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  1. Welcomed! If the final result doesn't look good, you can import the 2 sets in DSS, set one as reference and uncheck it, then register&stack all checked (only one checked) with the "standard" composition (standard/intersection/mosaic). This will align your second set to the first one and output a final "stack" containing only the second set. You will be able to import it in PS and check if both were properly aligned (and have exactly the same scale).
  2. Yes. These 2 will include all the other lights combined and their SNR is high. If they were composed of a different number of subs (different SNR), then you should have combined them at a different rate, but it's not the case
  3. I don't expect significant differences. You have plenty of subs for the kappa sigma algorithm to be efficient. Just choose "average" when stacking the 2 sets.
  4. Stack the 2 sets individually, export them as .tiff, open them in PS, (maybe also convert them to a 16/32 bit integer representation), crop the larger one to the smaller's dimensions, throw them back into DSS and stack the 2 sets
  5. You will reach focus with the OVL field flattener. The backfocus with that flattener appears to be 55mm - DSLR + T -> EOS adapter + flattener + scope produces a good image during the day, I can't yet confirm with stars, perhaps some day... I don't know about other flatteners.
  6. There might also be some small differences in the optical paths that might give you a slightly different scale and then you will need to use a smarter application to register your images. However, if the scale is exactly the same, what you can do is to register and stack both sets of files from the 2 setups and then crop the larger stack by 2 pixels. You can throw the 2 stacks in DSS (the smaller original and the larger cropped), register and stack the stacks or uncheck the reference stack and register and stack (it will "stack" only the checked stack file) the stacks and then you can combine manually the stacks in another program.
  7. Neah, it's been like this for weeks now
  8. Mine arrived too. First impressions are pretty good, it's very light, also the suitcase is very light. Focuser is smooth, doesn't seem to slip with the DSLR attached. On the cons side, it doesn't balance properly with the 550D and I dislike the locking screws, a 2" locking mechanism with compression rings would have been much nicer, perhaps not much more expensive. And a quick picture of it, looks lovely, doesn't it? Currently I'm at work so I will inspect it later. And perhaps it's not going to see it's first light too soon as the forecast looks Clear skies! Alex
  9. New member

    Hello and welcome to the forum! Clear skies! Alex
  10. M45 - Glowing Gems

    I had a go on your data, you have some signal there, but I think you might try to get some better flats (with a white t-shirt and pointing to an uniform area of the sky maybe), put some sort of a hood in front of the scope if you have lights around and shield your scope's back (if you didn't) to prevent stray light from coming from behind - for all subs - lights, darks, bias, flats. You have some gradient which I couldn't really get out, it has a weird pattern. If you didn't take the camera off the scope, you can still try reshooting some flats. Other than this, nice image, your stars look good. Keep shooting Alex
  11. Rosette one year later

    Oh, I see, I would have never seen it like this, but now it makes sense
  12. Skywatcher ED72

    @FLO, if you want to take some pictures or do some tests, you can open my package if that doesn't mean too much delivery delay
  13. Rosette one year later

    Thanks, Goran! Which "neck" do you refer to ? The one in the middle of the frame?
  14. Rosette one year later

    Thanks, Tim! I'd say that half is due to better sky conditions and better scope and half due to better processing
  15. The Evoguide is available on some sites for a while now, not sure if for real or by mistake