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  1. Thanks mate. I won’t be buying anything else just yet then. I just thought I’d buy a decent telescope, aim it up in the air, and it would be easy. But this hobby is a lot trickier than I was expecting. I think thanks to the help on this thread, and having read other threads on this forum, I’m hopefully getting a better understanding of how to get the best from my scope. Il give it another shot tonight.
  2. Thanks for that, that will help me know when I’m actually seeing the planets properly. I knew the scope was better than what I was getting having seen the reviews on it on here. Il try again with Mars, as it seems to be one of the easiest to see for a beginner.
  3. Yeah I had been using both parts, thanks for the advice. If it’s a clear night tonight, il get it out and set it up how you’ve said. Thanks for going to the trouble of using a photo to explain where I’m going wrong.
  4. This I think is Uranus, apologies I had to use the flash on my phone as it is to dark to pick up on my phone.
  5. Thanks for the advice guys, and the welcoming responses. I got Mars on the scope just now, and this is how it looked. I’m not sure wether this is actually the shape of Mars, or it’s just the telescope reflecting the light, and making it look round. Apologies if that sounds stupid, I’m new to this stuff haha Maybe the scope is out of focus, as I’m getting a sort of Donut shape a lot of the time, il see what I can do to figure it out. If not il try get someone round who’s experienced with telescopes.
  6. Hi Guys I hope you don’t mind me coming on here, and asking for some help, having never contributed before. Hopefully in the future once I’ve learnt abit more I can contribute something useful. Basically ive bought a dobsobian Skywatcher 200, cost me about £280. I didn’t buy anything extra with it. I’m just using the eye pieces I bought with it, and so far I’m not really impressed with what I can see. I can’t even get any good detail on the moon, never mind see any good shots of planets. I know now that I’m going to need to buy some upgrades parts for this telescope, to see
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