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  1. sorry for not posting that info.. I am using a Samsung nx2000 kit lens 20-50 mm, I just have a static tripod and a homemade barndoor tracker I made
  2. I did a test using the same stack of images, but using 5 different stack modes in deep sky stacker... which one is best? I just did very minimal adjustments to them and they all have the same....align rgb, and adjust exposure.... this is a stack of 26 min 30 sec........ 106*15 lights, no darks no flats no bias,,,,,,iso=3200 f7.1 on 50 mm lens........... If someone would like to process them and see what you get out of them that would be great....... I cant really see too much of a difference between the different stack modes All of them have the same file size except the first one the avg stack mode,,,it is smaller.... 2 other stack modes auto adaptive and maximum stack didn't work avg stack modecopy.TIF entropy weighted avg stackcopy.TIF kappa sigma clipping stack modecopy.TIF median kappa sigma stackcopy.TIF median stack modecopy.TIF
  3. I will check it out. I am not really for or against, I believe that many things contribute. I am trying to form a complete picture such as what percentage is man made, what percentage is caused by nature on earth, and what percentage is caused by outside our atmosphere such as solar, cosmic rays, and etc
  4. for some reason this page is not allowing me to quote anyone so I can respond to individual comments, so please don't think I am ignoring anyones comments
  5. I've been watching some talks with Henrik Svensmark a physicist and his theory about cosmic rays and climate change. The team at cern proved a small portion of his theory a couple of years ago, but allot more testing is needed to prove allot of what he has said. very interesting though
  6. yeah I am glad too, not wanting to discuss the politics side of it, just wanting to try and form a full picture of climate change everything contributes I am more curious of the effects that the cosmos plays into our climate and if there is any data on this topic
  7. do you know if there is any data on this?
  8. thanks for the replies so far, I am amazed that there is such little discussion about this on the debate stage on this issue. It is obvious that man contributes, but the natural discussion of climate change especially when it comes to space is never discussed. But with exploding stars, black holes emitting and all of these xrays and gamma rays going everywhere it seems that it should be included in the discussion
  9. I was wondering with all of the discussion on climate change is it possible that with all of the solar activity, cosmic ray's, gamma rays, x rays and etc that these have a greater effect on our climate than man? I am not a scientist but it seems plausible.. I never see any astronomers on the t.v discussing this so I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts on this.
  10. So I tried processing again in photoshop following pointers that stargeezertim suggested and came out with thisLagoon.tifLagoon.tif
  11. Wow, That is amazing !!! I did not realize I had captured that much data in there.... I would love to see your workflow That is a phenomenal job
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