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  1. Hi Barry, I believe its on M25? I am happy to meet you there. I am currently outside UK and will be back on 24th. I will PM you to agree the rest. Best regards Asad
  2. I used to align with 3 stars and never had an issue. Make sure you set it on tracking once it is aligned otherwise moon will walk away
  3. I think its just the focus you need to improve. How you are trying to focus?
  4. then close your eyes and go ahead you will be fine. It is a good combination so you are not starting with anything bad.
  5. sturdy mount is always ideal so I would say start with HEQ5 but I have seen people achieving results with Alt-Az mounts as well so NEQ5 is a good way to start
  6. I have had both 15x70 and 25x70. I love 15x70 because it has a wide view and easy to hold. 25x70 is very narrow and havier than 15x70. I would go for 15x70 without giving it a second thought
  7. Try your local library and flick through pages and get the one which you feel is simple. Turn left at Orion is a good book and quite popular as well because its easy to understand.
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