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  1. Amazing to watch. Seeing the two rocket boosters landing simultaneously was just phenomenal. I watched it with my 7 year old daughter who plans on telling her story in school tomorrow. Any news on whether the 3rd booster has landed? P.S My daughter criticised the fact that there appeared to be very few women there. She has a point I think....
  2. The first time seeing the Orion Nebula and Pleiades with my 7 years old daughter two weeks ago.
  3. I just purchased it, thank you. Hopefully I can pick up some better eyepieces over the next couple of months. Thanks for the advice
  4. Thank you for your reply. I’m only interested in visual astronomy so I take on board your comments about the EQ mount. I also notice it was motorised which i’m assuming is not so important for visual astronomy. I like the look of the mount in the link you provided. The only problem I have is my very limited budget. Would the stock eye pieces be ok? I previously had to upgrade the stock eyepieces with the dob I owned for greater eye relief.
  5. Hi all, FLO currently have the following scope on offer that fits my budget. Skywatcher Explorer 130m on an EQ2 mount. i previously had a 200p skywatcher dob but it was too bulky for me to transport so I sold it. I’m currently using binoculars. Is this a good scope and is it a lot easier to transport than the previous dob I had? thanks
  6. Hi RayD, I have a 200mm dob. Apparently the maximum useful mag would be 300x so my plan is to use the 8mm with a Barlow which, I think, will give me the 300x mag. This is all new to me so I'm happy to be corrected. Thanks Darrell
  7. Hi all, I've recently purchased a BST 15mm. Eyepiece. I'm now looking for a 25mm and 8mm eyepiece. Also a x2 Barlow. I need long eye relief as I wear glasses for observing. Thank you, Darrell
  8. Thanks all, I really appreciate the responses. i'm short sighted and have to use glasses all the time. I can't remember my exact eye prescription however, I do recall something about -6.75. in the end I have opted for the BST 15mm only. I'll see how I get on with that eye piece and if successful, I will purchase a 10mm next month. Just waiting for clear skies now to get out. Again, thanks for the responses.
  9. Thank you all for your detailed responses. I actually wear glasses and only have vision in one eye. As a result, should I be looking at eye pieces with greater eye relied such as the BST starguiders?
  10. I was thinking of keeping the stock 25mm for the time being. Purchasing a new 18mm and 9mm.
  11. Just a quick one. i have £60 to spend on equipment. I have a new 8inch dob and was thinking of spending it on eye pieces. Can you recommend a decent upgrade for that price? I was thinking the celestron xcel but I was hoping to get 2 for £60. thanks darrell
  12. Thanks both. I tried online but no joy. Just photography shops that tend to have a couple of scopes in stock. I've since ordered an 8" dob online.
  13. Hi all, Are any of you aware of any shops in South Wales that sell telescopes? thanks Darrell
  14. Thanks for your replies both. Ideally I'm hoping to view planets and DSO. I have seen the skywatcher 200 dob advertised on the FLO site. I'm very tempted by this but the price is £285. I might wait for a month or to and save the additional money to fund this. Is the equipment provided with a 200 dob sufficient to get me started or will I need to purchase extra's? If I was to spend £285, would the dob be a good choice? thanks darrell
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