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    My main interest is online sim racing on my PC. Astronomy is a side line at thee moment
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    UK Old Dalby leicestershire
  1. Yes it was a direct replacement so it fits as the standard one did.
  2. Thanks, that makes perfect sense. Why the hell didn't the shop owner tell me that when i rang up about compatibility with my telescope. I told him i already tried a different 45 erecting prism. Again thanks
  3. Hi again all of you. It's been about 3 years now that i have owned my Startravel 120mm, i still love and use it. But, i am miffed as to why i cannot use something like an OVL 45° Erecting Prism 2" or anything like it. I don't have enough inward focus to find long range targets during daytime i just run out of focus. I am using a OVL Dual Speed 2" Crayford Focuser to replace the standard item. Why can i not get enough focus. i ordered an Ostara 2" 45 degree dielectric diagonal this week but again it does not work. I contacted the shop i purchased it from and he was very surprised and said he has never heard this problem, so i sent it back today. can anyone here please advise why i cannot use this type of 45 degree diagonal. Thanks for any advise, help
  4. @wookie1965Nice to see this thread is still active.Your link you posted looks like the part i should have ordered way back. I don't have problems with inward focus anymore as a result of the altair astro 2" diagonal. Still loving my st120mm and the super crayford focuser.
  5. Hi mate, I have just been looking at your comments for the skytravel 120mm and would like to no, if you did get the 2inch EP and the 2inch diagonal. I am about to purchase a new ST 120mm and could use all the advice I can muster.

                                  regards Dave

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    2. Bobby1970


      I think this may be of some use to you:-




      You can select your scope, eyepiece combination and target. 

      It should then show you approximately what the view will be like of the selected target.

      Hope this helps

    3. menacegtr


      Well I am not to impressed, the moon looks like I am lookin through a cheap pair of binoculars, not very good at all. It looks like I wont be getting the ST 120mm. the moon looks very small, I cant see anything like any detail. Have I done some thing wrong. I put all the right info in , it auto detects focal length and such, and with the Celestron 6 or 7mm x-cel lx eyepiece it looks rubbish. I am glad you pointed me to this tool. I am very disappointed at a telescope with that lens and getting near the £400 mark giving that kind of image. Thanks for sharing it with me

                                         Regards. Dave

    4. Bobby1970


      if you desperately want high magnification, then a Mak would be a better choice


      they aren't as good on some DSO's because of their narrower and darker field of view. 


      High Mag planets/moon = Get 127 Mak

      Low to medium, star clusters DSO, nebula = ST120

      This is basically what i use my two scopes for

      Try the tool again, but with the 127mm Mak

      Believe me, the view of the moon, even in an ST120 is far superior to any pair of binoculars i have ever looked through.



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