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  1. Joeistotalycool

    Out of collimation refractor?

    Thanks, I was going to get one eventually, as I was planning on getting a newtonian. They are a lot more versatile than I thought!
  2. Joeistotalycool

    Out of collimation refractor?

    It appears on almost all stars, bright or dim, across the whole fov
  3. Hello, I was recently capturing images through my Skywatcher ED 80 and I realised I had purple and green fringing around the stars. I looked at previous images and it turns out I've had the problem for a few months. I'm not quite sure if the problem is the focuser or the glass. Im using a canon 1200D with a astronomik CLS clip in filter and a 1.25 Baader UV IR cut I supplied the stacked raw Tiff. Any suggestions would be nice Autosave.tif
  4. Joeistotalycool


    Are all the images in the type (tiff, monochrome, etc
  5. Joeistotalycool

    Iris Nebula under a bright moon with OSC.

    nice one. Great job!
  6. Joeistotalycool

    Barnard's Loop Observers Analysis

    Whoa, That's insane! Im almost lost for words...
  7. Joeistotalycool

    Orion's Belt and Sword wide(ish) field in Ha(7nm)

    Sorry im a bit late to the party, but I was wondering how you avoid vignetting with the 1.25 filters?
  8. Joeistotalycool

    Eastern Veil a bit out of frame

    Thank you!
  9. Joeistotalycool

    Barnard's Loop Observers Analysis

    I've only ever thought of the loop as a photographic object. I would love to see a sketch of what you can see!
  10. Joeistotalycool

    M81/82 "new" first light

    Please be aware that the file is not properly accessible, please can you repost the file again? Thanks!
  11. Joeistotalycool

    Eastern Veil a bit out of frame

    what equipment was used?
  12. Joeistotalycool

    Flats not working

    Thanks for the tips, I will test them some other time (When its clear out ) Not being able to diagnose a problem is about one of the most frustrating things you can have in the hobby lol (Well, apart from equipment straight up breaking of course )
  13. Joeistotalycool

    Caroline's Rose - LRGB

    Amazing image! I would love to capture something like that. How dark were your skies?
  14. Looking pretty good!
  15. Joeistotalycool

    Pacman in Hubble Palette

    Amazing image! The data looks awesome on PS. I made a few adjustments to the image to better suit my tastes: I decreased the Greens in the image and increased the golds. I reduced the purple stars (a bit, I think they give the image more character ) and decreased the size of the stars surrounding the nebula, making it pop out more. I would love to move onto a cooled, mono camera! SHO_Hubble_palette_PACMANworkingcopy2 from Joe^^.tif

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