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  1. Ordered a SynScan Wi-Fi adapter and it came a couple of days later. Fuss free ordering and got the best price online for that item Thank You Zoltan! Tony
  2. Wishing you both a very happy retirement Martin!
  3. Anyone selling theirs, or thinking of selling in the near future? I'm after one in excellent condition Cash or Bank Transfer on inspection Possible swap for a smaller scope + cash if needed Happy to travel reasonable distance from East Yorkshire Thanks for looking
  4. Can’t beat a new scope Michael. I think you’ve chosen very wisely and FLO’s service is second to none
  5. No John. I never expected the ED120 to beat the larger aperture scopes. Mr Spock was interested in an ED120 but asked for other options . He mentioned a possible 10" Dobsonian I gave him some, and my personal experience of using them, as I’d had a chance to use with them all that night on specific targets
  6. I have too many scopes. I don’t care...My wife thinks I’m mad but I love every one of them. Over the years I have purchased and kept scopes of many types, but only at the maximum aperture I can comfortably handle on my own. Weather for next few days is expected to be poor so I thought I’d take advantage of the clear Bortle 4 night skies that had appeared last night I tested every scope just on 2 subjects. The Hercules cluster and The Ring Nebula just to see how they fared for brightness, contrast and detail at the same magnification that looked the best to me through the eyepiece. For me, the 120ED most disappointed on the night. Pretty obvious and expected really, as although there is no central obstruction , the 4.7" aperture just didn’t have enough light grasp compared to the rest to show the amount of stars resolved in M13’s core. The others just looked more pleasing and gave me more of a ‘’wow!’’ at the same magnification M57 was seen but the most pleasing views were seen with averted vision. The other scopes could see the nebula directly without. Again, just more pleasing. The 120ED is a lovely scope but I’m beginning to wonder why I still have one now. Refractors are known for their contrast but the other scopes were also too close for an argument for me. For me, the perfect all round scope for portability, detail and brightness would be an 8" SCT or a 10" Dob. Please take my views as only my own personal opinion from my own personal experience. Many people love the ED120. I did very much until I purchased bigger aperture scopes which then began to show its limitations, even with its unobstructed light path and great ED glass
  7. Ah, thanks for clearing that up Brutha. Missed that bit! I was in two minds to delete the thread because I couldn't find it anywhere else in the news. Still, it's a bit different and worth keeping on, so long as people understand it's NOT an actual live feed as I thought.
  8. Bryan.. Japanese rocket by the sounds of it but UAE project. The spacecraft, dubbed Hope, launched July 19, 2020, atop a Japanese H-IIA rocket, then spent seven months trekking to the Red Planet. Today (Feb. 9), Hope needed to fire its thrusters for nearly half an hour straight to slow down enough to slip into orbit around the Red Planet, from 75,000 mph to 11,000 mph (121,000 kph to 18,000 kph). Mission personnel on the ground could only watch what happened and hope for the best. "This has been a remarkable journey of humanity," UAE Space Agency chairperson Sarah Al Amiri said during preparations for the orbital insertion maneuver. With the successful Mars orbit insertion, the UAE becomes the fifth entity to reach the Red Planet, joining NASA, the Soviet Union, the European Space Agency and India. Today's success also puts the $200 million Hope spacecraft on the bright side of grim Mars mission statistics: About half of flights to the Red Planet fail. Mars orbit insertion was a critical step that, for Hope, required a 27-minute burn of its six thrusters that the mission team could not precisely practice in advance. Hope is now in a temporary orbit that it will retain for a few months as it powers on its instruments and settles into its new home. Mission personnel plan to relocate the spacecraft to its science orbit in May. That science orbit will see the spacecraft circling high over the planet's equator every 55 hours, a new orbit for a Mars spacecraft that will give Hope a unique opportunity to study large-scale atmospheric phenomena on Mars. The Hope mission is scheduled to last