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  1. I see there are differences between the images at the top. Did you only apply an STF to them? In the PI stacked image I can see the tidal extension much easier, although the APP stack at the bottom looks smoother. Also, the image scale is not 1:1 for the images at the bottom. However, it's not far and I can't really say which one displays more detail.
  2. I also calibrate and stack my subs in APP, however, a full stack takes ages compared to DSS. The main reason I chose APP over DSS is because it's normalizing the background and it allows weighting based on sub quality.
  3. moise212

    My first light with a mono camera.

    Juuust about...
  4. Hello, Steve! Do you have news about the adapter? Also, do you have news about when you will receive the dedicated flattener? Thanks! Alex
  5. moise212

    My first light with a mono camera.

    If that's your first light with the camera, in the future I expect some stunning results from you Btw, I believe there's more info in your image that you can tease out
  6. moise212

    Colourful Trunk

    One could render an HOO image and then combine it with an RGB image
  7. moise212

    Colourful Trunk

    If you want to add, there's a fair amount of oxygen too in that area, especially in the middle.
  8. moise212

    Colourful Trunk

    This looks awesome
  9. moise212

    Imaging with the 130pds

    One more and perhaps the last solely with the 130PDS. I will add more data to this, but taken through another scope. This is 8h Oiii and 7h Ha.
  10. moise212

    How Can I Improve? šŸ“·

    I set up each time I image, though I don't disassembly the mount, nor the scope/camera. I have an USB hub permanently secured with tape on the mount and the cables too. Also I marked the legs' positions and now I place the mount in the same place. Each evening I bring out the mount, I put it in the same place, put the counterweight in the same position, put the scope in the same position, connect the cables to the cameras, bring out the power source and the image acquisition mini pc. Connect power and pc and fire up everything. Then I wait 1-2 hours for scope to cooldown. I then start the camera's cooling and do a 2 star alignment, a polar adjustment (since I put the mount in the same position, in the beginning I'm off less than 1 degree) and another 2 star alignment. Focus, goto, adjust until satisfied and then start imaging. The part before cooldown takes ~5 minutes, the second part takes longer, perhaps 15 minutes, also because I let the camera cool slowly to 30C-35C below ambient temperature. As I'm imaging relatively close to the house, the temperature doesn't drop more than a couple degrees and I don't really need to refocus.
  11. moise212

    M16 Bicolor

  12. moise212

    M16 Bicolor

    Same here
  13. moise212

    M16 Bicolor

    This is how it looks on my screen:

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