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  1. Hi all, I'm in the process of looking at getting my first scope, I was initially looking at getting an AZ GTi mount with Skymax but with the price rises I am now looking at a used celestron Nexstar slt 90 or sky watcher synscan with skymax 102. Other than the 102 having more light gathering ability, is there any difference between the mounts? I was looking at the WiFi adapters for each as would like to control via sky safari and seems the Celestron one is about twice the price. Also how portable are the mounts do they pack down relatively well as sto
  2. Definitely something to keep in mind in the future great bins though Have done a bit of a bodge solution by putting a rubber washer round the thread of the filter and they are now push fit. Given them a good shake upside down and seem pritty solid although they sit a bit proud.
  3. Thanks for the reply. That's a shame looks like I might be sending the filters back, I got the bins second hand so can't look at exchanging them
  4. Hi all, I have just bought some skywatcher filters (uhc and o-iii) to use with my helios apollo 15x70 But I can't seem to screw them into where the eyepieces are, I must be doing something wrong but thought it should be fairly easy to fit. Have added some pics just incase there is a model which can't accept them or something Many Thanks in advance
  5. Thanks for the pictures and the info gonna be tough choice eventually between the 90/660 or a Skymax 102 I think although I will probably change my mind before they come back in stock again
  6. Hi I'm looking at possibly getting this scope too Couple of questions 1. How long is the tube? Looking at getting something fairly compact as storage is at a premium. (can't seem to find it on the net) 2. How is the scope at high magnification on Planets etc is the there a lot of chromatic aberration and better suited to wide views? Thanks in advance
  7. Hi Where are you located as you would prefer collection? Thanks
  8. Hi all Just on my usual browsing in the hope I will have some money to get some new bins at some point I saw the bresser Spezial saturn 20x60s, I couldnt find much in the way of reviews (except one on cloudy nights) which is probably a sign. At about half the price I presume these have nothing on the Pentax 20x60s. It was more out of interest if anyone has used these and if they are any good? Thanks all for your time
  9. I did see the Pentax but bit expensive for me at the moment but maybe I should save my pennies and wait for a good deal
  10. Hi all, Thanks for the opinions and info. I think I might go for the 15x's hopefully battle against light pollution slightly maybe and I have a monopod so should hopefully steady enough. Didn't know if there was any difference build quality wise between the Celestron and the opticron. Thanks
  11. Hi all, I was looking at some 15x70 skymaster on amazon for around £60 thought I might give them ago to compare to my 10x50's as they seemed a good price, then saw some opticron 11x70 for similar price just wanted to know peoples thoughts on either product and how they compare before I press the buy button? Thanks
  12. It was too good to be true order got an email to say order was cancelled
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