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  1. Wish you all a nice spring and clear (moonless too maybe) nights! This equinox we have/had a full moon which I tried to capture.
  2. When pointing towards south - low declination, your scope might go well past the meridian without hitting anything on a regular EQ mount. In fact, when imaging around Orion, I start already flipped. Just be careful with the cables, they might get in the way.
  3. Yes. Moreover, many of us we put the camera below the newtonian telescopes. If it's a short newton, it might become impossible to mount it with the camera below in a Z/CEM type mount, you need to put the camera on top and so you need to increase the CW weight / move it farther on the rod.
  4. You didn't mention the field flattener. You'll need one.
  5. One could hope hoped. The picture displayed red lockers, symbol for the EC versions. Perhaps the new iPolar adds significant to the cost and you also pay more for the portability. The CEM60 + a Berlebach tripod becomes more appealing. Back to the drawing board.
  6. I spotted this before I saw your announcement. Is the CEM40 in the link the non EC version? Its price is just a tad lower than the CEM60's (without tripod). I hoped for something in the middle between the CEM25P and CEM60.
  7. Edit: announced already on another topic
  8. Thank you, Mark! My mount performs poorly and I can't take more than a few seconds unguided shots without trailing. I used a laptop for guiding and also for exposures control.
  9. Or stretched more, but resolution lowered.
  10. Recently I bought a Canon 6D for daytime photography. Of course I was going to put it one day behind a telescope. Said and done. Last weekend I went to my girlfriend's parents' village (Clear Outside estimates an SQM of 21.9 there), I put the Canon 6D behind the Esprit 80 and both of them on top of the tuned AZ-EQ5. Guiding was done with a finder guider and overall stayed at 1.5"-1.8" RMS. But the 6D has large pixels and I also downsampled the final image so there shouldn't be much loss due to poor tracking. Moon was rising just before 11 so I started early, shooting Orion as the first panel. 2 other higher panels followed, consisting of 21, 21 and 19 subs, 5 mins exposures at ISO1600. For the Orion's core I used also 12x5s. That's a total of 3 hours. The stars towards the corners are not perfect with the Esprit80 and a full frame sensor, but resampling at 60%, I do not notice any weird shapes. Can't wait to shoot a wide Antares region with this setup. On astrobin: https://www.astrobin.com/393580/ Clear skies! Alex
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