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  1. This is an HALRGB version Orion taken with Sammy 135mm and SBIG ST-8300M. Was a windy night , focus shiffting at regular intervals. Star spikes, not thin edged due to vibration i guess. CS Rush
  2. Walimex Pro/Samyang Identical 85 mm F/1.4 Aspherical IF MF Canon EF fit. (IN V.GOOD CONDITION) Walimex Pro/Same as Samyang 85 mm F/1.4 Aspherical IF MF Canon EF fit Focal length: 85mm Brand: Walimex /SAMYANG IDENTICAL Focusing: Manual focus Connection type: Canon EF Product type: Telephoto lenses Design: Fixed focal length PRICE £175,00 Including Postage UK/EU.
  3. This is what remains after cleaning up. RGB channels R G B CS
  4. Can u upload a stacked image right out of APP or DSS. Not touchiing the saturation silder ? CS
  5. Added 3 hrs of Ha and O3 to the Sony DSLR image fully wide open at F2. My eyes cannot see the occilation nor the incoherence of the light signal. Cant say overall SNR s improved or aggravated the phase distortion by the filters . The colours look different and some of those dust lanes, star colours vanished and Nebula itself became more dense. Baader 7 nm and Baader F/2 High speed O3 filter were used. CS Rush DSLR image N band added.
  6. Southern beauties with Sony A7 and Canon 600D Antares region LMC Cats paw and Lobster Running chicken CS Rush
  7. Hello, Price reduction 850 euros as set. If someone needs only the tube and not the gadgets , I could do that according 2 ur needs. Takahashi FS-60CB tube set ( Astro Imaging / Visual in very good condition) Fs 60 Wide T to T2 adaptor for CCD camera,, FS 60 Original Flattner, FS 60 eyepiece connector, 2 ". FS 60 eyepiece connection 1.25 " FS 60 Takahashy clamp, Optical tube 60/355 mm, 1: 5.9. Without viewfinder + holder, Price , 850.00 Euro. Postage charges Insured DHL europe , EXTRA. (maybe around 30 euros ) thanks 4 looking, CS Rush Thare are two original tak spacers on the drawtube, infront of the flattner, Wide T to T2 adaptor for DSLR/ CCD camera
  8. Hi, Roberto on Astrobin uses Fs 60 CB . You can take a look at his collection of Images with FS60. https://www.astrobin.com/360918/?nc=user well, I have used a couple of them too, Its quiet sharp and focus remains kind of steady even at temp fluctuations. Somtime back i wanted to dispose one of mine. Hope this is of help, CS Rush
  9. Adding one more Samyang image. ( 3 hrs with a Sony A7) CS Rush
  10. My Mantra is , No califrames, No Califrames, No Califrames. go away amp glow . Dont ask me why , this is humming in my head every time i start processing, may be cos Im lazy. ASI294MC PRO + Takumar 135 mm lens . HA /OXY injected to OSC. No Califrames Takumar 135 mm lens makes halos around bright stars.Stars r not round my laziness with guiding.(used previous night caliberation ) But was fun fiddling around with this OSC camera. CS Rush
  11. It s nice in green, and true what Wim wrote too, but its ur choice i guess. Bcos NGC 4631 from Scott Anttila is Greenish like yours. APOD nasa 2004 is greyish looks Natural. Have a look. Exist also many bluish versions. https://apod.nasa.gov/apod/ap020329.html You have enough data there so you can go either way:) Run backgraound neutralisation bvor streching. worst case 50% SCNR. We quit now, Green help for Colli help.:) CS Rush
  12. This looks almost like a clean dark frame. My work horse CCD cams shower blizzard snowfstorm appearance through the wind shield.? Especcially with Baader Ha filters. A cosmetic correction or a Bad pixel Map (like Dave wrote) will remove this. In my experience worst noisy Chips like KAF 8300 still make pretty images. I agree with Ollys point do not judge cameras from the noise. Processing noiseless cameras are not so easy. True. CS Rush
  13. Rush

    M82 HaLRGB

    Is it ok if i ask ,did you add the RGB lum to the Master Lum ? or mixed it 0.20*+ 0.80*using Pixel Math. MT (PI) dark ring star residuals (unless the star mask is above optimum) in a drastic crop will not Pardon the Galaxy:) Its a super splendid image. Rush
  14. Rush

    M82 HaLRGB

    Rodd its a spledid colourful galaxy. Nicely done. Very interesting super lum Approach. Delicate question ? perhaps reduce the star size bvor cropping. Kind of blocky star background for a razor sharp Galaxy or not ? Super Image, CS Rush
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