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  1. Well, I actually have a 13mm ethos on loan from a friend that I have meet on here. I had a chance to use it when we observed together and GE let me take it home to test out! I'm very thankful for him letting me do that! I haven't had a good night yet to try it out again, but the few hours I used it, I was really liking it. He also had a 20mm ES100° I tried and it was very nice as well. The 3.6 ethos he has was a bit much for my scope at I've 300x mag.
  2. I wound up choosing the thousand oaks UHC. I got to use it for about an hour last night but hoping for a longer night tonight. I did see that planetary nebula did pop out. It was very hard to miss the blinking nebula. Hoping for more tonight.
  3. While your checking out M57 in Lyra, try to split the double double there too! Not a Messier, but still fun to take a peak at.
  4. I was actually surprised that I missed the dumbbell bc of its size. I was thinking it would be about the size of the Ring nebula, but it was a bit larger. My sky's here vary from night to night that I really could see the faint constatations surrounding the dumbbell. Two nights ago, the sky seemed much darker and I could make out Sagitta. That's what helped me locate it
  5. Funny you said NGC 6826. I'm having trouble now finding that one. I've had 2 sessions so far looking for it with no luck. When I first for the Dob, it was M51. I spent over a month and a half looking for it and couldn't find it. Then one night I went right to it. Now its no problem for me to find and it's kind of bitter sweet every time I do look at, knowing how hard it once was for me.
  6. Last night I saw the dumbbell nebula for the first time. Idk why this object was so difficult for me to find. After 5/6 sessions if trying, I finely found it. I'm sure I'm not the only one who has ever had a hard time finding an object. When you were starting out, what was some objects that you found difficult to find?
  7. I have actually seen those links before a while back, and its great information. Also,I speak to David Knisely (who wrote the links above) from time to time on another astronomy message board from the states. I didn't know he wrote those! He does have a wealth of knowledge in astronomy.
  8. Now that I have somewhat of a decent setup I'm fixing to buy my first nebula filter. From what I read Lumicon seems to be a favorite, but I'm on a budget and can't spent that right now. I've found a thousands oaks narrowband UHC and Oll 1.25 for around $80. I can't chose between the two for my first one. Which one would u recommend if you had to chose? Thanks!
  9. I got it to work for me. That's a pretty awesome site! I will certainly be using it.
  10. I will try it again. I didn't see a list for the U.S. but may have over looked it. If u did B,ham in Alabama, U.S., then that would work sense in only 35 km from b,ham.
  11. Well,I can't use the link due to it only for Europe I do believe. Maybe I can find something similar for the states. It looks like a awesome site
  12. The past few nights I've been checking out some old favorites like m57,m13, the double double in Lyra which is a new one I've been checking out. When I get out in the early night, Lyra and Cygnus are near zenith, then draw a line south to Sagittarius. East I've that line, the sky is rather new to me until Orion pops up in the morning hours. Only things I really know is Andromeda, and the Pleadies in that direction. In the southeast U.S we have had some nasty weather for a few weeks. Now, its clear skies, and the temp us getting cooler and humidity has dropped as well. The moon is close to full now but I'm planing for a few weeks to have a great all nighter planed.I will use the link to try and plan my sessions that Tarotrocola posted. Thanks
  13. I got my 10" dob about 8 months ago, in that time I've been serous about observing. This is my first late summer really observing, so past Lyra and Sagittarius towards the east, I'm not familiar with a lot of DSO other than Andromeda. What are you all looking at thus time of year, and what jewels that are within my scopes reach should I be checking out? I live in fairly dark sky's. Around a 4.5/4.0 on the boter scale.
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