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  1. Well, dithering + Lp filter is more essential than long cooling intervals in my experience. Keep ISO low, for instance 400, exposure time 120 seconds and shoot one or many nights the same object. Try not to use Live view screen. Its quiet true what mate Alacant says. On the other hand if u r really concerned about cooling the camera, use a table FAN and blow on the Camera at a slow rotation naturally. Cheers Rush
  2. Takahashi FS 60 CB refractor Astrophotography / Visuell set . Hello, Im offering a Takahashi Fs 60 CB refractor Astrophotography set in very good condition for sale. Takahashi FS 60 CB refractor sparingly and gently used, with original tube holder, eyepiece holder.(1,25 & 2 "), Takahashi TKA21200 Camera angle adjuster (CAA), Takahashi 0,72x Reducer for FS-60CB, Takahashi Flattener for FS-60CB, Takahashi 2" Eyepiece holder for FS-60CB/FS-78, CCD adptor, Canon Wide T adaptor. Vixen Style Dove tail 15 Cm. Baader SkyScout finder scope shoe, All Comes in TAKAHASHI original carton. Price 1730 euros including postage UK+ EU. ( New price above 2200 euros ) thanx 4 reading, CS
  3. This is a new attempt with Samy 135mm fully open and Canon 5D . Processed without cali frames, laziness amazes me. CS Rush
  4. Hi, Im Offering a Walimex Pro / Samyang Identical 85 / 1.4 DSLR Canon Fit for sale. Used item,body with minor signs here and there. Suitable for full frame and APS-C sensor, excellent light intensity of 1: 1.4, very good picture quality thanks to high-quality, aspherical glass lenses, manual focusing including lockable lens hood. Pries 115,00 euro including shipping to UK. Pay pal is fine. Thanks for looking. CS, Rush
  5. Hi Sean, 1. it weighs 3.3 kilos. 2. No, Im in europe. With fright and Paypal fee it comes around 240 euros. "Ultima Thule" puts you in the Kuiper Belt. Very true But NASA renamed it ARROKOTH . No more UT. Arrokoth was named for a word "sky", from the Powhatan Language, pronunciation and meaning of the word, however, are not entirely certain, as the language became extinct in the late 18th century and little was recorded of it. U might it like it. take a look , https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/486958_Arrokoth. Cheers Rush
  6. Hello, Im offering a MAX-HD Guider ALT/AZ Aiming Device. Heavy Duty Version, which was a part of my heavy duty dual rig system gone for permanent holidays This is a very precise gadget and build soild . Price including DHL is 220,00 euros. Thanks for looking and clear skies. Rush
  7. This image of Lagoon & Co is with Sammy 85mm and Sony A7. Lens is quiet heavy for an 85 mm, works fine. Cs Rush
  8. Ah, interesting. my brain pixels too binned now. manually. Humming teach ur children well.
  9. Hi Adam, had this Camera for 6 months, tried the unity gain ( corresponding 120 s) in SGP. Result was extrem Col.noise and stars were kind of overexposed , RGB histogram by far misaligned . In the course of time, turned down the gain to 70 and from 300s to 180s and the C.noise dramaticaly went down . This is purely my expeirence. I cant try this again as I sold off this cam. Was trying to combine the lum from CCD with CMOS OSC. In the end I gave up, lol. Adam , did you use this camera or did u check personaly how the gain values respond ? Curious 2 know, probably my handling was wrong. This was my low gain attempt HLRGB. cheers Rush
  10. Hi, Reduce the gain, start from 60 or 70 instead of 120. Off set leave at default. Frames @180s or below. Use an IR cut filter. Cleaned up ur image without cali frames, Im allergic to cali frames . Hope this helps.
  11. This is an HALRGB version Orion taken with Sammy 135mm and SBIG ST-8300M. Was a windy night , focus shiffting at regular intervals. Star spikes, not thin edged due to vibration i guess. CS Rush
  12. Walimex Pro/Samyang Identical 85 mm F/1.4 Aspherical IF MF Canon EF fit. (IN V.GOOD CONDITION) Walimex Pro/Same as Samyang 85 mm F/1.4 Aspherical IF MF Canon EF fit Focal length: 85mm Brand: Walimex /SAMYANG IDENTICAL Focusing: Manual focus Connection type: Canon EF Product type: Telephoto lenses Design: Fixed focal length PRICE £175,00 Including Postage UK/EU.
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