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  1. Thanks Neil H. I'll have a closer look at the free version first to see how I get on with it.
  2. Hi Neil, I'm more southwest of you and south of Lyndhurst. I never say exactly where I live on Forums or Social Media, because you never really know who is reading your posts. It's just a security issue for me. Anyway, thanks for posting that link for navigating the night sky
  3. A lovely page your two girls have there Merlin There are quite a few Shetland ponies allowed to roam freely around the Forest, they are so adorable.
  4. If that ever happens, at least you could say you knew me before I became famous
  5. Welcome to the Forum Archaeoastronomer. I have found the members to be very helpful and friendly, and I'm sure you'll find that also. I like that link about the New Forest Ponies. I just wish that visitors coming here would read something like that. A lot of them think it is a petting zoo and will stop to give them food and pet them. Although owned by Commoners, they are still wild ponies and can be unpredictable. Plus, overfeeding, especially the wrong kinds of food, can give them serious health issues. It gets me so mad when I see this As for writing fiction... The For
  6. They're adorable Merlin I don't own any ponies, although I would love to one day, so I get my pleasure from photographing them as much as I can, and going to my local stables for hacks into the Forest (at least I did until the lockdown came into effect). It's a much cheaper way of doing it, and I can still fulfil my passion for riding.
  7. Thank you Merlin. I feel very lucky to be able to live in the New Forest. I can fulfil my passion for walking, photography, communing with the ponies (and, of course, astronomy)
  8. Thank you Nigella.
  9. I know it is going to be frustrating at times, but I'm prepared for that. It was quite cloudy here last night. I could see a couple of stars with the naked eye late evening but not an awful lot.
  10. Thank you for the welcome Roger. I haven't considered joining a local Astronomy Society, preferring to do it on my own for now. It may be something I'll think about in the future, I don't know yet
  11. I'm trying my best Dave, but those weather Gods and Goddesses just keep ignoring my pleas for clear skies I'll try harder next time
  12. Hello fellow Forester. I don't know which part of the Forest you are in but I didn't get any thunder and lightning, just heavy rain.
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