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  1. Last night was a good one (and a late one!), and Ive covered a couple of new targets as well as updating some exsisting ones. Also Im getting used to this post-processing lark now - edge preserving softening and unsharp mask are pretty useful tools (psp), I used this on M16 to great effect. The guiding was 95% trouble free, especially now ive got the load down to a dainty 4kg but any sizeable mis-balance will still upset it (backlash). Towards the end of the session I noticed M45 was at a reasonable height, so I managed to get an hour on that before cloud rolled in at 2.45am. Im quite happy to be seeing m45 again as that is one of the first things I took a photo of (too lame to show here), but this time round im tooled up and ready for it The crescent nebula was tougher than expected, not sure if it was the seeing, my focus or whether i just didnt have quite enough data. I will catch up with it next time for another nibble. Pelican Nebula (IC5070): 15x600s Crescent Nebula (NGC6888): 10x600s Eagle Nebula (M16): 14x600s Bubble Nebula (NGC7635): 13x600s The Pliades (M45): 6x600s ED80, CCD CLS, 50mm finderguider, 1000d + lots of coffee and cigs Thanks for looking pelican_final_s.tif crescent_crop3s.tif M16_crop3s.tif bubble_crop2s.tif M45_crop1s.tif
  2. Colour seems fine to me Peter, it still knocks the spots off any of my efforts!
  3. Cheers peter I do have more data on m16, but ive left it out becuase it scored so low on DSS compared to the other subs. I will take another look this eve to see if i can squeeze any more out it. Its looking grim on the weather front, so i will have plenty of time
  4. Last night was quite a clear one (at last!) so I was able to finish of a couple of things ive been working on. Ive also made a start on the pelican nebula, which I will continue tonight if its clear enough. Anyway, here we go: M16: Eagle Nebula 14x10min Bubble Nebula 12x10min Pelican Nebula 6x10min ED80, CCD CLS, 1000d Full spectrum Thanks for looking!
  5. Thanks nadeem, hopefully I will get a CCD to have another go at it in the next few weeks. I saw an Atik16hr second hand, but im not sure that would be well matched to my fraccy.
  6. The past couple of nights have been clear, but the sky has had the clarity of soup due to high cloud. This has temporarily put a stop on my M16 and Bubble nebula work, but here is something I pulled out of the soup last night before I packed up. Its a bit tiny though, and Ive done what i can with the processing - its hard to get it sharp when youre shooting through thin cloud. Ring nebula in lyra: ED80 + CCD CLS + 1000d full spectrum 4X10min Thanks for looking!
  7. Hiya, Just a quick question in regard to how fast a CCD is compared to a DSLR. Ive decided to stick with the fraccy from now on, but imaging at f7.5 is like pulling teeth so I'd like to speed things up a bit. I have considered a focal reducer, but that will also reduce my overall resolution. So im seriously considering the Atik320e mono now (as its well matched to the ED80). But roughly how much faster would it be? ie: How long would it take to gather the same amount of light as a modded dslr (twice as fast?). I could get a bigger scope, but im now a fan of keeping it uber-lightweight because of the flawless guiding it offers. Thanks for any advice!
  8. It might be clear for many, but its not what you'd call perfect by any means. Still a lot of high cloud/mist that is spoiling things a bit, I had to chuck about 80min of subs away last night because of that. But it was still clear enough for me to get an eyeball on Jupiter + 3 moons for the first time with the spare scope was so chuffed I got the wife out for a look.
  9. Done a quick reprocess with DSS and managed to get all 10 subs used now. Plus a bit of sharpening and a touch more blackness to the background. Total: 1h 40min
  10. Nice one there! I had the same problem too with M16 the past couple of nights - you've got until about 11.30ish before the moon comes along to spoil the party. Should be clear again tonight though, so theres a chance to add more.
  11. Thanks man Theres a problem with the centering of the secondary on the newt, I find it near impossible to tell if its correct or not. So i'd rather just sell it off to someone who has the time to faff around with it. The "plug & play" nature of the fraccy means i spend more time taking subs, and less time with my arm down a newt fiddling with allen keys.
  12. Last night was a good one, apart from the fact that ive come to the decision of never using the newt again (too much hassle to collimate). Halfway through the session I got fed up of dodgy focus, so switched scopes and hey presto - no more stupid halos Donwside is, I now have no need for a virtually brand new MPCC. I wonder if FLO will take it back in P/X for a reducer? Anyway, back to the point. Here's my first M27, it seemed the logical thing to go for as it was well away from the moon. I had to knock a fair bit of red out of the image (scaled to 75%), im not sure why but my flats always introduce unwanted red I'll take some fresh ones tonight. I had one nice surprise at the end of the night, I eyeballed M45 in the east - if i didnt have work tomorrow id be doing that one tonight! Messier 27: Dumbell Nebula ED80 + CCD CLS + 1000d Full spectrum 9x10min Thanks for looking!
