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  1. No I never covered the viewfinder so maybe my headlight or neighbors security light could be to blame as this would of been facing their light ?
  2. Hi, Recently got a 6D (un-modified) already have a 600D (modified). Last night I did some wide field imaging with it using a Canon L series 200mm f/2.8 lens, 60x60s lights, 20 darks, 20 flats and 20 flat darks. Tried stacking it with and with out flats in DSS and PixInsight but I am getting a really annoying glow around the edge and when I use ABE or DBE in PixInsight it makes it worse. I've tried flats and different histogram values but makes no difference. I don't get any problem with the modded 600D, is it just because it's full frame ? First image is just stretched in Pix and the second is with ABE or DBE done. What am I doing wrong compared to when I use my 600D ? I do my flats with a light panel and adjust brightness to get the correct histogram this has always worked with the 600D. There was no moon last night imaging and my neighbor does have security light that comes on occasionally but I was imaging the opposite direction. Is it the lens ?
  3. Hi, Anyone got the DayStar Solar Scout SS60 or used one, what did you think of it for visual and imaging ? Been thinking of getting one for a while or the larger 80mm one. Had a Lunt 50 pressure tuned before so how does it compare to this. Or am I better off just getting the Quark and a cheap refractor ? Off to Fuerteventura in November and will be there for the mercury transit, have a 300mm lens and 1.4x teleconverter to take but may get the x2 or I'll take my 178MM and lens adapter but this is obviously only going to be white light.
  4. Hi, Is there any tutorials out there for doing wide field stuff which includes some of the foreground, so you still using the tracking mount. From what I gather you do your normal tracked images and a separate foreground one and combine them ? I'm looking for a good tutorial either on YT or written. Something I'e wanted to do a while now but don't know where to start. Thanks.
  5. Hi, Is it worth me getting the Ha 12nm clip in filter for my modded 600D ? I'll just be using Canon lenses on my Lightrack for more wider images, 135mm or 200mm etc. Or am I just wasting my money ? I'll be getting another mono cooled camera soon and will use 7nm in this but this will used on a GoTo with a much narrower FOV. The 12nm will purely be for the wider stuff with the dslr.
  6. SAW

    Mercury Transit

    I have my Tak 60 Q I could take bits it packing safely. Is it worth viewing/imaging in Ha ? Or just stick with white light.
  7. Hi, Those of you that are imaging or viewing it what equipment are you using ? I'll be in the Canaries for it but not sure what to pack. Thanks.
  8. Anyone else having problems with focusing when using the rotator and flattener/reducer from Skywatcher ? There's not enough inward focus travel.
  9. Hi, Anyone using one, how do you find it ? I'm interested in using one for my Fornax Lightrack II, Vixen AP-SM and maybe my HEQ5 Pro, more so on the portable mounts so I can go to darker sites without taking the HEQ5. The off axis kit for Canon DSLR looks good. Thanks.
  10. 183MC Pro Cooled excellent condition with all accessories, extension tubes are included just not in the picture. Price includes RM Special Delivery UK. Purchased in March this year, will include the original receipt. £500
  11. Got my SW reducer screwed on to the rotator and then my 183MC attached BUT you can't get focus, not enough inward travel ! I'm guessing the rotator and reducer/flattener is only going to work with a dslr ?
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