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  1. I use Astroberry - the set up isn't that difficult at all, and I'm a Linux amateur. The creator of Astroberry is on here ( @RadekK ) and support on the Indi forums is excellent.
  2. Oh good spot Peter - thanks for the heads up. It was out of stock when I first looked.
  3. Hi all, I'm trying to attached a CCD to my Skywatcher coma corrector. Forgetting the spacing for the moment, I'm having a nightmare trying to source a sufficiently deep M48-T thread adapter to cover the threads on the coma corrector and wondered what others do? The male M48 thread on the CC is around 6 mm, and ideally any adapter will need to reach the plate. I realise this isn't essential as I can always tweak the spacing further upstream to achieve the required 55mm - but if a sufficiently deep M48 female to T-thread male adapter exists I'd like one! Ta
  4. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.skywatcher.samini&hl=en-GB
  5. Hi all. I've just downloaded the 'official' Star Adventurer app for my Android device, and it comes with settings to control it over WiFi. Any ideas how this is done? I can't find any reference to WiFi on the web, so I'm wondering whether to wait until the next version of the Star Adventurer assuming it can't be retrofitted.
  6. Thanks guys, I didn't realise it was quite as valuable as that, I'll suggest to him that he sells it.
  7. I've been offered this by a friend, who has inherited it from his sadly departed father. A bit of digging around makes me think it's a Giro of sorts, or perhaps a copy of one. It's the head, the tripod. the second Vixen clamp and the extension bar with counterweight. While he says I'm welcome to have it, I'd like to give him 'fair value' for the mount - any idea what they're worth? It appears to be in very good condition. TIA.
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