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  1. Don't think you'd struggle to sell if you split. Alot of those items are very sought after and pretty hard to obtain new...
  2. https://www.astrobuysell.com/uk/propview.php?view=167883 Alan
  3. Hello As per title. If you have either get in touch.....cash waiting Alan
  4. Vixen4eva


    Still looking.....name your price lol
  5. Vixen4eva


    Still looking
  6. Check out my ad in the For sale section. I`m in Leigh so not a million miles away Regards Alan
  7. Hello Testing the water out as i`m thinking of upgrading. As you can see from the pic its a standard HEQ5 pro. No hand controller as i use EQMOD via a laptop to control it. Mount is in VERY good condition for it age. Guides beautifully and consistently around 0.7 RMS. This is NOT belt driven but could easily be modded via the kit available. I`ve just not bothered as it works so well as is why change it. As you can see from the pics i`ve taken with it it produces stunning results. All images taken by me with my TS 65 quad and ZWO ASI 1600 mm pro. Collection preferred as i no
  8. Vixen4eva


    Still looking
  9. Vixen4eva


    Hello Looking for an RC6. Brand not really important as i suspect there all made in the same factory....must have extension tubes. Thanks for looking Alan
  10. Hello Selling this as i no longer have the lens . My circumstances have recently changed and i need the funds... the bracket came from Astrokraften. Bracket is in great condition but there are marks on the vixen dovetail. £65 inc postage in the Uk Alan
  11. Vixen4eva


    Its nice to see more women getting interested in the hobby. I`m sure you`ll be hooked just like the rest of us. One thing is for certain your bank balance is going to suffer. Clear skies Alan
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