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  1. Ok. By the way rockystar, someone recommended that I buy the same scope as you for good planetary viewing. They said it would be a good upgrade from my Skywatcher Explorer 130p. Would you recommend it? Of course, I know the atmospheric effect in the UK will affect this but either way, would you recommend this scope for Planetary viewing?
  2. Did anyone in the UK actually see that Super Moon recently. I'm sure you've all heard about it, we couldn't see anything in the South-East
  3. Yes I've done most of it. I've set my latitude to about 51 degrees (where I live) and I may need a recap on how to align the scope to the north. And yes of course there's a battery in it, here are some pictures Thanks
  4. Yes everything is set right but it goes up no matter how much I change the speed
  5. Hi everyone! I've recently bought a R.A Motor Drive and it's meant to track the object so it stays in the FOV but it seems to make the object move up! I don't know why? Please help, ajc0502
  6. Hi everyone! My telescope came with 2 eyepieces, a super 25mm and a super 10mm. The other day I was looking at the moon (using my super 25mm and a x2 Barlow as always) and I decided to swap round my super 25mm to my super 10mm and it was a much better image! I could see right into the surface and view the craters inside the craters! Can someone please explain why the smaller diameter eyepiece works better? Thanks
  7. Is that petition you got people to sign real or fake?

    1. Galactic Wanderer

      Galactic Wanderer

      What makes you think it isn't?   I don't think Grant would want to give a lot of people false info:happy7:

    2. Grant


      It's a real petition - why would we link to it if t wasn't?

      We didn't start the petition but are linking to it in the hope more people sign it.

    3. ajc0502


      I just thought it may be one of those hoax ones, plus I really want to reduce light pollution.

  8. Hi everyone, I'm slowly adapting my knowledge of Astronomy and Astrophysics and have purchased a 'Sky-watcher Explorer Diameter=130mm Focal Length=900mm' (see image) . I would just like to know what kind of eyepiece to buy to get a good view of Mars because my current view with a 'Super 25mm' eyepiece is very disappointing . Thanks, ajc0502
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