for a full Martian year (687 Earth days) The Hope spacecraft carries three instruments that will allow scientists to study the weather near the surface of Mars, the connections between different layers of the atmosphere, and how Mars loses atmosphere to space. Scientists leading the mission hope that this data will help them understand, for example, how dust storms at the surface of Mars affect atmospheric loss and how weather systems around the globe relate to each other. The UAE has sped into the space sector: Hope launched a little more than a decade after the nation's first Earth-orbiting satellite, DubaiSat 1, did so. The nation has pushed space exploration as a way to develop its science and technology know-how and to buffer its economy, which is largely built on oil. DUBAI, United Arab Emirates — The United Arab Emirates has made history as the first Arab country to reach Mars. The Emirates Mars mission, named the Hope probe, reached the red planet at 7:42 p.m. Tuesday, Emirates time, sent its signal back to Earth just over half an hour later. The ground control team at the Mohammed Bin Rashid Space Centre in Dubai erupted in cheers. “204 days and more than 480 million kms later, the Hope Probe is now in the Capture Orbit of #Mars,” the official Twitter account of the Hope Mars Mission tweeted shortly afterward, with the hashtag The feat is monumental. Experts estimated the chance of successfully entering Mars’ orbit at about 50%, since more than half of all Mars missions actually fail. The crucial time window was a terrifying and suspenseful 27 minutes during which the Hope probe had to dramatically slow down from its speed of 100,000 kilometers per hour (62,137 mph) to 18,000 kph by firing its six thrusters for 27 minutes exactly. WATCH: Mars Cam Views from NASA Rover during Red Planet Exploration & NASA’s Mars 2020 Perseverance Rover Landing
  9. Hope it's ok to post this. Amazing real time live stream from Japanese spacecraft "Hope" which was launched last July and has just reached the planet Mars. Absolutely stunning to watch and see just what has been achieved
  10. Was fed up of being a contortionist trying to polar align, so I bought a Skywatcher 90 degree Polar scope. Great bit of kit which comes highly recommended. So simple and effective to use. Northern Optics service was Brilliant. Great communications and free delivery. The item came less than 24 hrs after ordering Big thank you to Nigel.
  11. Big Big Thank You to Steve Clay for the holder Really appreciated Tony
  12. It’s a long shot but I’m looking for the holder for the handset if anyone has one in their spares drawer I bought a used HEQ5 Pro but it didn’t come with one Clear Skies Tony
  13. Wow! She's Beautiful! What a tail! Taken with a Canon G5X Mk2 in Handheld Night Scene Mode
  14. I've always kept my Dobs (10" and 12'') in the garage in all weathers, without any problems I cover the top and bottom of the scopes with large elasticated shower caps available from ebay. This protects the mirrors from any spiders etc crawling in I then cover with a fabric dust cover
  15. I did have the right time, didnt I? lol 9.32pm Tuesday was the info I was told What time does it go past Wednesday if I missed actually did miss it?
  16. That's weird John. I was out from just after 9.30pm tonight (Tuesday) looking Westerly towards Orion. Saw the first go by, but took another couple of minutes to see the next, which had the same path. They looked no brighter than any normal satellite seen in the night sky. Again, the next one took a couple of minutes to see. It was a clear night and the skies here in Driffield are rated as Bortle 4. i eventually went in disappointed. It was nothing like the you tube video i saw of them earlier
  17. They could only have been bright for one night. I've been out last couple of nights at the correct time of passing, and hardly saw them at all. Dim and very well spaced apart by around 3 or 4 minutes. I was looking up thinking what the heck all the fuss about
  18. Hi Mark. Although not long in length the 180m Mak is quite heavy. The single screw of the AZ4 suffices, but I always check and check again that the dovetail has engaged correctly! I have the steel tripod so unsure about how wobbly the aluminium one would be. One advantage of the scope is that it is relatively compact in size, meaning the legs of the tripod dont need to be extended fully, which may make it more stable in use.
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