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  1. And they are about 2 mm in size on the board. Hopefully my simple fix will stop it happening again. Well worth a few quid
  2. I will add everything was fine for 2 years in an obs and mid session the eq6 fried. Could have been board failure.
  3. You would, but they haven't. They rely on the fuse external which they supply within the cigar lighter that comes with the mount. No mention anywhere about being careful if you don't use this method of powering the unit. You only find out when the problem happens.
  4. I asked for quick blow 5amp fuses for my modification. I have no idea if this mod will help protect the mounts PCB, but worth a few £'s to impliment it.
  5. As you may have known, my NEQ6 Pro board got fried last month and I have now recieved a new working board for £100 direct from OVL via Bern @ Modern. I must have had a power surge and hence the problem. Looking closely, I believe (and others) that there is a fundamental problem with the design of the EQ6 power protection. They supply you with a Cigar Lighter method of powering the mount from 12 volts. This has a 5amp fuse in it for protection if you unscrew the end and have a peek. Those that power from a 12volt power adapter from the mains have no such protection fuse and are at the mercy of the boards components. In particular there are a few VERY small components that blow and save the motors and the rest of the mount. The problem is that if they blow, they basically make the board useless unless you are very skilled at repairs of small components. That is if you can find which ones are at fault. (usually L1 and L2) So after recieving my new £100 board, I decided to make my own protection fuse mechanism for 12v from the mains to protect the new board from power surges. For a few £'s from Maplins I bought an inline fuse holder andf butchered the extension cable from the 12volt supply with a 5amp fuse inline. A few pictures of the quick and simple mod that hopefully will save me a few £'s in the future. I would suggest that all people running EQ6 mounts from the mains via a 12v adapter think about how they protect their boards too. I think this is a bad design flaw, the EQ6 board should have a build in fuse that protects the unit on the actual board. A few piccies for you. Cat
  6. And the real plot is revealed. Women are smart at times I tell you!!!! Trust me you wish you bought it yourself as in the long run it will be cheaper lol
  7. 108 : Trying to explain to a thick 50 year old fat neighbour that your super massive telescope cannot see though her closed bedroom curtains or walls and that you have a lovely 31 year old wife at home for that. Or failing that, you have the internet or the dog that would look much more pleasing if you shaved it's backside and taught it to walk backwards !!!!!!
  8. 107 : Taking 12 hours of Bahnitov mask images because you didn't check the 1st subs before you went inside to have a beer.
  9. pushing it with the guide cam you are using and the mount. Try reducing the sample rate on the guide star to a lower number, say around 1 - 2 seconds.
  10. RIP Kev and I hope you have the best views now.
  11. Welcome to the club. I got one a few months ago for my fast F2.8 reduced 8 inch newtonian and it does the job perfectly once you get the hang of it. Did you get the delux version with the case, 3 pieces and lasar pointer ?
  12. Strange you should say that about the blue colour. I re-looked at the processing of it under PixInsight and the colours were balanced correctly. Perhaps I have uneven quantities of colour in the image. Not much chance of a better site as it is all observatory mounted and wire and would be a massive job to move it all.
  13. Ok I will admit, I have been waiting for this image all week after the teasers and it has not disapointed one little bit. The size is amazing, the resolution is up there with the best in the world. Get this over to APOD now Olly and Yves, it deserves to be there. Fantastic image, amzing amount of time and it all is shown in this awesome image.
  14. Wow, Superb and glorious resolution as always mate. Loving the detailed spiral arms, the halo I didn't know existed and the colour is perfect. Top class mate
  15. Very nice and a similar blue to my M81 in the IFN thread. Lovely detail you have there. Great shot for the conditions and kit used.
  16. LOL, I KNEW someone would pick that up once I posted and got a reply to the thread and being unable to edit it :D Thanks all, the amount of work I had to do to get out the IFN and re-merge it back into the image and "try" and keep the colour was immense. Really struggled with galaxy colour (it is a bit blue) and keeping the star pinpoints and colour. I used all my skill sets of masking, star masks, smoothing etc on this image. I am definately calling it quits on this target from my location as I really don't think I could get better.
