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  1. Ah right I see, so the left right is reversed in both scenarios. The diagonal simply "fixes" the up down. Thanks that's very helpful.
  2. So without the diagonal it would effectively be the same as my 200p? I assume that it's just too difficult to use without hence the diagonal. Can you get diagonals that don't flip the image left to right? Presumably this would involve extra mirrors and loss of light transmission?
  3. Hi, Posting in the beginner forum as I didn't know the answer and may be useful for somebody considering a first scope. I've been into astronomy for the past 5 years, for the most part using a Skyliner 200p which I absolutely love. However, after moving house a year ago I am now aware that my current location isn't conducive to doing any kind of planetary observing due to the north facing garden, hill to the South and general obstruction of views where I need to be looking. I have no intention of parting with my beloved 200p but would like something lightweight I can carry to the top of a hill easily to do some planetary. Anyway, more or less set at this point on a Skymax 127 which ticks all the boxes for me but having only used a Newtonian I don't know much about Maks. So my question is, what is the image orientation when looking through the Mak both with and without the star diagonal? (I'm assuming you can use it with and without?) My 200p is as I would describe it rotated 180° but assume it will be different for the mak? Thanks.
  4. Thanks for the incredibly ironic WADAS certificate guys! Lee
  5. Glad you all had a good night up there. I am extremely jealous, I've been wanting to get back up to Winscar since the evenings started getting darker again and haven't managed it yet. Baby number 2 likely to make an appearance in the next couple of weeks so driving out to middle of nowhere with no phone reception not really on the cards at the minute! ? Hopefully might be able to make a trip up there in the new year. Lee
  6. Hope you all had more success than I did last night. Managed to get out for 9.30, spent an age trying to star hop to Perseus A galaxy from Algol before realising I had wrong star in the finder. Then when I actually found myself in the right area thick cloud rolled in. Managed a last ditch attempt at M42 before that also disappeared. All in all 1 observation over the best part of an hour! Lee
  7. Hi all, I haven't posted on here in a while but did manage to get out a couple of times in the back garden over the weekend (Fri/Sun). Friday was particularly clear (if a bit breezy) so took the opportunity to scout out a few galaxies around Pegasus. Managed NGC7331 (Stephan's Quintet, although could only spot the main galaxy), NGC2217, NGC7332 (but not 7339 next door). Finished off with a look at M34 in Perseus. Sunday again was relatively clear for a couple of hours although the moon was very bright. Spent some time observing around Cepheus this time. Bagged a couple of planetary nebulae NGC40 (Bowtie Nebula) and NGC7008 (Fetus Nebula). A couple of Double Stars, Beta Cephei and STF3051. Open Cluster NGC188. The Garnet Star Mu Cephei. Also tried for the Iris Nebula (NGC7023) and the galaxy NGC6951 but was too much of a stretch given the conditions. Good couple of nights though. My observing has picked up again in anger now the nights are darker again! It also helps when the weather is kind enough to be clear on a weekend! Lee
  8. Ah yes, I should have said in my other post, I'm on a Google Nexus 6P
  9. Hi, I seem to be having some issues scrolling on the Android app after one of the recent updates. If I scroll right to left it only scrolls a very minimal amount and then stops. In order to scroll through the entire week I then have to swipe repeatedly from right to left. Interestingly though if I swipe right to left on the header part where it shows the day and solar/lunar info, it seems to scroll overly quickly. Is anybody else having the same issue? Thanks
  10. Me too Vicky. Love looking through my atlases! I've got the PSA, the Cambridge Double Star and I also printed a set of the Tri Atlas B set which I use a lot for planning. On the Tri Atlas I highlight objects I've seen or ones I've identified I want to have a look at. That way as the year goes on and different constellations appear in the sky I can look at that one as a basis for quickly planning an observing sesh. Also because it's printed, I can replace pages if needed. It's no good at the scope for me though, it's a bit too in depth and I also printed on A4 which makes it difficult to read under red light as the writing is quite small.
  11. No problem Vicky! The other one I'm currently considering is the Desk Edition of the Interstellarum atlas which also looks very good (albeit not laminated). I'm aware there is also a field edition of that one which is much more expensive, however I've not heard good things about that one after its been out in dew (pages sticking together etc)
  12. Hi Vicky, (Its Lee btw not Ryan :)) I'm thinking black stars on white personally just because I'm used to reading star maps in that format. I have the Pocket Sky Atlas which does have some colour but is predominantly black on white which I use all the time. I don't struggle to see the red galaxies on that one at all under red light (I think there's maybe an outline anyway in black?). The Desk edition of the Sky Atlas 2000 though is completely black and white as far as I'm aware i.e. no colour for globulars, galaxies etc. I think its the Deluxe version which has the colour and is significantly bigger again than the desk or field editions (and more pricey) I'm thinking I'll probably get the laminated desk version because I don't mind the full black and white and its also spiral bound which seems more convenient to me, and as mentioned above will keep it in good condition. I expect I'll probably get it as a xmas present from my wife, but if I do end up with a copy I'll bring it along to one of the society meetings so you can have a look. Lee
  13. Great, this is the answer I was hoping for. Thanks you both for your help.
  14. Well my thoughts were that the size of the desk laminated edition (if it doesn't have fold out pages) would be better in the field than the size of the deluxe laminated one which is bigger. I just need to confirm if that is the case. I "think" it is, as I can't imagine how folding laminated pages would even work, but I can't find any pictures that show this to be the case and non of the descriptions anywhere give enough detail about this.
  15. Hi, I'm considering purchasing the Sky Atlas 2000 desk laminated edition as an upgrade to my PSA. I have a couple of questions on the format though and was hoping somebody could help me. I understand the Laminated Desk edition is spiral bound, does it have fold out pages, or is each page non-folding and covers one chart If so, do the pages basically fold out to the same size as the deluxe edition pages? I'm just trying to work out if this is going to be practical in the field, and actually would I prefer the deluxe laminated edition which may be more sturdy without the folding pages? If anybody has a copy of one or both I would be interested to hear your opinion. Thanks
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