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  1. Is using an external USB WIFI dongle with proper antenna out of the question?
  2. Regarding transfer issues, one way around that would be just having EKOS running on the Pi directly and using VNC ar another alternative to connect to it. That way the setup is contained and not dependent on the client anymore. I would prefer not having X & Co. up on the Pi, but with the 4's performance, this is becoming less of an issue. Regarding remote access, is it possible to use a remote X Session in a way one would use tmux with ssh? I.e. I log into the remote system and open a X session with EKOS & Co, but upon dis- and reconnect the same session is utilized? I would prefer that greatly to VNC and alternatives.
  3. Hi I want to put my Star Adventurer (3/8" photo) on my small pier (GP mount). Before I start designing something, has anyone built or 3D-printed something like that? All the best Sven
  4. Clouds rolled in about an hour ago, I am already packed up. Had a strange problem with an ~1° offset between FOV and mount position in Kstars. Strange. @DaveS with Sequence for your model you mean SGP?
  5. I had a similar issue once with ASCOM. Different times were being used. I found the setting for the superimposed image; ekos - solver tab - options - overlay (disable).
  6. Oh! I m sitting just next to my setup, so I hope to catch those hiccups early! The scope could crash against the pier or whatnot!
  7. Does anybody know where to disable that my current image is shown in KStar's FOV?
  8. Good evening everyone! I am setting up EKOS. After last night some issue remained (offline platesolving for example) but this is sorted now. Let's see how it goes tonight.
  9. Thank you, that is valuable information. I don't want to be dependent on some dubious software release practices. I have a reasonable offer for a 1y/o 163 with wheel, LRGB and NB Filters. The filters are labelled ALccd 36mm, but I cannot find anything on those. Apparently, the NB have a bandwidth 12 nm, which is also not quite optimal. Even the relatively cheap ZWO/Optolong have 7 nm. Well, after @Dr_Ju_ju's suggestion I posted over at the INDI boards, we'll see what comes up. Sven
  10. Hi, can anyone comment on Linux/INDI support for the QHY 183? I only read that it "should work", but found no definitive, up-to-date statements Thanks Sven
  11. Well, something's not right. The Software says, the manual that was packaged with the programm says 1.1. And it gives a procedure that I can not follow as buttons appear to be missing (e.g. the show button). Maybe they mixed up versions.
  12. Hi, Is anyone aware of a guiding star simulator that lets me play around with guiding without access to the sky, i.e. cloudy, daytime, cold.. ? An app that moves a bunch of pixels with specified speed and curvature? I stumbled over Star Guiding Emulator, but cannot get it to accept any changes to its settings. Without proper screen size/resolution, simulation won't work properly. I only can get the simulated star to move straight across the screen. I probably could set up one mount for the purpose, while examining the other, but then I wouldn't know what effect(s) to attribut to which mount. Any ideas? Sven
  13. So far, so good. Heat gun at 320 °C and a small nozzle did the trick. The glass cracked starting at the places I applied physical force, hopefully the bondings are still intact. Sven
  14. Hi, maybe a bit late to the party, but any ideas how to remove the glass of the D3000's sensor? I can get no purchase anywhere. I suppose heating would be the way to go? Any recommendations on how hot is too hot? A friend gave it to me "for my astro stuff" because the camera would't find focus anymore, now I know why. I wonder how that happened. There was some loose plastic on the bottom shell, maybe to much pressure and the bottom sheared the cables off. Sven
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