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  1. Thank you, that is very valuable information Sven
  2. Thank you, that is reassuring. Another point just came up; I am using a pier with a extension that takes Vixen GP level mounts. Looking at the manuals, the CEM25 might fit, but the CEM40 certainly won't (it's screwed to the tripod's head?) Is there an adapter available for that? I would I have to build one or get a new pier? Sven
  3. Thank you all for your input! while I am still partial to the HEQ5, the CEMs are gaining ground ;). I would go with a non-EC version, as I plan on guiding anyway. While discussing this with my SO the other day, she promted me to eliminate all but two; the HEQ-5 and the CEM40 remained.. and while practically irrelevant (not really ;)) the CEM40 is so much prettier. But on a more serious note, while EQMOD is really nice to have, I guess iOptrons drivers will work just as well. As far as I can see they work with INDI as well, so all is good. The one drawback of the CEMs is the missing alternative for EQDirect. I really wouldn't mind getting rid of the handcontroller to reduce the clutter. Since I've been using the GP for AP, the SynScan handset is lying in some forgotten box in a dark corner somewhere, and I haven't missed it once. I would really like for manufacturers to update their mounts with modified boards to allow for easy connection using USB or Ethernet. I guess Skywatcher did it with the EQ6-R, it seems to have a USB-A port now. The CEM40 also sports a USB-A port, can the handset be ommited and the mount be controlled directly via USB? @Icesheet Quite a conundrum. I feel like the HEQ-5 would provide a (relatively) safe harbour and the iOptrons as possible gambles, but with potential treasure to win @Adreneline Adrian, how do you percieve build quality and robustness of the little CEM25? @Jkulin what aspect of the the CEMs are in another class compared to SW? Handling, performance, build quality? @Bukko Gordoen, should you get a chance to test teh CEM25P anytime soon, please report! @fwm891 Francis, are the CEMs supposed to be quiet? @TerryMcK I would fit the belt mod with the HEQ-5, the EQ6 mounts are too heavy. If I'd go that route, I would probably just get the EQ6-R. Sven
  4. Hi, I seem unable to push my Vixen GP reliably beyond 120s exposures with around 5kg load and a focal length of 430mm. Especially the Dec-axis is giving me trouble I cannot seem to get rid with adjusting the worm. As I wanted a second mount anyway to have one for visual while imaging, I am looking for opinions and experiences. With weight not being an issue, I would just get an EQ6-R, but I would very much prefer something below around 10kg (head). Currently I am considering one of the following mounts: - iOptron CEM25P - iOptron iEQ30 - SW HEQ-5 Stretching it a bit, I could go for an iOptron CEM40, a Vixen SX2 (which would, bare specs, have to make up for it in quality). Getting fancy, I might start looking for a used Losmandy G8, but on that deal I probably would not want to wait. As I am currently using a SynScan Kit with the GP, I would feel right at home with EDMOD. Also I think the HEQ-5 is tried and tested, so there should be little to no surprises. With the CEMs, I would be able to get the best possible weight/load ratio. But I am a bit cautious due to reported quality control issues with iOptron mounts. If you get a good one, they seem to perform very well. Or so the forums know. The iEQ30 is a more traditional design , but still significantly lighter than the HEQ-5 with rather similar load capacity. Any thoughts on this? Any other recommendations? Currently, I am not planning to put anything beyond 5 to 7kg on the mount. I would like to get a relatively painless experience, using mainly INDO/EKOS, on occasion or if something new pops up also ASCOM and the usual suspects with Windows. Thanks Sven
  5. Also, if considering PS, make sure you are not in any country the US might put an embargo on. As it nearly happened with Venezuela, Adobe might prevent access to the subscribed Software. If you don't want to be dependent on the whims of unstable minds, choose something else. My vote goes to PixInsight. Or use the trial of APP. The free route probably would be siril and the gimp. Sven
  6. Thank you both, that clears things up. Sven
  7. Hi, I have been fishing for some Information to make sure that I am looking at the right mount ;): Would I be correct in assuming that the Pro version is the full featured HEQ-5 with the larger motors and corresponding logic board for full speed (i.e. 800x) slewing? And that it was sold in a SynTrek variant that didn't come with a SynScan handcontroller but a simple controller just for slewing? So getting a HEQ-5 Pro SynTrek would have full GoTo capacity when used with an EQDirect Cable and EQMod? Also, is the Pro distinguishable by the presence of a Guide Port, which the non-Pro doesn't have (Besides the sticker on the wedge)? Assuming that I am looking at a HEQ-5 Pro SynTrek, what would be a reasonable price to pay for a 7 year old specimen? Thanks Sven
  8. Thank you for the replies. That clearifies things. I will do some test images on bright targets if I ever get clear skies again. Alternatively, an artifical star should do the trick as well I suppose. Sven
  9. Adam, Alex, thanks! That is reassuring, I guess. Buf of course the price of the product is (well, mostly, hopefully) reflected in its performance (no pun intended..). Out of curiosity; how would a image look like with the filter mounted the wrong way? I probably will have the last few hours of clear skies for teh next few weeks so I'd rather be spending the time capturing actual data Sven
  10. Hi, my Ha exposures show a relatively pronounced halo around Alnitak. The OIII also shows this but not as heavily and the SII looks fine. Is this regular behaviour for ZWO 31mm filters (new version)? Or have I mounted the filter(s?) the wrong way around? I wasn't sure when equipping the wheel because I couldn't quite reproduce the hue given on the ZWO site [1]. And so far I didn't have such bright stars in my captures so the issue did not show. Also, I suppose the halo not beeing concentric hints at a tilted sensor or filter? Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Sven (Single frame, 120s Ha, cropped ) [1]https://astronomy-imaging-camera.com/product/zwo-new-narrowband-31mm-filter
  11. I thought about getting a sturdier mount to replace my Vixen GP for imaging which would free the GP fo visual. A Dobson would be nice, too, offering aperture the small GP would never be able to handle.
  12. I call that astrophotography. And while I do find it interesting to set everything up for a session, I don't need to watch the equipment taking pictures for hours. It gets boring relatively quickly . I need a second mount for doing visual and imaging at the same time, but I just got a new camera so that has to wait a bit.
  13. Well, clear skies after 5 weeks, setup including Ekos seems to be running smoothly. I am on my couch, writing this, then reading for another 15 minutes until my first small set of test images of the eastern veil in SII are finished.
  14. Hi Dan, unlike CCDs, binning for CMOS chips is software only. You will loose 2 bits in depth, which might not hurt itself, but the readout noise will increase due to the quantization error. There is no reason to use a CMOS camera's binning modes unless you want to quicken focusing runs or plate solving, etc. If you are heavily oversampled, downsample after acquisition. Regarding exposure, there's some useful recommendations for the ASI183 on CN: https://www.cloudynights.com/topic/616524-sub-exposure-tables-for-the-zwo-asi183mm-and-qhy183m-and-colour-versions/ Last night I tried high gain (200) for 120s OIII subs and on first glance the subs look good. With the low read noise at high gain of current CMOS chips and the resulting short exposure times, you can really take the pressure off a small mount . Sven
  15. My SO didn't order anyting astronomic, but the package was themed anyway Something seems to have rubbed off on the stamp, but the Eagle is nice anyway. Sven
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