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  1. SAW

    Mercury Transit

    I have my Tak 60 Q I could take bits it packing safely. Is it worth viewing/imaging in Ha ? Or just stick with white light.
  2. Hi, Those of you that are imaging or viewing it what equipment are you using ? I'll be in the Canaries for it but not sure what to pack. Thanks.
  3. Anyone else having problems with focusing when using the rotator and flattener/reducer from Skywatcher ? There's not enough inward focus travel.
  4. Hi, Anyone using one, how do you find it ? I'm interested in using one for my Fornax Lightrack II, Vixen AP-SM and maybe my HEQ5 Pro, more so on the portable mounts so I can go to darker sites without taking the HEQ5. The off axis kit for Canon DSLR looks good. Thanks.
  5. SOLD please can you archive thank you.
  6. 183MC Pro Cooled excellent condition with all accessories, extension tubes are included just not in the picture. Price includes RM Special Delivery UK. Purchased in March this year, will include the original receipt. £500
  7. Got my SW reducer screwed on to the rotator and then my 183MC attached BUT you can't get focus, not enough inward travel ! I'm guessing the rotator and reducer/flattener is only going to work with a dslr ?
  8. Hi, I'm looking to get either one of these to compliment my widefield set up (ED72). I'll be using it with a ZWO183MC Cooled and the 0.9x coma corrector, this is the first reflector I would of owned as I normally use a refractors. I'll be suing it on a HEQ5 Pro belt modded. Looking at the astronomy tools ccd suitability the 130PDS is slightly more suited for my camera, is anyone using this set up with the 150PDS ? Thanks.
  9. That's what I'm worried about.
  10. Probably sold as it was on there a few days ago.
  11. Yes looking to buy one, I'd love to have a look through one first really though before spending that amount of money.
  12. Hi, Anyone got one or had one ? I'm looking to order one purely for planetary observing and imaging but can't find many reviews on them apart from a few regarding the company so I'm undecided because of the reviews. Thanks.
  13. Thanks for the discount code
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