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  1. Lol...just a bit lol...yeah,just a bit high.
  2. yeah,I find myself there alot because Torus is quite close.
  3. I've been trying to see the milky way too,but cloud cover is a pain... I was probably looking straight at it and thought it was fog LOL
  4. yep...don't argue with a moderator! They don't like to lose. (Not that I was arguing.) ?
  5. it would seem to me as though I'm being dictated on what I should be doing. Only a few so far can see I'm just having a bit of fun with what I can afford and that I have no intention of blinding pilots...I've been called an idiot by people who know nothing about me. I came here for the help finding things I haven't seen yet in the sky and I get abused. Not the sort of thing I expected.
  6. I'm seeing the bright center and a little fuzz...it's not been too clear but still make it out...Orion seems brighter.
  7. I'm being called an idiot and being blamed for laws on health and safety by members... Some seem to believe that anyone who owns a laser will point it purposely at planes. Also, some seem to read comments in a way that makes them think I will be doing what I shouldn't. I understand risks and cost and wouldn't want to cause trouble for myself nore others.
  8. no...the idiotic thing would actually be pointing at planes and people. You'd have to be a moron to even think that everyone is the same as the Ferrell kids that do such things.... I'm the reason for laws?? Calm down lad.
  9. I get what you're saying... But if I can see satellites then I can see planes... Which means I won't be using it if there's a plane. I'm not an idiot, as most people seem believe.
  10. neck is killing me...waiting on my tripod and a clear sky. I've been using muscles I've not used in a while. Seeing the Andromeda galaxy and the Orion nebula for the first time was an eye opener for me. (first time with my own eyes)
  11. I just went out with them for a while...my conclusion....Mike Tyson must of owned a pair of these bins,my neck has been on fire since I got them... If that tripod doesn't turn up soon,my neck will be wider than my waist!
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