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  1. Mars observed under good seeing last night with my Sky-watcher 200p. The view was fantastic last night, probably the best I've seen Mars to date. South is Up, Preceding Left. Lee
  2. Hi, Asked in the smartphone forum (see below) but was suggested I ask here. Thanks, Lee
  3. Hi, Just wondering, is there a general guide anywhere on the forum for smartphone photography? Or failing that a recommended online resource. I'm thinking just the basics with regards to settings etc for those of us who have literally no AP knowledge whatsoever Thanks, Lee
  4. @markse68 we must have been out sketching at the same time. Your view is basically the same as mine. Always nice to get a double confirmation of what you've seen.
  5. @BiggarDigger thanks for the report. I also have an 8" dob and have been considering for a couple of years if I should be upgrading to something bigger. The thing that puts me off is that I remember somebody once said to me at my local astro society when I was just getting started that they had upgraded to a bigger dob and regretted it because under light pollution the background sky was so much brighter and made the overall view a bit washed out. As somebody who primarily observes from my light polluted back garden this is obviously a concern. What is your opinion on this? Pr
  6. I just bought the Hyperflex Zoom last month and have used it with great success with my 8" dob and 5" mak. Really good for the money, would recommend. Also Barlow's well. Lee
  7. You are correct @mikeDnight. Don't have my notes to hand but think CM was about 71° from memory. I did glimpse the little fingers extending from Solis Lacus but only once and wasn't long enough for me to sketch them annoyingly. Seeing was varying wildly all the time which made it quite hard work. Might just have been more apparent because I was using the dob that night and tend to use my smaller mak mostly for planetary. Lee
  8. Skyliner 200p this time with barlowed Hyperflex Zoom at about x240. No filters.
  9. Sketch of Mars from last night in changeable seeing conditions. South Up, Preceding Left
  10. Thanks Mike. I usually record time in BST in my logbook, no other reason other than that's what I've always done. I took the CM from SkySafari which I think was actually 174.x but rounded to 175 because it was close. I do have the BAA handbook actually but for some reason have never used it for Mars CM!
  11. I also have a Skymax 127. I have most of the BST Starguider range which I bought over time to use with my dob. I have had good success with these with the SM127 as well. However, I have recently purchased the Hyperflex Zoom and am finding that I only really now tend to take the 25mm BST and the Hyperflex Zoom, and that covers pretty much everything I need for planetary. The zoom is awesome for dialing in the right magnification for the conditions. Previously I found that I was having to revert to a lower mag than really should have been possible just because the next step up in magni
  12. Just realised I've marked up the longitudes wrong. Should probable be ~ 85° at the preceding edge and ~265° at the following edge.
  13. Sketch of Mars last night, seeing was pretty reasonable, much better than it has been of late for me. Lee
  14. I'm really pleased you said that, I've been looking at that thinking I must've not seen it correctly. It was the part of the sketch that was casting doubt in my mind as I couldn't see anything obvious from the maps I looked at.
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