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  1. That's some serious kit to stick on a plane, nice effort. I think I'd soon be single if I took my 200p and mount on holiday!
  2. I actually managed to point my camera at the sky! Finished work late on thursday to clear skies and no moon so grabbed a few exposures on the star adventurer. Nikon d7100, tamron 15-30, 1x40 second exposure. Slowly learning photoshop!
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e0JSTF8SGi4 Have a watch of this, should set you on the right track.
  4. Thanks for the help i'll give it another go, I think some frames have thin cloud so i'll throw them out.
  5. I took a load of jpegs of the sun on sunday with the aim of stacking them in registax but it keeps freezing at 73% aligned. I've only ever had a few quick goes in the past so don't really know what I'm doing. Is this a common problem or is there something basic I'm missing? This is a single sub processed because I was bored.
  6. I cant believe the difference in these 2 images, same data just a bit more practice processing. Done with gimp and startools.
  7. Thanks all, I might try to test both next time I get a chance.
  8. Does anyone have any thoughts on whether its best to up the ISO and get twice as many subs or lower it and try for the maximum time your mount/light pollution will allow? I know the subs will be noisier with a higher ISO but maybe more subs stacked will more than make up for it? As you all know, the clouds usually roll in about 10 mins after getting set up so the more I can get out of a session the better!
  9. How orange? It can be surprising how much detail can come through after the light pollution has been processed out. I have the same problem from my garden, and I read a post (sorry cant remember who from) that said if you keep the histogram no more than 25/30% from the left you should be ok. I'm still at the bottom of a very steep learning curve though, so its all a bit trial and error!
  10. It really was amazing, its just a shame the observatory only does tours during the day. We had to be at the observatory gates at 11:40 for the tour at 12:00 and then drove back the next night to see the stars, if the tour started later in the afternoon it wouldn't be too long to wait for the sun to go down.
  11. Here's a few pics from my recent hols to tenerife. I wanted to get a lot more but after about an hour loads of coaches started turning up to see the night sky, which I can highly recommend to anyone visiting the island.
  12. I suffer in the same way, camera clicking away in the garden with a small (ish) whisky next to me
  13. http://pages.ebay.com/link/?nav=item.view&id=182073541232&alt=web Spotted this one this morning, eBay wont let me report it due to maintenance.
  14. Beer cooling in the fridge so im not too annoyed when the clouds roll in!
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