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  1. Used on my HEQ5, tried the upgraded focuser on the Mak150 still didn't like it.
  2. Just lunar not DSO. I've had the 102 and 150 SW Maks.
  3. Hi, Is there any difference in using for example and F10 refractor vs an F5 or F6 refractor with a x2 barlow ? I know it's best to use a longer focal length for lunar/planets and I've owned couple of maks but just don't enjoy using them with the cooling down and wobbly image when focusing, I always prefer using a refractor except I don't want to pay a grand for a 60mm F10 Tak !
  4. SAW

    Lunt 50

    Have you got a link to the adapter ?
  5. SAW

    Lunt 50

    How did you get so close in on the first picture ?
  6. SAW

    Lunt 50

    Hi, Anyone use one and had some decent results ? I have one with the b600, moonlight focuser, presure tuner and use a 178MM but find it pretty limiting in what I can pick up/see. I can just about get focus with a 2.25x barlow but even with this it's given me 1/3 of the disc you can't get really close in.
  7. Hi, I'm off to Australia late April for 3 weeks staying in the Gold Coast. Just wondered if there was any astro related things to do ? trips etc Thanks.
  8. All sorted now. There was a problem with my images being download to me but the shorter runs nothing downloaded so maybe there was a problem and it cancelled the run, I wasn't charged for these.
  9. Hi, I originally just signed up for the No Plan demo version just to have a look round and get a feel for it. Last night i upgraded to the Starter Trial and tied out a DSO plan on T16 think I set up something like 6x300 luminance and ran it. When it finished I got the email to download the images, clicked the link but no images are showing so tired the plan again and the same thing happened. I then just tried using the one click image, again it ran fine as I checked the system status got the email and still no images ? Checking my account history it shows the first run was only 1m 15s, the second run 1m 4s and the one click plan was 11m 2s, all three say 0 points and total points still say 60 which was what I started with. First time I've done this so maybe I'm missing something obvious ?
  10. I've decided to do away with the handset and just use the eqmod cable and then just use the targets that are available in the ASIair app, seems more reliable this way.
  11. Anyone use this lens with a crop sensor ? What sort of targets get you get in the field of view ? Just got a 300mm F4 for AP and to use for normal daytime photography but looking to get a couple more lens that I can use for AP and normal. I do also have a 50mm prime.
  12. Hi, Normally use the gps dongle but can't at the moment so I'm not sure how exactly to enter my coordinates correctly. My location is approximately, N 51 6 30 & W 0 52 55 In the SynScan I have longitude W 000 00 and Latitude N 00 00 so not sure what to put in ?
  13. I've recently got one of these http://www.astrokraken.fr/polarscope-adapter-for-seagull-neewer-x2-5-nikon-dr-6-x2-canon-finder--a129918512
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