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  1. I will try it Carole but it’s alway point north towards Polaris i wil try moving the legs a bit
  2. Yes I moved the tripod right Wonder if I should of moved it left
  3. I was doing a polar alignment last night when I noticed that when I used the azimuth bolt to line the pole star on the clock recticle .it would not quite get Polaris as I had tightened the left sided bolt it would not move any more so I loosened them both right up but it still wouldn’t let me get on Polaris by about 10 mil it seem to go more to the right than left . Tried losening one bolt the tighning the other but stil would go right to Polaris and I it was not screwing any more just needed a bit more play .never had this problem before any suggestions thanks
  4. I’ve tried another curly cable and still get get the same no reponce to r a and azimuth tried my WiFi dongle into the mount it would not conect
  5. Checked handset saying voltage 12.2§
  6. Thank I opened th top plate were the mother board is everything was in place but could smell a slight burning smell but there was no damage I could see
  7. It says version 4 .3 then no reponce R. A and azimuth
  8. I have full main power from my log cabin I’ve Been using that source fo 2 1/2 years I don’t use a battery
  9. The syncs and turn on as normal does all the calculation but when it come to 1or star alignment it says set up. But when it first come on it say ra /azimuth no reponce
  10. My scyncan hand controller say no reponce to right ascension and dec it won’t slew at all this never done this before iam very worried any one can help me please
  11. I was doing my 2 star alignment tonight with my synscan every was fine 20 minutes later it would not slew so I manually put it to park scope tried again with the rate to slew nothing the handset working but it doesn’t come up now saying 1 or 2 star alignment . Then the handset when turned on no reponce very worried now any one can help please
  12. Wow Jupiter amazing your a pro do you work for NASA’s
  13. Wow this is amazing your on par with Hubble
  14. It was a belt loose n kinked worn too plus I found a grub screw came off
  15. I tried it without any kit on still the same I have full electric in my log cabin I have outside waterproof sockets to
  16. Tried it earlier without any pay load on it when it got to a certain rotation it started grinding them jamming up very worried just hope it can be fixed
  17. Thanks Jason gonna ring the shop this morning
  18. Hi I was slewing last night to a target when all off a sudden my motor was grinding and screeching then it like jamming up it’s 2 yrs old my mount and when I bought it I asked the shop me a belt modification on it as I was suggested to do can any one tell me if my belt is knackered or would it be bearings I would not have clue about fixing this so iam hoping the place I bought it from can fix it any suggestions please
  19. Thank for all your replies it needed a new mother board
  20. We’re the WiFi setting Chanel l on iPad or is it on the SynScan app
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