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  1. Managed two targets this week.. NGC 7822 was just intended to be a practice target, until the Rosette rose.. However I just kept shooting it and with it being a new target for me.. NGC 7822 (7hr 50mins) Location: York, UK 04/01/2022, 05/01/2022, 07/01/2022 18 x Ha @ 600s 17 x Oiii @ 600s 12 x Sii @ 600s QHY 268M Mono Camera @ -10, 56 Gain, Mode 1 Antlia 2"" Mounted 3nm Ha, OIII, SII Filters QHY CFW-L 7x2"" Filter Wheel Celestron CGX Mount Sky-Watcher Esprit 100 Telescope (550mm f5.5) Orion 240mm Guidescope ZWO ASI290mm Guide Camera PrimaluceLab SestoSenso 2 Focuser Pegasus Pocket Powerbox Advance PHD v2.6.10 Nina v1.10 HF3 Pixinsight 1.8.8-12 Astrobin Link: https://astrob.in/21lpal/0/
  2. significantly cheaper than Crux or Rainbox Astro, but are there reason why... I've got a 'reaction and my own thoughts video uploading to YT' if anyones interested
  3. As i understand, harmonic mounts can suffer badly from PE.
  4. After the leaked image of a group of people doing some astrophotography and an unidentified red mount with no counterweights was spotted, the speculation was a mount from zwo was coming. today pretty much confirmed
  5. The main difference is stellarmate has an app for tablets/phones like ASIAIR does.
  6. If you use Pixinsight, it has a very underused feature called annotate image, which I initially thought was to do with annotating an image after plate solving, but no it allows you to overlay very easily a signature
  7. thanks.. looking at other generic stepper motors, the hold current appears to be in shown in milliamps.. so maybe its 1ma to 5ma. i'll keep looking, hopefully no "communication breakdown before the levee breaks"
  8. So I suspect my focuser may be slipping, due to the Sesto Senso 2 not holding it (not proven, but want to rule it out) I have two rigs both with seperate Sesto Senso 2's fitted The odd thing is, I've read from the factory the default preset is to to Heavy and Slow, but when I look at both mine.. This is indeed true, but the hold current is set to 1 on one focuser and 3 on the other focuser. ( I havent changed this and they were bought from new) So I thought i'll just toggle through the three presets and see what the Hold Current changes to. Unfortunatly it sets it to 1 for each preset.. The manual literally says Hold: set the hold current, when the motor is stopped Now if this is amp's, when i change the Hold value to 5 (the max it can be), I see no amp draw difference (I have a Pegasus powerbox, so useful to see the draw being made) So the question is what is this Hold value and which is the right value to hold a heavy train. Thanks in advance
  9. I’ve also had this issue, but since upgrading to v1.3 of their firmware and drivers. It’s never re occurred https://eu.primalucelab.com/info/downloads.html
  10. So with the UK weather being abymsal, I spent Sunday afternoon researching and making a video on running Android Apps on Windows 11, without the use of BlueStacks. Namley the ASIAIR Android App and it worked... but there are some hoops to jump through Why ? nothing better to do and whilst Bluestacks might be the preferred way at the moment, I like messing around with tech.
  11. These work great with the PocketPBA and the Sesto https://www.firstlightoptics.com/astronomy-cables-leads-accessories/lynx-astro-silicone-power-cable-21mm-dc-jack-to-25mm-dc-jack.html
  12. Hello I wonder if some can advise on this Long time refractor owner, first time SCT (EDGEHD 8") owner I've bought the Baader Diamond Steeltrack external focuser and my question is Does the focuser mount onto the thread as shown in the picture, or does that need to come off and mount flush to the back of the OTA Thanks in advance
  13. Also this is covered in the FAQ section - item number 16 https://www.qhyccd.com/index.php?m=content&c=index&a=show&catid=30&id=22
  14. Hey I’m 99% sure this will be to with the laptops power management settings in both the BIOS and/or Windows 10 you can prove it is this first before adjusting any settings, by simple making your laptop busy whilst using the PM software. (this stops your cpu c1 state kicking in and dropping the cpu speed to save power). Play a YouTube video in the background, then see if your PM and it’s software works as expected. You can do this anytime, indoors etc, as the freezing, glitching occurs irrespective of what it’s pointing at. if this seems to solve this issue, you can then go ahead and fix it by turning of any cpu throttling in the bios (every laptop shows this in different ways, but is usually called CPU C1 state, cpu throttling, CPU management, CPU step down.. you get the idea). Also in Windows, choose the high performance power plan. I have 5 people on another forum confirm this fixed this issue for them (and also myself, when I moved to a new laptop). It does sound like the same issue your having Love the channel btw. Shameless plug to mine https://youtube.com/c/HogarthUK
  15. Hello its literally on some Velcro, which I was skeptical about, but I’ve used some incredible strong stuff. It doesn’t budge and is quite difficult to actually remove the box it’s that hooked on
  16. I have a Esprit 100 and my draw tube is also quite far out to achieve focus. also whilst researching back focus on the esprit range , it seems widely accepted the manual is incorrect, well certainly for the 100. The manual says for mine 63mm of back focus when using a FF, but it’s actually 55mm. I tried mine at 63 and at 55 to test and it’s certainly way better focus at 55mm not saying the 120mm manual is wrong, but I would investigate this just to confirm.
  17. Just had a really strange issue with my CGX After about 3 hours of imaging, going rather well, I noticed PHD2 start complaining it cannot send any pulse guides to the mount and the current exposure was a total mess of trails. Stopped PHD2 and did a Quick test of a 10 second exposure and sure enough it’s not tracking anymore. Noticed in Apt, the R.A. and DEC co-ordinates were all strange negative numbers. Just didn’t look right..(mount thinks it’s suddenly in the Southern Hemisphere ?) So told the mount to go home using the hand controller, it started going down towards the ground. Stopped it and shut the power off, move the axis manually back home and switched back on, did a quick home position all good. Packed up for the night. Details CGX firmware 7.15.9120 (notice a newer one came out in April 2020) Starsense hand controller - latest firmware Latest ASCOM Celestron driver USB Cable from PC to bottom of hand controller Star aligned with Celestron starsense APT v3.84 PHD2 2.66 I was Imaging M81/m82 way past the meridian at the time Temp around 3 degrees C Location : UK 54 degrees lat. Definitely northern hemisphere Feels like some odd software glitch. Anyone experienced this ?
  18. Thanks for the responses. The article / video I saw was actually a kit a retailer was selling, still looking
  19. Hello Whilst i was researching the whole 'soft bolts' problem (or not) on the HEQ5 Pro, i stumbled across a site (and I'm sure a video) for someone who bought a kit (not the upgraded bolts) that replaces the internals of where the bolts meet to adjust the altitude by hitting a plate at a better angle, the result was a far easier and smoother alt adustment at 50degrees and above. Problem is, I cannot find in my history or using google, the details again. Anyone got any idea what i saw and any links to it.. (again its not the upgraded bolts I'm referring to) Thanks
  20. Thanks, Yes I saw some of those.. Hmm read Pros and Cons for swapping them out. Can i ask another silly question. Is it recommended to take the mount of the tripod when not in use.. I've plenty of space to leave it assembled, just want to know if theres any reason not to leave it as is, (I know it weighs a bit, even without the counterbalance on) Thanks for the responses so far
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