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  1. Anyone using the 6" f/12 with the ZWO224MC ? I am guessing the 8" f/12 is pushing it weight limit wise on aHEQ5 Pro ?
  2. Not sure about Caeser's Camp as you will be able to see Farnborough airport plus all the surrounding towns. Puttenham looks good though.
  3. This is what I was hoping to do but wasn't sure if DSS would stack ok with a foreground object I can then merge the stacked image of the stars with a single foreground image.
  4. For those that do wide field astrophotography with tracked image of the sky and single merged image of the landscape/foreground do you leave the camera in the same position all the time apart from obviously when it's tracking. Can you stack the sky images in DSS for example even if it's got the landscape in, will it stack ok ? Then I can just use the sky part merged on my single landscape image. Does that make sense ?
  5. Hi, Anyone use this lens on either a full frame or crop sensor for astrophotography ? I had the Canon 135mm and 200mm L series but sold them with my last 6D, just got another 6D and thinking of getting this lens instead of the 135mm or 200mm.
  6. Went to have a look at the Moat today not sure I fancy carrying my gear up there Might have a look at Puttenham this afternoon.
  7. Hi, Not sure if this is the right place for this question but are there any good places to go to do imaging from near me, I am 10-15mins north of Petersfield Hampshire. My garden is ok but I could really do with a good view South with no obstructions so I can image rho ophiuchi which is quite low. I have Butser Hill on my door step but it's just to windy up there and a lot of cars around. Happy to travel 45-60mins. Thanks.
  8. Hi, Can you still get focus using a dslr & Baader coma corrector with the Baader ClickLock ? Want to replace the standard cr*p Skywatcher 2" draw tube clamp.
  9. Hi, Can't decide which to buy out of the above cameras to use with a Skywatcher 72ED and Skywatcher 150PDS ? I have owned a 183MM and the MC version before. I don't won't mono as I'm not buying another filter wheel, filters etc.
  10. Hi, As per the title which is best suited to that mount for imaging ? I'll be using a modded 600D but probably a cooled CMOS later. Already got a few refractors but need something with smaller field of view hence why I'm looking at the reflectors.
  11. No I never covered the viewfinder so maybe my headlight or neighbors security light could be to blame as this would of been facing their light ?
  12. Hi, Recently got a 6D (un-modified) already have a 600D (modified). Last night I did some wide field imaging with it using a Canon L series 200mm f/2.8 lens, 60x60s lights, 20 darks, 20 flats and 20 flat darks. Tried stacking it with and with out flats in DSS and PixInsight but I am getting a really annoying glow around the edge and when I use ABE or DBE in PixInsight it makes it worse. I've tried flats and different histogram values but makes no difference. I don't get any problem with the modded 600D, is it just because it's full frame ? First image is just stretched in Pix and th
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