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  1. It was a belt loose n kinked worn too plus I found a grub screw came off
  2. I tried it without any kit on still the same I have full electric in my log cabin I have outside waterproof sockets to
  3. Tried it earlier without any pay load on it when it got to a certain rotation it started grinding them jamming up very worried just hope it can be fixed
  4. Thanks Jason gonna ring the shop this morning
  5. Hi I was slewing last night to a target when all off a sudden my motor was grinding and screeching then it like jamming up it’s 2 yrs old my mount and when I bought it I asked the shop me a belt modification on it as I was suggested to do can any one tell me if my belt is knackered or would it be bearings I would not have clue about fixing this so iam hoping the place I bought it from can fix it any suggestions please
  6. Thank for all your replies it needed a new mother board
  7. We’re the WiFi setting Chanel l on iPad or is it on the SynScan app
  8. Thanks it’s not picking the SynScan on device at all just my home wifi
  9. Hi I’ve A skywatcher WiFi mount that I be had 2 yrs today I set it up and the WiFi on my device did not reckonise my the WiFi mount my mobile I pad the skywatcher up I’ve tried deleting the SynScan app and re installing that never worked been tight next to hub and that never picked the SynScan mount up now I’ve tried power supply instead of batteries still nothing can anyone help me please
  10. thanks I think I've sorted it tightened it up a touch
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