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  1. To defend the QHY9 a bit, I do leave mine in the obs all the time connected to the OTA and although it lasted 18months, I guess I really shouldn't leave it out in all weathers without active dehumidifiers running on it as designed. Yes when they were new out, they did have issues that were quickly sorted out, but as with all kit, failures do happen. Luckily with the QHY9, it is very easy to work on and as long as you are not scared to open it up, is is very easy to clean and setup / fix issues. The main problem is dirty contacts on the sensor pins that humidity cause. Fixed with acetone and a fine tooth brush on the pins. Price is just amazing and that is what swung it for me. Not to distract from Badgers awesome purchase, congrats mate and long may you and the Atik CCD have a happy life together. Massive learning curve coming up mate
  2. Yes an observatory really helps as in the end it is all about the amount of data. Setting up and stripping down all the time leads to problems, connection issues and never really goes smoothly and gives the random affect of alignment, tracking etc etc. My observatory cost about £200 and consists of 12 paving slabs and 6 fence panels with a sliding roof. Not weather proof and I like it that way as got no moisture problems and the scope is covered with a motorbike cover. I pull the roof, power on, aligned and start imaging within 1/2 hour. The scope is already cool as it is always outside and the observatory is not a sealed room due to the fence panels and gaps. Can be easily done with a bit of effort and space in the garden.
  3. Congrats on the purchase. My QHY9 is fixed again after a good clean by myself. Water ingress more than likely was the issue. The QHY8's have a very good reputation, the QHY9's can be a bit temper mental, but if looked after right, they are a great camera for the money. £1800 for the CCD on a 8300 chip and 2inch filter wheel and filter set can be bad. Congrats on the Atik though, my next CCD might be one of them.
  4. Nice work Spikey starting to come good now
  5. woohoo got the CCD fixed. Decided to give it one more go and stripped it all and cleaned all the CCD connectors with a fine toothbrush and acetone as this is the common problem with the QHY9 if water gets into it. Corrosion of the contacts. I did this a few times and failed, so this time really went to town on it and dried it under a hot lamp. Put it back together and took a dark and Bingo Working again now
  6. Mick I tend to agree with you to a point. You can do AP cheaply, but too cheap gives poor and frustrating results. I have found that I buy what I can afford, and I have a good job so it does allow me to do so. Every purchase I have made has made big differences, up to a limiting point where I would need to throw thousands at it to progress more. But ultimately, the best results come from moving house and getting to a dark site area. Reduce all those gradients, get away from the LP. The next part and I would say a good 30% is processing as said by others. Yes it can be done cheaply, but PixInsight in the right hands is an amazing tool but at £150 again you pay. I admire those that DIY thier tubes, barn door trackers etc, but ultimately in general you get what you pay for in this hobby. /Cat awaits the flames
  7. Amazing resolution there lads, nice to see combined and reworked data. Tip of day, never throw away any data.. The colours are gorgeous and agree the little spiral really adds to it. Don't think there is much more you could do on this image mate.
  8. Amazing work, kicks CCD into touch eh ??? Loving this mate, must be so hard to do without todays technology.
  9. Thanks all for the kind comments. Olly : Yeah only 3 hours, 45 mins per channel in 3 min subs, when it is on song, this scope is quick with a captial Q Not too fussed about the CCD as long as it doesn't cost me too much, this time of year only about 3 hours or less of proper imaging time and so much to do over the next few months anyway. Nice to get a break and sleep NightVision : The QHY9 has been a great camera, just after 18 months developed a fault on a board that Modern and I have been trying to self fault find. Now it is time to go back to QHY to be done properly. 50 - 50 whether I would buy again, but probably would due to the price and the 2 inch filter set.
  10. This is going to be my last image for sometime as my CCD is broken again and needs to be shipped back to the manufacturer. So will definately be a few months before I image again. Not too bad with the late evenings in the summer. Allow me to concentrate on my new hobby, Golf So here is 45mins per channel LRGB in 3 min subs with the TS Super Newt @ F2.8 I really wanted to get even more data on this other than 3 hours, but the CCD packed in and that was that. Subs : 45min in 3m subs per channel = 3hours total. Scope : TS SuperNewt 200mm @F2.8 CCD : QHY9 Mono with 2inch filters Guide : TS OAG, QHY5, NEQ6Pro and PHD Software : Processed with PI and CS5 I hope you like
  11. Typical, the ^%" QHY9 CCD is playing up again.......
  12. Nope, all golf related, new sport for me to get me out and about.
  13. Party with friends and family over the weekend and had copious amounts of beer and cigars Recovered on Sunday
  14. Yup, hit the big 40 today Still feel like kid though. Looking like a clear spell too this week for some AP
  15. thanks mate, gives me encouragement even with all the flat issues are am having at the moment.
  16. Thanks all, reading and still trying to digest. The QHY9 Monon uses a mechanical shutter and perhaps the shapes are due to shutter interaction. I will try to dim even more and take flats. Problem is getting a dim enough light source (already 2 white teashirts over the scope) to give ADU readings around 23,000 and 3 - 4 seconds. Will see if I can take much longer flats and see if that solves the problem. In the meantime, still reading and working out what you guys have said, so many thanks. Cat
  17. Thanks mate, I am at a loss as to what it is. My guess would be the flats but I don't know.
  18. LOL @ Andy, Mr Daniels has a lot to answer for Good luck with getting the rest of the data, at times I love my F2.8 for that very reason with this horrid British weather Looking forward to the final result, looks like it will be a corker.
  19. Ok here are the original images http://dl.dropbox.com/u/10801850/Astro%20Pictures/MASTER%20FLAT.tif flat. These were 31 sky flats combined together to make a master flat. Taken on same image train before session started http://dl.dropbox.com/u/10801850/Astro%20Pictures/NGC7023-001L.fit raw image in luminance http://dl.dropbox.com/u/10801850/Astro%20Pictures/NGC7023-001L_c.fit calibrated raw with the flat Thanks for any help you can offer, should have posted these initially DOH
  20. It is a mono CCD and perhaps the stretch and conversion to JPG has caused this. I will get some more examples and post the originals on dropbox
  21. The images I have posted have been stretched and saved to JPG to be visible on the forum. Flats are taken by a panel, laptop screen and even sky flats with a Teasshirt over the scope. The problem is in the same place irrelevant to camera orientation.
  22. looking very good mate. Nice image and really good POV. A little dark on the background, but brilliant.
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