  17. nice image mate and looking at the other image you posted, the dust bunnies are in the same place on both. Flats would sort this out.
  18. The integrated flux is the mistyness of the MilkyWay that sits between us and the Bodes Galaxies M81 and M82. It is always hard to get and you need really good skies to get it. This has been an absolute mare to try and capture even with my fast TS Supernewt running at F2.8.I have tried many times from my location next to a small town and the M6 motorway and always failed to get the integrated flux. So just before my mount fried it's circuit board I managed to get a whole load of data and I have spent the last few days processing it one way and then another way until I have come up with something that I think I can't really improve upon from my location. On a really good night, I can just about make our the MilkyWay, to give you an idea of the quality or not of my location. So here is about 12 hours of LRGB on the galaxy pair. Scope : TS SuperNewt 568mm FL @F2.8 Guide : TS OAG + QHY5 + HEQ6 + PHD CCD : QHY9 Mono + QHY 2inch filters Exposure : 3 hours in 5 mins for each RGB channel and 3 hours in 10min luminance all unbinned. I hope you like it, probably the best I can get from my location.
  19. Well no joy at OpticStar. OVL will not service the mount, and I can order a new MCB when they come back in stock in MID MAY !!!!!!!!! OpticStar won't even replace the board for me, have to do it myself !!!!!! So picked up the mount today not very happy. Not sure if I will ever use them again now. Frustrated as &*&% I have taken the board out, it looks ok and have read about the L1 and L2 issue. But they are so small on the board I have no idea how to go about fixing them. It would seem that the EQ6 board has no fuse, it relies on the cigar lighter fuse for protection and if you replace this with a 12V DC unit, then the tiny component on the board acts as a fuse to save the rest of the board. What use that is who knows unless you are a master electrian. ^&%& design if you ask me. Be warned all those running 12V DC to your EQ mounts.
  20. I have had the same problem with the SuperNewt which is a GSO Newt. To fix it I put a black teashirt with elastic band over the rear of the scope to stop stray light and weird patterns on my flats. Also try a few sky flats to eliminate the panel and setup. I have started to do this now in combination with the black teashirt.
  21. Not sure, hopefully after tomorrow when Peter give me a call with options, I will know.
  22. LOL @ you lot. OK the mount has a duff MCB according to Peter @ OpticStar. Checked my cables and handset on another HEQ6 and worked ok. Tried a new handset and cable on mine all all permitations and definately the MCB So OpticStar have it and will get back to me on pricing. Since they have it and will probably get shipped for fixing, I have asked for it to be serviced as well, check gears and grease etc as it is nearly 3 years old. Awaiting for a call from Peter for inal decision as to what to do. The CCD started working again when I bought it inside. I have stripped, cleaned all contacts and checked. Seems to be working as before, albeit with the known issue of filter wheel connection. I wonder if the sudden change in air temperature caused the issue or even moisture ? Either way I am out of action with no mount for a period of time.
  23. tell me about it. Even cracked out the old Sony A700 DSLR and a tripod last night with remote shutter..
  24. Thanks all and especially to all those that have offered help. The CCD has slowly been developing problems and died the night before according to the images. The mount, well I reckon it is the MCB that has died, I will be taking it to OpticStar tomorrow to see if they can diagnose / test and fix for me. I will give Bern a call, the QHY9 is now 2 years old and had heavy usage, about time it got an overhaul. Needless to say, going to be out of action for at least a month.
  25. Via the mains using the standard power adapters that I have used faultlessly for over 2 years. I reckon the MCB on the EQ6 has blown. The CCD has been having issues a few times, but according to the images, at 6am this morning it gave up. Now al it get is black overflooded pictures. Everything else works fine, lights, computer etc.
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