so you can see if your moving in the right direction... Regards Alan
  7. Its brilliant and very easy to use. The hardest part i find is the adjustments on the mount......the HEQ5 doesn`t have the best ones!!! As long you have a reasonably sensitive guide camera your good to go.... Can`t comment on the Polemaster as i`ve never used one so can`t compare... Regards Alan
  8. Hello This lens needs no introduction. Sadly i don`t have a box for it but will be well packaged for delivery. Looking for trades atm. Pics taken with this lens and my modded Canon 450D.WHY?? Approx value is around £275. Stay safe Alan
  9. Hi Simmo I actually found one today. Good luck with the sale Alan
  10. https://www.astrobuysell.com/uk/propview.php?view=160196 Alan
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