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  1. Great review! Thank you. I bought a Tak prism diagonal on a whim ages ago. I always thought that the views were ever so slightly superior than through a typical enhanced/dielectric diagonal. Definitely less scatter and a smidgen better contrast.
  2. Highly recommended from me also
  3. RIP Neil Armstong Thank you for lighting the spark . My interest in this hobby started after watching the lunar landings as a child. You will never be forgotton
  4. Just getting ANY image from the surface of Mars is an amazing feat. Having watched the animated sequences again, I still cant believe it landed so perfectly, the way it did. Amazing stuff
  5. Absolutely AMAZING !!! So glad I made the effort to get up early and watch history being made. Well done to all at NASA and the Jet Propulsion Team I'm gobsmacked at wht I've just witnessed. Absolutely gobsmacked.
  6. Shucks.. Mislaid a couple of these bolts to fix my Skywatcher dovetail to the tube rings Anyone know what I should be looking for size wise? Cheers Tony
  7. I would keep the scope covered with one of those Telegizmo aluminised covers These are supposed to reflect the sunlight and keep the scope cool if I remember. Another thing you have to watch out for is fading. That nice black scope trim, focuser and finder scope holder start to fade and turn a copper colour eventually if uncovered and exposed to sunlight
  8. Nice image san. Well caught!
  9. Certain I saw two last night for the first time between 2245 and 2300 hours. I was just stood admiring a truly beautiful, clear night sky, when towards the North I saw what looked like a satellite. All of a sudden it just appeared to grow in size and intensity. It was very "venus" like for a few seconds and gradually dimmed and continued its course. It was fantastic and I was just struck with awe at this intense white light against the bluey black backdrop. Great thing was it happened again around 10 minutes later in the same direction. Brilliant. Made my night
  10. Seeing / Aperture / Perseverence I love Saturn
  11. Usual swings and roundabouts, John. Last viewing session on Saturn earlier this week using both scopes 100ED.. Pros: Low cooldown time. Crisp and contrasty. Very pleasing views. Cons: A touch dim at higher mags (why oh why did I sell the 120?) 150 Mak.. Pros : Nice bright image. Near APO views. Compact. Cons: Longer cooldown time. Although sharp, it still lacks the "bite" of a refractor. Still nice though. I usually start off with the refractor whilst the mak is cooling for widefield/planetary viewing then swap with the mak for any planetary viewing.
  12. Hi Damo The Equinox 100ED is a stunning scope both optically and in build quality. The focuser, I've found is FAR better and smoother than the cheaper DS Pro equivalent. Only niggle I have is that although the build quality is top notch, I find the finish just a little bit too slippery. The price has also just gone up quite a bit for a new one too, unfortunately
  13. I have both the 150 and 180 maks. I intended to sell the gold tube 150 when I bought the new 180 but for some reason... I just cant let go Side by side the 180 is almost a third longer in length and a heck of a lot weightier! Sure the images are a little brighter in the 180, but for its size and aperture, the 150 is really hard to beat. It sounds stupid, but its just SO "comfortable" to use. That, and the fact that the images it produces were stunning. Dont get me wrong. The 180 is a great scope, and gives great views when cooled down properly. Maybe I'm just struggling with its slippery bulk and tiny FOV to enjoy it as much as I should be.
  14. Dave You'll love the 25mm. A great eyepiece!
  15. tony4563

    Leeds Newbie!

    Hi Craig Welcome to SGL from your friendly Bradford neighbour.
  16. Great image Stuart, well done. I was looking at saturn myself through a nicely cooled 180 mak, but seeing was only so so here. Cassini drifting more out than in
  17. Thanks for taking the time to give us this splendid comparison review. It was a great read I love my AZ4 mount (dare I say more than the Skytee2 ?) Its just so nice and simple to use!
  18. A mighty plea to anyone in or around the Eastbourne area, with experience of adjusting a Skywatcher Crayford Focuser. I sold an Equinox ED120 to a lovely chap in Eastbourne and for some reason in transit, the focuser now slips when using the coarse focusing knob. The buyer has little experience of refractors and is a touch reluctant/confident to open the focuser housing, which is fair enough, I suppose. Its economic madness to return the scope for a pretty simple job ( I've done it before with an ED80) as its only a matter of aligning the focuser tube again and getting the Allen Key bolts at the right tension. Can any kind SGL member with experience in this matter help him out? I feel so helpless and just want him to enjoy his scope! Petrol and beer money will be provided of course Please PM me if you can help Clear Skies Tony
  19. Hey Colin I recognise that 127 Mak and filter Glad they are getting the use they deserve. Tony
  20. Sorry about the bad news however, thank god it wasn't your eye Take care mate.
  21. Teleskop Service are amazing to deal with. I ordered the GSO 10" Deluxe as my Revelation 10 was getting a bit dated and I hated the spring tension system. The new ones have a better friction system and twin speed focusers. My only gripe was the black plastic tensioning knobs, replacing what used to be aluminium ones. After I mentioned it they contacted their service dept and made sure I got a spare pair of aluminium ones! The scope and aluminium tensioners were delivered from Germany within 24 hrs of ordering. Amazing! The 16" GSO looks a fantastic scope. Its what I'd have if i had the choice. It's big though!
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