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  1. Whar kind of finder are you using? I struggled to find anything for ages before i invested in a Telrad. It is the best upgrade to any scope and you can move it onto scopes in future. It really made a difference in my ability to find stuff by star hopping and with plenty of free maps available, it makes seeking out those DSOs much easier. Im not saying dont think about the small goto for travelling, but it seems to be a bit of a waste of a perfectly good 200p?
  2. Yes it is weird. I was in Grenada at the beginning of the year and its odd having the moon go directly over your head and being lit up from a 'funny angle' !
  3. I agree with Phil53, its probably too much mag with a 9mm for uk skies.
  4. I wouldnt worry about them collimation process! Its a lot easier than building a refractor!
  5. Telrad. First upgrade for any scope. The Rigel is supposed to be ok too, but there are not many people that don't love a Telrad!
  6. Definitely not the coal sack, you are looking at Cassiopeia in the centre. It probably has a name but I can't find it!
  7. And here was me, hoping for some special event on my birthday later this year....
  8. That is a bit hopeful Stu, its wall to wall cloud out there!
  9. Will you be able to see anything at all through that tiny lens though?
  10. Glad to hear it, BSTs are a certainly a great first step into upgrading. The vixens look good too. If you get a hankering for more eps later on, I have placed 3 orders in the recent past for ES eyepieces from that Bresser display sale website and all have been delivered in an 'as new' state. You seriously would not be able to tell.
  11. Mmmm sodium! Actually, I like the effect. I have been wanting to stack a widefield background like this and then overlay the local foliage for a while, but cant seem to get the effort to attempt it! You have a bit of flame nebula in your first image too!
  12. My Grandfather (as a pro astronomer) Comet Hale-Bopp John Milky Way on a dark night's camping
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