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  1. I was looking at getting an esprit 120. It's a shame the price has gone up On the bright side I think a reducer will be released for them soon ish. It looks to be a .65 reducer so a much wider field of view.
  2. Hello all, I have just received my new ZWO ASI1600MM Pro camera and it works very well However, I was wondering about the ascom driver. I have seen many people set their settings as gain 139 and offset 21, but with the newer drivers, the offset is in the 'advanced' tab. Should I just click Unity Gain and leave it at that, or should I go into the advanced tab and manually select Offset 21? From what I can tell, it does make a slight difference (files attached). 2019-04-07_10-32-21 = Offset not manually selected 2010-04007_12-01-48 = offset manually selected I do apologise if I am misunderstanding this, as this is my first time working with a dedicated astro camera D_2019-04-07_10-32-21_180s__-20C_Bin1x1_D 1x1 180s -20 139 _5h__G139.fit D_2019-04-07_12-01-48_180s__-20C_Bin1x1_D 1x1 180s -20 139 21_G139.fit
  3. The Needle galaxy - 57 minutes exposure time, 3 min exposures @ ISO 800 Canon EOS 1200Da, Skywatcher 200PDS with cooling fan, Astronomik CLS clip in filter, NEQ6, No Coma Corrector. Bortle 6/7 I plan to do a full project on this one soon, but i'm happy with this one for now
  4. I decided to photograph the horsehead nebula because everyone seems to have imaged it except for me! 4 hours 55 minutes , 5 min exposures @ ISO800 Skywatcher 200PDS with cooling fan, NEQ6, Canon EOS 1200Da, Astronomik CLS clip in filter Bortle 6/7 This is my first go photographing a nebula with my newtonian
  5. Not sure if this is what you are after, but it may be worth stacking them separately and creating a mosaic. Microsoft Image composite editor is pretty good
  6. sorry, I don't think it was the main board. I had the power board (is that what its called?) swapped.
  7. I bought the cg5 on ebay about a year prior to the repair. they fixed it for a nice 40 quid I believe.
  8. I had to replace one of the boards in my cg5 back in april. I got Rother valley optics to do it
  9. I use APT, and it is a outstanding program. I have a 1200D too, and it allows me to take amazing images. Plate solving is an absolute blessing!
  10. Thanks, I was going to get one eventually, as I was planning on getting a newtonian. They are a lot more versatile than I thought!
  11. It appears on almost all stars, bright or dim, across the whole fov
  12. Hello, I was recently capturing images through my Skywatcher ED 80 and I realised I had purple and green fringing around the stars. I looked at previous images and it turns out I've had the problem for a few months. I'm not quite sure if the problem is the focuser or the glass. Im using a canon 1200D with a astronomik CLS clip in filter and a 1.25 Baader UV IR cut I supplied the stacked raw Tiff. Any suggestions would be nice Autosave.tif
  13. Are all the images in the type (tiff, monochrome, etc
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