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  1. I'm planning to build a pier using 2 x Skoda disks as described. However I notice that the four holes in the pads have a diameter of 13.8mm. What size rods did you use? I assume M14 would be too fat or does it work. The next standard size seems to be a lot thinner. Thanks for any help. My plan is to fill a 125mm Round Ducting pipe 1m high with concrete and then to use a joining section cemented in the ground to hold it. I would like to be able to lift and move the pipe to one of three locations in my garden. I calculate that when filled with concrete the pipe will weigh 28 kilos, so
  2. First, there is no benefit to using EQ mode unless you are intending to image. It takes longer and adds nothing. For imaging however it is vital. Setting your elevation using the dial is not good enough for anything but the shortest focal length. You need to do a proper polar alignment and as the AZGTI has no polar scope I recommend you use SharpCap. Todo that you may need to attach a guide scope/camera combo to your scope. Sounds a pain but process only takes about 10 mins when you have it right. After that the AZGTI works brilliantly
  3. How about M1 Crab Nebula “my way”. It would be interesting to see the many different scope/camera/processing approaches to this small but beautifully textured object. Will the big aperture SCT/newt guys get the best images or can a well processed dithered/drizzled refractor give sharper images? announcing now gives time to plan.
  4. Hi and welcome. if you are at all interested in Astrophotography then it’s all about the mount. Start there and get that right and you will have a firm foundation for future growth. The Heq5 pro as mentioned is well established and will support up to 11kg of telescope. I would start with a basic ED80 type doublet with which you will get some amazing images for a great price. With a shorter focal length you will be able to get 60 sec images unguided on the HEQ5 and then learn about guiding for longer exposures. As suggested above you can then swap scopes and maybe add an 8”SCT like a C8
  5. If you are thinking of going to La Palma try Casa Rosabel. Dark skies without the hassle and they have decent telescopes. Just take your camera. A little remote but accommodation is excellent. http://casa-rosabel.com/en-gb also in the canaries in general because skies are so dark you can get away with some ground illumination if you go to a shaded area. I took this from a garden in a brightly lit hotel in La Gomera. Just stay away from major towns.
  6. You are probably right, but a Nebula Around Betelgeuse has been reported in the past https://phys.org/news/2011-06-flames-betelgeuse.html
  7. This may be an artifact, but I took this shot of the Orion Constellation from the Canary Islands and it showed a small nebula around Beteleguse. Do you think this is real? The shot was taken with a dual band filter which brings out the Ha. I initially assumed it was a camera artifact, but I took more shots with different camera positions and it was still there. There are some on-line articles about such a nebula. My first reaction was to edit it out, but I think it might be real and only visible because Beteleguse has dimmed by over 50%. What do you think? Max
  8. I am trying to plan out my longer term equipment strategy, rather than go for impulse purchases and would like some advice on dual mounting scopes. At present I have a roll-off shed with steel pier in concrete block. The mount is an HEQ5-Pro, stellar tuned and belt driven which is supposed to have an astrophotography payload of around 11Kg. My main camera is an ASI294MC. Guide camera Lodestar x2. I switch between two scope set ups. (Weight for both includes cameras and filter draw.) • ES102 with 50mm guide scope, FL=714, weight is 7.5 Kg • C8 (not edge) with 6.3 FR and
  9. I am not going to stick my neck out and give you a recommendation but I will give you my experience. I have been imaging for only about 2 years (a surprising small number of clear nights!) and started with a cheap 90mm scope on a standard HEQ5 using a DSLR and got some OK images. I then bought a second hand C8 and used a focal reducer so I was imaging with a FL of about 1250 (6.3 x 2000) , again a few OK images but the angular view was so tight I needed to guide, which itself is a challenge with a C8 unless you use an OAG. I belt modigied the HEQ5 which was better. I decided to drop the foc
  10. NGC6960 Witches Broom, taken with my shiny new ASI294MC with Optolong L-eNhance Dual-Bandpass Narrowband Filter on an ES102 scope on HEQ5_Pro: 60 x 60 secs + 20 Darks, 20 Flats, processed in Startools. Shot in a fortuitous gap in the clouds.
  11. This portrait of M27 the Dumbbell Nebula really stunned me when it first emerged from DSS, it only needed a light touch in Startools. Taken with an ASI174MC uncooled on a ES102 triplet, under Bortle 5 Skies: 80 x 60 secs + 20 Darks + 20 Flats. A real gem of the night sky. Hope you like it. Max
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