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  1. Valid point, I will give it a check as I might not need to extend.
  2. Imaging - Do people look through telescopes?
  3. Thanks Graeme, thats what I was originally thinking too , although I might explore the pier extension first - as I don't really want to concrete ...again.
  4. "occam's razor" - Thank you. That makes perfect sense - and the simplest solution I was over thinking and making it more complicated than it needed to me.
  5. Thanks , I'm happy with the slab. The "jumping" test was just to make sure ..... Its whether a small additional plinth will work . As when I "build" a shed around the pier, I don't want to loose the height
  6. I had this wonderful idea of having a greenhouse, and in prep created a large solid 10cm -15cm thick concrete base. Plans changed - we are not green fingered. I've now bought a pulsar anti vibration pier and later will build "somesort" of ROR Obsy around it. I'm going to assume the slab is OK "IF" I wanted to bolt the pier directly to it. I've placed a bowl of water on the slab where the pier will go and jumped up and down. There were no ripples If I build an obsy with a raise rafter floor - this will raise the floor by 10cm -15cm and would reduce the working height of my pier by the
  7. Morning, I currently have a Celestron 9.25" SCT and am in the process of upgrading the focuser to baader steeltrack. I have the f/6.3 FR on back order. My question is: where will the FR fit in the image train? Is it compatible? Thanks Mike
  8. Thank you - the story is about me and my continuing journey. I also was interviewed on BBC Radio Somerset this morning. I've found since the article alot of people have had similar experiences. I share my pictures on local FB groups and the response is always very positive - people love seeing pictures of the night sky and deep sky - they find it quite therapeutic. I try and inspire people to go outside, lookup and enjoy the free night sky.
  9. Thank you both. I have now bought one. Wow!!! , the focuser is (as you said) rock solid and accurate. I’ve transferred my sea to senso 2 to the new rig. The difference between my 80ED Evostar and this for clarity is huge. Both at 550 ish, the moon is tack sharp. Very happy.
  10. I know we are going off topic...but... would be great to see some pictures? and which pier?
  11. LOL - Its everyone buying kit in lockdown. I'm considering a pier for my EQ6R to speed my setup times...
  12. Hi, How good is the stock focuser on the above scope? Does anyone upgrade it? Reason for asking - I currently have the 80ED DS Pro and upgraded the stock focuser to the Baader diamond steeltrack . Just want to know if I should budget for upgrading the 100ED stock focuser. From a load point, it will only carry an ASI OSC camera or a Canon 90D. Thanks Mike
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