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  1. I see a lot of threads with people struggling with eggy stars in certain parts of their images and I too had the problem. Mine was exagerated due to running at F2.8 and it was and still is doing my head in. Well in the end, I took out my digital calipers and measured the distance from the CCD class to the front of the camera. The results shocked me. One side of the CCD front was a whole 0.5mm lower than the other side. Has anyone else checked theirs ?
  2. Is your chip square, mine wasn't and similar problems
  3. Plans are for a garden centre and supermarket on farmer green belt land facing across a single carriageway to opposing supermarket and garden center all in a small market twon of 20,000 people. Check these links for more info, BUT PLEASE DO NOT POST IF YOU ARE NOT A RESIDENT www.stopoldmillquarter.co.uk website http://stopoldmillqu...k/smf/index.php forum http://www.stopoldmillquarter.co.uk/media/Radio30-7-12.mp3 recent radio interviews. Please keep politics out of this thread otherwise it will be closed.
  4. Sorry all wrong and I cannot explain without breaking the politics rules of the forum. Trust me, the main reason I have been off this forum for a while is all the research and forming of a residents group I have done. So far in 2 weeks, I have formed the group, built the website, built a town forum, like this one, done press release, fired in countless freedom of information acts etc etc, been on the radio and managed to sleep a little. Kicked up a right storm in the council
  5. Jeez, been nearly 3 months since I have had the chance to take a picture what with the weather and personal issues with work, retail park being planned behind my house and action committee I have formed. Jeez Politics is not fun at all with local councils. QHY9 is still playing up and colimation on the F2.8 SuperNewt had to be re-done. Also found out that the QHY9 sensor wasn't square to the optical train, about 0.5mm out on one side. Doesn't show on F7.5 but on F2.8, well definately shows and causes what looks like colimation issues, but turned out to be focus differences across the image. Still having problems with flats and wierd gradients, but been so long I haven't nailed down all of the fixes. I just wanted to get an image. So on the TS SuperNewt F2.8 8incher with QHY9 mono LRGB 40 mins per RGB in 2.5 min subs x2 bin 80Mins L in 5m subs unbinned M27 and loads and loads of stars. Very very rough image gaining and setup and processing is even more rushed. A bit blue
  6. Very nice and established site, may use some of their ideas.
  7. Thanks all and thanks to the mods for letting this pass. Please to all, only contribute to the site if you live in the area, outside views (more than 20 miles) will not carry much weight I am afraid. I am already in contact with the cllr and the MP and both are on our side and we will meet with them soon. We have a meeting this Wed night with all parties concerned to form a united attack plan.
  8. nah, they have been stolen and stored in area 51 Seriously tho, it has to be as said, light polution, atmosphere or your eyes and thier adaption. But maybe that have been somehow moved or stolen ?
  9. Well I have been rather quiet for a week or so, so much going on. I wasn't going to sit down and stay quiet, not with my skills on computing. Even though my web skills are rusty, my ambition is not. Now I might get a hand slap here, so sorry admins, please slap away if I am breaking the rules, but I wanted to show what is possible with a bit of effort to fight light pollution amongst other things. Search google for "Stop Old Mill Quarter" and I am sure you will see what I am on about. Please do not contribute to the search unless you are local.
  10. Even if the light pollution was the same from my garden, the glow of a retail park next to the garden will kill the night sky for astro photography or visual. Basically if it goes ahead, I will have to sell up the house or astro photography, and it will be astro.
  11. I know we are onto a losing battle here with jobs being created etc etc. What is 20 - 40 households concerns when there is 40 million and jobs resting on it. We have a very high hedge line between us and the field, the supermarket is supposedly going to be below the existing ground level and so chances are that We will not see it from the house and definately not from the garden. It is the noise pollution for the 2 years it will take to build it, then the light pollution it will cause and then of course the actual fact that there will be a large supermarket with all the noise, traffic, light and deliveries and not to mention the social aspects of potential crime and quality of life. Then add on the value of our house and the massive increase of traffic and noise associated to it. If the plans are approved, then it will happen, we all know it, fact of life, it is a retail park at the end of the day, we don't count.
