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  1. Clear skies, observed for more than an hour between my Pentax spotting scope and the dob from my balcony.
  2. For a small refractor you can also use a photo ball head in portrait mode. With a good friction control knob it becomes a good alt-az mount with good fluid motion on both axis.
  3. I use my Pentax 80 ED / 480mm spotting scope for wide field views, piggybacked on a CPC1100. Pentax scopes accept standard 1.25” eyepieces, no adapters required.
  4. My cpc1100 and 12” truss dob reside in my backyard obs. Most all other astro gear and accessories are kept in the house.
  5. Almost any type of chair is better than having no chair at all. These make for easy weekend projects. I've made several out of steel tubing.
  6. Nice finder! What type of scope are you using this on?
  7. I used my reverse mount chair last night and it performed wonderfully. Just walk up to the scope and sit. No more maneuvering and squeezing your feet and body between your chair and the scope, or having to position your cumbersome chair side ways. Way better than my old Starbound Chair in this particular situation with my CPC scope
  8. Nothing fancy, there's my standard el cheapo wall clock waaay in the back wall. It's 12" in diameter. I paid about $10 for it. And I can also see it in the dark.
  9. I modified the mini (previous post), got a longer seat post, and turned it into a reverse mount astro chair.
  10. I built a mini with the short, left over pieces of extra tubing I had. This one also folds flat, and the max seat height is 28". I think this will be my last chair build as my wife thinks I've gone nuts building 4 astro chairs within the past few weeks time. But she did tell me that this one was the cutest of them all....
  11. On the left is my new, "improved" astro chair. This one is lighter, folds flat, and has a foot rest. Both chairs, including my obsy chair, posted elsewhere in this thread, can be turned around and straddled from behind, instead of the normal having to walk around the front of the chair to sit. Thanks for looking!
  12. I remember that one pre-dawn morning in January of 1994 when the massive Northridge Earthquake took out all power here in the LA region. The skies over head were beautiful. Today, I need to drive 90 miles out to see the Milky Way. I really need to take my grand kids out camping one day as they've never seen dark skies. I still live here in LA, and we also panic over rain. Speaking of which, the last measurable rain fall we had, if I recall, was several months ago in Spring. It's really bad here with the drought. I need to get out of SoCal and move to a higher elevation regions of Arizon
  13. Yep, this would not be a fun hobby if you're not able to sit and observe comfortably. I built 2 chairs recently, one for field use and another for my obsy. The field chair pulls apart and packs flat for transport.
  14. Further work on the skinny field chair... I was not happy with the wooden seat assembly so I made another one using aluminum brackets and a plastic cutting board for the seat. I mounted both seat assemblies on the seat rail so you can see the difference. I also added a fixed foot rest to my observatory chair...
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