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  1. The best all round weather app for me is Ventusky, have it on my Mac and Iphone.
  2. Well as the saying goes, It had to be done. Logged in to FLO and just put in my order for the Bresser Messier AR-102/1000 Refractor, it looks so beautiful and reminds me of my old Canon L lenses so can't wait till it arrives plus I have a set of eye pieces arriving tomorrow.
  3. Thank you, I've been looking at the Flo site and might get some eye pieces to start me off too.
  4. Looks like I will be waiting for a few months till anyone gets a Bresser Messier in thats under a 1000mm, still I can just get some practice in with what I own already.
  5. Hi folks I am really enjoying using my Firstscope and Travel Scope but want a bigger size for viewing the moon and stars, I very nearly got the Bresser Messier AR-102L/1000 OTA from FLO here. Sadly I think it would be too big for me here, as sometimes I'd open the bedroom window to use and other times it would come down stairs and out side. Then I started to look at the smaller one but size AR-102s/600, do you think it would be a good choice or maybe the 635mm. Sadly Flo don't have it back in stock yet but I found a place that might.
  6. What a cracking image that is, very nice.
  7. At long last it arrived, Turn Left at Orion. Just looking at it now it looks like it will help me a lot.
  8. Dave61


    Thank you both.
  9. Dave61


    Thank you, well what I say about my self is totally and utterly off my rocker so it seems I joined the right place...lol
  10. Dave61


    Thank you folks.
  11. I really look forward to using them both. Have just been looking for apps to get on my Iphone, managed to get a moon one and SkyView Lite.
  12. My neighbour has just given me his two binoculars he does not use, a pair of 8x50 Celestron and a great pair of Helios Naturesport 7x50mm. So looking forward to looking at the moon and just the sky with these.
  13. Dave61


    Thank you both.
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