  12. Link to the proposals. http://www.oldmillqu...r.com/benefits/ BTW my house backs onto the northeast corner of super market.
  13. The proposals are up in the town hall on Tuesday with a chance for the public to discuss them. Considering I am one of 20 houses that will back immediately onto the rear of the complex we are very concerned. I am resigned that I will probably give up astronomy if it all goes ahead as i would effectively be living on the boundary of a retail park, but having the rear of a Tesco style SuperMarket and it's car parks 50 years from my open fence line is very worrying. Our houses are obviously prime targets from the car park with a van. The noise, traffic and volumes of people will effectively kill our peaceful surroundings. Still in shock, our immediate neighbor is almost in tears after moving here a year ago after 10 years of living in a place that had a coop built behind her garden.
  14. We moved to our house 5 years ago backing onto a farm over looking Sandbach, nice views and pretty decent skies and told the land couldn't be built upon. We have just had a letter through the door that there will be planning proposals for a retail part literally 50 yards from our back garden as the farmer has sold his entire farm. The plans are for a Supermarket, a gardening centre, petrol station, KFC, Starbucks (all drive through) and some office buildings. Even though across the main road from the site is already a Waitross and a Homebase...... I am in complete shock as are all of our neighbors All of these will invite hundreds of cars an hour into a massive chock point of Sandbach already suffering during peak hours, The SuperMarket will back onto our gardens, so I can image the light pollution and noise in the late evenings and early mornings with people and deliveries. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR, why can't they just leave things alone.
  15. I have come to the same conclusion, the scopes are packed away and only get modded during this my 3rd summer. Each one has been pants and to be honest I have better things to do and need a break from it. Even more so as an imager who wants 4+ hours of proper dark which is impossible at the moment. The observatory is currently the home of the spiders for the summer
  16. Clouded out at midnight so gave up, woke to beautiful blue skies at 5am, so probably missed a few hours. Oh um...
  17. Scope is all re-colimated and now cooling down in the observatory with the fans. Fingers crossed, but started to cloud over in Sandbach Cheshire now. Sat 24 shows may get some clear spells tonight, but doubt be good enough for imaging.
  18. Just ordered 3 for my SuperNewt : Fed up with the phillips screwdriver method on the secondary.
  19. Yes I did this recently with Cats Eye on my 8 inch primary. Care is al you need. I got some Acetone and a cotton bud and dabbed the old ring doghnut to loosen it. Then used a toothpick carefuly to prise it up and removed it. Then more Acetone to clean the area before applying the new target. Remember that this part of the mirror (centre) is actually in the shadow of the secondary to if you mark the mirror, it isn't the end of the world. But be careful. The Cats Eye system come with a nice target placement sheet to get it bang on the centre. I would recommend removing the old ring as if you are using the Cats Eye radiation ring, it will not work with the old ring in place. Good luck
  20. Yes it is the Cats Eye colimation radiation symbol for precise colimation at low F stops. They were very shiney, and the secondary was unpainted completely. Not sure what if any difference it will make, but since it was raining and the mirrors were out
  21. The mirrors on the F2.8 SuperNewt needed a clean again and whilst the weather is bad, I decided to reduce the reflections on the mirror edges at the same time. A couple of pictures showing the nerve racking job of applying pernament black marker to the edges of the secondary and primary mirrors on the 8 inch scope. All back together now and just need to Cats Eye colimate tonight
  22. On my QHY9 can easily manage -20 even on hottest nights, so I stick with that all year around with normal 30% draw on the fans. Did go as low as -40 once, not much difference other than much harder in summer and much more strain on the cooling.
  23. Excellent work on a very difficult target. Try boosting the vibrance and saturation and see if that brings out more colour. I just tried it with the vibrance tool in CS5 and it gave nice results
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