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  1. OK, thanks guys, going to put it down to seeing then, and maybe a bit of condensation build up as well. Time to start investigating dew heaters I guess!
  2. I did and it seemed ok, could certainly see my reflection ok when using my phones torch. Maybe thats all it is though?!?! Hope its as simple as that lol
  3. Hi, Well after literally weeks of waiting we have had some clear skies here in southern England and I've been getting out to do some AP. Still very much in the learning phase but seem to be gathering some good data, and getting in to a rhythm as to what to do setup wise etc. However tonight I think I've stumbled upon a bit of a problem. My target has been the Heart Nebula. I set the scope and DSLR up fine and the first image I took I could definitely see the outline of something there albeit in the background of the typical hazy red images you get with a modified DSLR. Doing an auto stretch in APT definitely showed the heart nebula there - all good so far.......However, as the session has gone on the images background have got darker and darker, can still see stars but the red hue has gone and I can no longer see any trace of the nebula. The APT auto stretch doesn't show anything up either. I could be really optimistic and just put it down to the sky clearing but something doesn't seem right to me if auto stretch is not pulling out any detail. Is it possible that that camera has developed a fault and becomes less sensitive as the session goes on? I've attached the first and last images of the session so far as a comparison. Any help / advice greatly appreciated! L_0002_ISO1600_60s__16C.CR2 L_0065_ISO1600_60s__12C.CR2
  4. Can I ask where you are sourcing spacers from? I think I need to play with camera spacing more on my 130pds, not got the same camera as you but getting egg shaped stars rings the edge. Thanks
  5. white dwarf - whats the difference between the EQ Mod cable and the Ali Express cable? Both look like Serial to USB to me?? Thanks Ed
  6. Hi, Some advice needed please.... I'm currently imaging unguided on my NEQ6 Pro, using the hand controller to set up and find the target. I'm then using APT to control my DSLR for the imaging session. Playing around over the many many cloudy nights there have been here in the UK recently I've got APT talking to Stellarium ok to plate solve, though I've not used that in anger for a session as yet. However, I'm getting myself confused around what I would need to do to control the mount from my laptop rather than the handset. Would I need to install EQMOD? or can I do everything from within APT? Or indeed is it even worth doing, should I just stick with the hand controller?? Thanks Ed
  7. Thank you, did wonder about flex but assumed that I would see it in opposing corners more. Will try rotating the OTA in its rings to position the focuser better. Is that star shape fix a plug-in? not heard of that before. Thanks Ed
  8. Hi, Looking for advice as to why I'm getting egg shaped stars, but mainly in one corner! I'm using a SW 130PDS with a Baader MPC Mk3 and Canon EOS 600D. I've used an old filter ring to get me to the magic 55mm but still I'm getting this same problem. Any advice greatly appreciated. Single 60 second sub below taken tonight while trying to get the Western Veil Nebula. Bottom right of the image is the worst for egg stars.
  9. Thanks for the reply, I will go the way of the heater, christmas list being written! But would I need one at the back of the newt for the primary and one at the top for the secondary?
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