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  1. outstanding work ! as several have said .... I would really like to do this too
  2. Thanks Charl Flamin clouds I set the HEQ5, scope and laptop up at work during my lunch break .... whatever it takes aye
  3. The Sun, 14 May 2019 One significant active region AR2741 One reasonable prominence on the limb LUNT LS60THa Solar scope, ASI 1600MM and ZWO Tilt Adjuster Cheers Dave
  4. sometimes we just have to take whatever we can get .... better than nothing and there's still a lot of detail in that first image
  5. As Merlin said, not too difficult. As you can see in his photo, the screws are in pairs ( well you can see one of the 3 pairs in that photo) one screw goes right through the 2 "layers, the other screw does the actual adjusting by only going through the first layer and pushing against the second layer to do the tilting. I found just going around the 3 sets that one particular set had the most effect. Gently tweaking that one and I could watch the rings slowly disappearing A great and worthwhile AU$59 pent Interesting that in Merlin's pic's that he has j
  6. Steve .... The detail in that first one is outstanding .... I really do need to learn how to stack video frames like that Dave
  7. @xtreemchaos, @Pete Presland, @Davey-T, @Altocumulus, @Ibbo! <---- hmmm the tagging didnt work Thanks guys my solar imaging has been a bit sparse of late, the days getting shorter, leave home before sunrise and get home not long before sunset If the weekend isn't clear, I can go for weeks between imaging Activity around AR2740 was good, it was easy to see changes in the small filaments and bright areas even over a 30 min period One thing this last imaging session proved was that the ZWO Tilt Adjuster solved the Newtons Rings issue when using higher magnifi
  8. The Sun today - 07 May 2019 0130UT (1130 AEST) Lunt LS60THa single frame exposures with an ASI 1600MM AR2740 with AR2741 just coming around the limb This last one using a Televue 2.5x Powermate cheers Dave
  9. Yeah, I have always seen the same thing LUNT LS60THa using either the ASI178MC or the ASI1600MM HI John interesting comments ....... but wouldn't your described situation only occur immediately after you had done tuning ? I have found that it doesn't matter if tuning has been done recently or not. What I have discovered is that the change of brightness changes as I move the sun's image across the field of view of the camera ... That is, I can move the sun's image to a position on the sensor where it is reasonably evenly exposed across the entire disk.
  10. WOW beautiful fine proms in there
  11. sweet imaging, Steve The full size really brings out the extra detail
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