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  1. moise212

    M33 WIP now with DSLR colour

    In PI I inverted the original image and I applied SCNR and colour calibrated it. I then combined it at 50% with the colour calibrated original.
  2. There was an issue recently with LNC around the edges. Maybe there's a new issue. Better write on the forum. I wrote to Mabula on FB about some other issue, but without any response.
  3. moise212

    Yet another M31

    I found that applying gradient removal beforehand helps for a seamless integration. I encounter the biggest issues at normalization. Sometimes I have to choose advanced normalization, sometimes regular, sometimes multiply only after a linear fit in PixInsight. Mosaics and light pollution really don't get along.
  4. moise212

    Iris nebula with Skywatcher 72ED

    Thank you, Sara! Actually this was so easy to process, but I "blame" the good skies for this. It makes such a big difference to have good data to start with. That weekend we arrived home at 1-2 AM after a wedding. I had the stacks already, I registered the channels, I applied some DBE on the L and the RGB images, I extracted a synthetic luminance from RGB, I combined it with the real luminance, I took the highlights from the synthetic luminance (I think the stars were just a tad tighter), made an LRGB, TGV, MMT, stretch, slight star reduction, background enhance, increased the saturation on the highlights and at 3 AM I was sleeping already. I should have applied some deconvolution and some sharpening, plus a better gradient handling as there's an annoying blue area at the bottom.
  5. moise212

    Iris nebula with Skywatcher 72ED

    Thanks! I only skipped the ones when the moon was near full. Imaging, sleep, pack some gear, sleep, work and again.
  6. moise212

    Iris nebula with Skywatcher 72ED

    Thank you too! I thought/wanted to reprocess this, but I have tons of other data waiting in the queue. It's been clear here almost every night for the last 2 months maybe. Processing time now it is as the clouds rolled in.
  7. Not sure about the price, but check out the CEM60 too.
  8. moise212

    M33 WIP now with DSLR colour

    Good skies you have! You caught a lot of details and the image still looks smooth after stretching. Looking forward for the coloured version.
  9. You don't need Registar then. You can in APP: 1. load, 2. calibrate (skip configuring if you loaded stacks), 3. analyse, 4. choose reference frame, register, 5. normalize, save normalized frames. And you have the stacks aligned, normalized and still linear. I only use Registar now for quickly align/rotate a new session with some previous data.
  10. Looks good! Did you manage to check the frames? Can you share a stretched one?
  11. moise212

    IC410 Tadpoles SHO

    But you get magenta stars only in SHO images. Inverted magenta is green so SCNR will remove it
  12. Could you post an image of the setup, please?
  13. moise212

    IC410 Tadpoles SHO

    Tip for this: invert and apply SCNR then invert back
  14. moise212

    List of Best Fall Deep Sky Objects to Image

    I believe you go to sleep too early

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