  13. Ok, Ive switched things around now to 2" filter>MPCC>Camera. Have also laser collimated the newt, then checked it with a cheshire to be sure. My only concern is whether the secondary is correctly centred, it "appears" round when looking down the drawtube, but its hard to be 100% sure. I took it out last night for a quick test, but the results are inconclusive as it was an unpowered setup. Ive also been looking at a few other posts in regard to the CLS filter that state that red halos sometimes happen (which is exactly what i have). On really bright stars the halo is offset sligtly. These halos can also be found right across the image on brighter stars. Anyway, we will find out tonight whether its worked or not - should be good weather for all
  14. Lol... sorry! Minor typo there. Was dyslexic, but im KO now
  15. Thanks guys I will try it without the CLS filter. I know the filter is fine on its own because ive taken subs with it and they were fine. I think steppenwolf may have come up with the answer - internal refections. Could it be that light is passing through the MPCC, then some of it is reflecting back off the clip filter and back to the MPCC? I dont quite understand internal reflections, but it sounds plausable. If it is, its a bit of a bottomer because I have to go back to having a filter before the MPCC rather than after it. Good job i didnt sell off my neodymium 2" then!
  16. Last night was rather damp (and cold) to say the least Got hassled by dew, and experiencing problems with the MPCC (colour fringes), not to mention a fairly bright(ish) moon. I managed to grab 10x5 subs of M16 before the moon rose too far, then switched to a glob as its less affected by moonlight. Stacked these on the laptop though, so im not sure if its passable. Im going to have another fiddle with the collimation before reprocessing because this fringing is doing my bonce in. M16 & M13 10x5min 150p, MPCC, CCD CLS, 1000d full spectrum Thanks for looking
  17. Hiya, I recently purchaced an MPCC to get rid of coma from my 150p, but if anything its swapped one bunch of problems for another. Now, instead of coma, quite a few of the stars have red fringes - how is this possible from a newt?? Its really frustrating because I cant make it go away. Focusing has become more difficult than usual too with the newt. My only idea of what it might be is collimation (and that an MPCC would make bad collimation worse), but ive done it twice now and the result was exactly the same. Has anybody else ever had this? I will attach a couple of images to show it at its worst. Many thanks in advance for any advice. Equipment used: 150p, CCD CLS, MPCC, 1000d full spectrum
  18. If its a drive change, lets hope its a friendly unit to get into. I swear some laptops are made deliberately hard to open up. Good luck
  19. Lol... im suprised if you could actually see anything there! Last time i was there I didnt even see the sky for 3 weeks, just a hazy smog. Back here though, things are looking good for tonight and the weekend.... time for a bank holiday blitz methinks
  20. If you use a 50mm finderguider, you should still have room to mount your widefield dslr on top of your tube rings, theres usually a mounting bolt on the rear ring. Then you can shoot both at the same time
  21. Dont touch the scope with your bare hands at 2am in the middle of winter Or, to be more sensible.... dont look at the sun through it. Thats the first rule I will be teaching my son when hes old enough.
  22. Ah, I forgot about this. It was a case of having to do it properly because i didnt do it right the first time When people say "use superlube", its exactly what i should have used and nothing else (as i found out to my cost). But on a difficulty scale of 1-10, its a 3. Im sure theres an online guide somewhere which takes you through a stripdown step by step... ah, here it is: Astronomy Boy: CG-5 Mount Improvements But, if it aint broke... dont fix it.
  23. You will be fine with mounting the ST80 on top of (or at the side of) your equinox, with plenty of room to spare for cameras etc - as thats almost exactly what I use. In fact, you might find yourself having to use nose weights to keep it in balance (leg weights are great for this). If at some point you can bodge together a 50mm finderguider (you should have got one with the equinox), you could even use your C6! With the advatage that you would never need to move your ST80 and wreck its alignment with the main scope. The CG5 can hold 15kg max, and as long as you stay within 50% of that (7.5kg) you can use whatever scope you like without fear of dec backlash. Ive heard of people using a C8 with a finderguider on the cg5.... mmmmmm But hold back on the dual mounting bar for the mo, theyre quite expensive. It would be much cheaper to get (or make) another dovetail bar, some adjustable guidescope rings and a couple of bolts. Mine are set up now so ive got the choice, will attach a couple of pics to illustrate... lol... along with homemade dovetail bar for a finder on the newt 1) ED80 + ST80: With cam and extras = about 6-7kg 2) 150p + Finderguider: With cam and extras about 6kg, but definitely lighter than the ED80/ST80.
  24. I had no idea there was that much more detail to be had, very nice
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