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  1. Thank for all your replies it needed a new mother board
  2. We’re the WiFi setting Chanel l on iPad or is it on the SynScan app
  3. Thanks it’s not picking the SynScan on device at all just my home wifi
  4. Hi I’ve A skywatcher WiFi mount that I be had 2 yrs today I set it up and the WiFi on my device did not reckonise my the WiFi mount my mobile I pad the skywatcher up I’ve tried deleting the SynScan app and re installing that never worked been tight next to hub and that never picked the SynScan mount up now I’ve tried power supply instead of batteries still nothing can anyone help me please
  5. thanks I think I've sorted it tightened it up a touch
  6. Hi I've had 10 dob for a couple of years now and been spot on for finding deep sky objects getting the computer down to 1 or ever 0 my alignment is bang on through my view finder and in my eyepiece. But now whe I align Iam 14 to 15 away we're I used to get 0 being spot on to 3 maybe 4 so when I look for my target it's not in the field of view It's collamated correctly so I don't know what else to do do get about it love anybody to help me out. Please
  7. Last night I tried my dlsr on my ed80 scope I focused the star on my view finder on my camera it was sharp but I was told to put the mask on to make a cross and get the star in middle of the cross hairs but I put the mask on to focus with my live view but I did not get the cross gains on my camera view I've tried focusing but nothing happen I get the star small like a dot with or without the mask can anyone help me get better sharp focus many thanks darren
  8. Of course my diagonal was missing thank you what a dick head iam
  9. No it's always been fine never used an extension tube
  10. Hi had an ed80 pro for year now and tonight my focus would not focus on star or moon the draw tube to focus was fully out and tried all the way in to no avail then I pulled mu eye piece out of the focuser about an inch and it started to make the stars getting sharp but it's. Never been like this before it's like the glass has slipped but it hasn't if you know what I mean this as done my head in hope someone can he me out thanks darren
  11. That ice cap ring was a linear gas
  12. Hi carnt seem to find he contact number of flo who advertise on here just email only seem a bit strange whe you need to talk one to one clear skie n pork pies
  13. Cracking image of Saturn very professional
  14. Love the moon lite pity it to big for my heq5 pro mount
  15. Il post one soon as this snows gone
  16. That's th same focuser as mine do you get focused with your camera with that set up if so tell me what I need
  17. Iam flush to the focuser with no attachment s
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