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  1. Thanks Mike, You've got it spot on, everything you said there is true (except I haven't had chance to see any galaxies with it yet). It was the blue star in Albireo that made me think this in the first place, as the yellow one looked fine.
  2. It may be the viewing conditions as you guys have said, as I didn't try them at exactly the same time. I used a 10 and 12 mm eyepiece on both scopes interchangeably. The Evostar is an achromatic Refractor, but I don't know about the significant false color part. As it's a brand new scope, I was more worried about it being duller due a fault (but probably just a bit paranoid).
  3. Does anyone know why the image seems to look duller through my new Sky Watcher Evostar 150 refractor than they do through my old Celestron Power Seeker 1000 (127) reflector? I was looking at Albireo a few weeks ago and it seems to be slightly brighter and prettier (although not as sharp) through the power seeker. I was expecting it to look a lot nicer through the Evostar.
  4. 4 to 5 hours, that's serious conviction time. I normally pick out at least 4 or 5 things I want to look at before I go out. Maybe I should narrow that down bit. I often have a beer or 2 whilst gazing as well, which doesn't help the attention span.
  5. It sounds like I need to put a bit more time in, I only spend about five or ten minutes an then move on. I did get a lovely view of Albireo and the moon though.
  6. Yeah, I wanted to have a look at Saturn, but it clouded over, so not much luck tonight. Through my old power seeker 1000 (127) Saturn looked like your picture but all white and smaller.
  7. Has anyone got a good look at Mars or is it just to low in the sky? I've just got a skywatcher Evostar 150 (which is awesome) and it still just looks like a red fireball, even through that.
  8. Thanks for the advise everyone. I've rang them today and once I explained the packaging damage and my concerns, they were great about it. The courier is coming tomorrow to pick it up and they will have another out to me ASAP. I just hope I get to see Mars and Saturn before they disappear. Through my current scope (Power Seeker 1000 , 127) Mars just looks like a bright ball and Saturn like a small white eye.
  9. No, the objective lens polystryrene and the polystyriene holding the middle of the scope seemed fine, but the polystyrene that the eye piece went through was all torn and ripped, making the gap around the eye about 2 inches wider the the eyepiece itsself. Which meant it was not been held snugg and inplace. I'm just worried that something bad must have happened to it, (either in the warehouse or in transport) for the packaging to be in that state.
  10. I rushed home from work to open my new Evostar 150 (partly on the advice of the excellent gentlemen on this site) from WEX photographic, that was due to be delivered today. But when I opened it, I found the polystyrene around the eye piece looked like it had done a few round with Mike Tyson, which meant it banged about slightly when you moved the box. Also, they haven't delivered the EQ5 mount and tripod that comes with it. So obviously I was well miffed and wanted to send it back as MR Fedex may have been banging it around the warehouse/Van for the last 2 days and misaligning my len
  11. Once again, thanks for your help guys
  12. I'm going for the Evostar 150 F/8. I'll take a look at the Skytee II, as that sounds more like what I'm after, I don't really want a Goto or a drive system.
  13. I was thinking about the AZ4 Alt Az with steel tripod, but not sure whether it would hold the weight of the Evo
  14. I have decided to buy a Evostar 150ED but i'm not so keen on the standard EQ5 mount that sometimes comes it. So I wondering if anybody knows a good Alt Azimuth that will hold an Evo 150?
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