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  1. Dropped my pin Dec 24th. Still waiting 'approval' :-/
  2. I don't think you overstepped the mark, welcome both of you to the SGL :-)
  3. Here's what it looks like (through the phone). Yet just looking directly through the eyepiece myself I see a brilliant mini Jupiter complete with colour rings.
  4. Hi, was out this morning (5am-ish). Got some great visual observations of Jupiter (could see lines of colour in the 'atmosphere') and 4 moons. But when I tried to take a photo (using my smartphone and adapter) Jupiter was just a bright white blur. Can anyone recommend a set of planetary filters (1.25") to see if they help. I don't want to break the bank as I'm still only trying out this astronomy malarkey. I've seen a set of 4 (on Amazon) for about 20quid. Worth a punt or a waste of cash?
  5. Sussed it, like a knob, I had the date actually in the correct format, however...... My sausage fat fingers ended Feb (02) instead of Dec (12). My stupid mistake. I couldn't see it for looking though. You guys pointed me in the right direction of where to look.... Literally. Thanks so much :-)
  6. When I try and go to venus or Mars, which I can see in the sky above the horizon, the scope tells me they're below the horizon. I know they're not, I can see them. I have entered my coordinates correct as far as I know.
  7. Cushty, thanks guys. Just dropped a pin. Amazing how many and how widespread we all are.
  8. Hi all. Just wondering if it'd be possible (for a moderator) to make a post which would include a map of the world where members could 'put a pin' on their location. Just an idea, to see how far and wide the forum members all come from :-)
  9. Hi Gary, welcome to SGL. From newark-shire :-)
  10. Hi everyone. Thanks again for all your replies, some more welcome than others I might add :-/ Anyway........Here is what I have FINALLY gone for. SkyWatcher SKYMAX 127 SynScan AZ GOTO Telescope Not my first choice.....I couldn't (or cannot ATM) justify paying out £1500. Not my second choice.....was put off my members here. So please now go ahead and diss if you like or tell me its 'a good un' to get my foot in the door. I felt like I had been 'told off' my certain members on here the other day. Nearly didn't buy anything full stop! I can't help it if I am ind
  11. Right here goes. I appreciate all your answers and recommendations. They're all so much appreciated and respected. I have (for now) refrained from spending my £1500 on scope/mount etc. I shall purchase (unless someone can recommend an better one) a meade (I hear groans and see rolling dyes) etx90. It'll cost me £500. Has a storage/transport case, and a bag for the tripod. This way I won't be 'wasting' my money if I decide astronomy is not my bag. I'm. Hoping it will spur me on to greater things though. The portability is a a big plus for me atm. I can even buy a camera to attach to it and trac
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