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  1. Hello all, I have just received my new ZWO ASI1600MM Pro camera and it works very well However, I was wondering about the ascom driver. I have seen many people set their settings as gain 139 and offset 21, but with the newer drivers, the offset is in the 'advanced' tab. Should I just click Unity Gain and leave it at that, or should I go into the advanced tab and manually select Offset 21? From what I can tell, it does make a slight difference (files attached). 2019-04-07_10-32-21 = Offset not manually selected 2010-04007_12-01-48 = offset manually selected I do apolog
  2. The Needle galaxy - 57 minutes exposure time, 3 min exposures @ ISO 800 Canon EOS 1200Da, Skywatcher 200PDS with cooling fan, Astronomik CLS clip in filter, NEQ6, No Coma Corrector. Bortle 6/7 I plan to do a full project on this one soon, but i'm happy with this one for now
  3. I decided to photograph the horsehead nebula because everyone seems to have imaged it except for me! 4 hours 55 minutes , 5 min exposures @ ISO800 Skywatcher 200PDS with cooling fan, NEQ6, Canon EOS 1200Da, Astronomik CLS clip in filter Bortle 6/7 This is my first go photographing a nebula with my newtonian
  4. Not sure if this is what you are after, but it may be worth stacking them separately and creating a mosaic. Microsoft Image composite editor is pretty good
  5. sorry, I don't think it was the main board. I had the power board (is that what its called?) swapped.
  6. I bought the cg5 on ebay about a year prior to the repair. they fixed it for a nice 40 quid I believe.
  7. I had to replace one of the boards in my cg5 back in april. I got Rother valley optics to do it
  8. I use APT, and it is a outstanding program. I have a 1200D too, and it allows me to take amazing images. Plate solving is an absolute blessing!
  9. Thanks, I was going to get one eventually, as I was planning on getting a newtonian. They are a lot more versatile than I thought!
  10. It appears on almost all stars, bright or dim, across the whole fov
  11. Hello, I was recently capturing images through my Skywatcher ED 80 and I realised I had purple and green fringing around the stars. I looked at previous images and it turns out I've had the problem for a few months. I'm not quite sure if the problem is the focuser or the glass. Im using a canon 1200D with a astronomik CLS clip in filter and a 1.25 Baader UV IR cut I supplied the stacked raw Tiff. Any suggestions would be nice Autosave.tif
  12. Are all the images in the type (tiff, monochrome, etc
  13. Whoa, That's insane! Im almost lost for words...
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