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  1. Whatever is a Barlow you guys are on about ? , I have included a pic of my scope with this message!
  2. How many people on here were disappointed to what you can actually see with a telescope ? , admittedly mine is not a top of the range model but I expected to see more than I did , I had better results using my 30x25 binoculars than I did with my telescope as it is very difficult to actually find & focus on a object never mind observe it!!! I went outside full of anticipation with my new telescope which I had been brought as a present but I even had difficulty observing a full moon and I soon became disillusioned with my potentially new hobby as was really disappointed to find that what I could see was nothing like the images on this and similar websites but I suppose those were captured through top of the range scopes , After that first disappointing effort my first night I did go out a few more nights with no better results so my scope is now gathering dust in my granddaughters bedroom and I have shelved my budding interest in sky - watching after becoming very disillusioned , I wonder if anybody else has had any similar experiences whilst trying to view objects in the night skies??
  3. Can anyone tell me what the I.S.S. looks like when observed from the ground as I think I have spotted it a few times but I'm not quite sure if I'm right or not.
  4. i am becoming disallusioned with my telescope

  5. where can I get the rubber attatchment to fit on to my lenses as I find it difficult to use/focus my 6mm & 12mm lenses as I wear glasses , I have tried using them without my glasses but I am still having problems & I thought that if they had rubber ends like some binoculars I would find my scope easier to use .
  6. While I was researching astronomy & what I would need to take up this hobby I was entranced by images of the planets & the stars on various websites relating to this hobby. After deciding this was a hobby I would like (it involves a lot of sitting down) & my wife buying me a telescope for Christmas I thought I would give it a bash , after a few clear nights which there have been very few lately , I am becoming very despondent & am wondering if I have the makings of a amateur astrologist ?? The rare times that I have managed to actually view an object I have been disappointed with what I have seen , the images I have seen are nothing like in books & on websites (sometimes nothing more that a dot or blur) . Can anyone help re-kindle the passion /patience with words of wisdom?
  7. Thanks for the replies guys but you might as well be talking in a alien language when you ask about apertures & focal lengths ,but I do know that the top lens is 6cm diameter! I received the telescope as a Christmas present and all that was in the box besides the scope & a 6mm & 12mm lenses was the assembly instructions, I did manage to figure out about taking the cap off the top end while I was trying it out , good eh? I have tried using the scope about 4 times but I can't seem to get any results except for what I said in my post about seeing my own eye reflected. I also have a problem with the focus knobs as when I do manage to find a object I lose it when trying to focus ,maybe I'm expecting too much as I read on here that people are disheartened by the fact that what they see is nothing like the images of planets/stars that you see on line from the Hubble etc.. I hope you guys can offer me help with my problem as I am beginning to think that maybe astronomy is not a very good choice for my new hobby.
  8. My wife gave me a telescope for Christmas this year , I do not know much about telescopes but I have tried it to no avail ! The kit consisted of a telescope and a reflector eyepiece with two lenses of 6mm and 12mm but I have tried both lenses and all that I have been able to see mostly is my own eye reflected on the mirror piece ,can anyone here offer me any advice to rectify my situation??
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