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    My main interest is online sim racing on my PC. Astronomy is a side line at thee moment
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  1. Yes it was a direct replacement so it fits as the standard one did.
  2. Thanks, that makes perfect sense. Why the hell didn't the shop owner tell me that when i rang up about compatibility with my telescope. I told him i already tried a different 45 erecting prism. Again thanks
  3. Hi again all of you. It's been about 3 years now that i have owned my Startravel 120mm, i still love and use it. But, i am miffed as to why i cannot use something like an OVL 45° Erecting Prism 2" or anything like it. I don't have enough inward focus to find long range targets during daytime i just run out of focus. I am using a OVL Dual Speed 2" Crayford Focuser to replace the standard item. Why can i not get enough focus. i ordered an Ostara 2" 45 degree dielectric diagonal this week but again it does not work. I contacted the shop i purchased it from and he was very surprised and said he has never heard this problem, so i sent it back today. can anyone here please advise why i cannot use this type of 45 degree diagonal. Thanks for any advise, help
  4. @wookie1965Nice to see this thread is still active.Your link you posted looks like the part i should have ordered way back. I don't have problems with inward focus anymore as a result of the altair astro 2" diagonal. Still loving my st120mm and the super crayford focuser.
  5. Thank you to everyone who has commented, i appreciate all your help. I knew i could count on you for advice Regards to you all Dave How the hell was you lucky enough to have that user name then
  6. Yes i will pay attention to that
  7. @LukeSkywatcher Yes i see what you mean. The good thing about this filter is, it fits snugly inside the dew shield on st120 if that is what you call it
  8. Thanks for all advice, much appreciated. Would my Baader Semi Apo filter be any good in this situation or do i need the filters you have mentioned
  9. Thank you Laudropd for your reply. I am glad its ok to use the filter as intended. Is there any need to worry about the eyepieces, do they need a filter on as well, and is there any worry about destroying my diagonal. As i said in my first message, there is nothing on the scope that is standard apart from the tube itself, i don't want to ruin any of my kit, or the telescope. Also is it ok to use my 25mm x-cel and the 9mm. Just need all the info i can get Regards Dave
  10. High to you all again. It's been a while since i last posted here so i thought i would like to ask you clever people a serious question. I still have my fantastic Startravel 120mm refractor with some very nice upgrades. Anyway, here is what i would like to know. Today i received a solar filter specifically for my telescope, here is the link https://www.365astronomy.com/Solar-Filter-for-120mm-Refractor-Telescopes.html What i would like to clarify is, is it safe to just go outside and attach this to my telescope and secure it, i would use cellotape incase wind might blow it off, and also to remove the red dot finder. Is there anything else i need to do before i use this filter. I would appreciate any further advice from you guys. It may have been covered here before but i just want to make sure you all know what i have and its usage
  11. Thanks for that. you can understand my slightly muted response to my new focuser even though I can use it perfectly well with my Diagonal I am always at the back end of focus, around the 1 mark or just under. It makes perfect sense how you can have way more focus. I have ordered one so I should look forward to extra inward focus should I need it, I hope it works as yours does. Thanks for posting the pictures Dave:
  12. These are the 3 pics, 2 with the 1.25" fitted and not fitted. The other is the adaptor with one of my EP'S fitted as far as the collar will allow. Could you please post some pics of your diagonal with an eye piece, I want to see how far they go in, your diagonal seems to swallow them hole Dave:
  13. I think I have just sussed why your getting forward focus, by the looks of your pics it looks like your EP'S are sitting much further inside your diagonal giving you more inward focus, is that the case Dave:
  14. @Knighty2112 Thanks for the reply, I have spoke the dealer I usually go with about our diagonals, he says because my diagonal is dielectric it may be demanding of a slightly longer focal length. it has come from the Sky Watcher ED range of scopes and also it is a bit longer as you insert the EP, mine looks thicker than yours. So what I have done is order the same diagonal that you have, 2" Altair Astro diagonal , I am just curious as to seeing if I can get the kind of forward focus that you have. I seem to have enough even with 150x mag but would like more headroom to be safe. I have also ordered a Sky watcher 4mm UWA now that I know a 4mm is not over kill. Regards. Dave:
  15. Knighty2112 wow so pleased you got the focuser to work with your Barlow, it would seem then that my 2.5x Barlow is to strong. I am glad you posted as I was in two minds to take an inch or so out of the back of the tube, and also I was wandering were to fit the synta finder scope shoe, glad I didn't do any cutting. So all I need then is a 2x Barlow. are there any with the brass ring compression fitting, I don't like using the screw as the securing method as I don't want to mark my EP's. By the way do all your EP'S work ok with your 2x Barlow. And also is your diagonal a Altair Astro 2" Mirror Star Diagonal. If so that might be why I cannot get focus with my 2.5 Barlow, there might be a big difference in focal length between yours and my Skywatcher 2" Di-Electric Star Diagonal. I have four EP's ranging from 24x-60x-120x-150x without using a Barlow so I think I have all the magnification covered. If I need to go in-between or stronger than 150x I would have to put my SkyWatcher Deluxe Dielectric 90 Degree Star Diagonal 1.25" to get focus. You seem to have been lucky with your choice of diagonal, fair play to you and I am pleased you got the Crayford in the end, isn't it just day and night better than the standard focuser and yes none of that greezy shizzle Regards. Dave:
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