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  1. Somebody up there hates me something bad, forecast 0% cloud cover for next few hrs and finally some patches of blue sky, just as it started to go a little darker and before the moon popped up hey presto 100% cloud covered the sky yet again :(

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    2. romx


      Its not looking too bad right now, not fully clear but at least some visible sky between clouds, fingers crossed

    3. romx


      Well not so lucky after all lol, just before the moon came up I saw one star for about 5 seconds then the clouds obstructed the entire sky yet again, can see light coming through the clouds where the moon is but that's all. Another disappointing day for me and my scope

    4. Knighty2112


      The lows of astronomy alas! :( 

  2. Typical bought a dslr camera so every night since has been completely covered in thick cloud and not even the moon in sight :( 

  3. So happy today. looked out my window and saw them fixing a broken street light. initially I thought damn more light pollution again but after they left I was happy to notice they had swapped the 2 lights near me with led ones. Here is hoping for clearer less polluted skies :D

    1. Physopto


      I hope you are right. Best of luck there.

    2. romx


      Even though the skies was not clear I was able to determine the light pollution was under half what it was before they changed the lights, All I need now is a good night without clouds to see the difference it will make 

    3. Physopto


      Glad to hear that. You will need to see how it is under winter conditions when there is snow on the ground. There are several different make of L.E.D.s being used all over the country, some full spectrum (not good) and others using older technology, hopefully you are in one of the better areas. I will be interested to hear how you fare.

  4. romx


    How is the quality of those things?
  5. Waiting for delivery of my new camera, bought the canon 1200D new from Argos, not bad at £250 with £40 in rebate due to their partnership with complete savings. excellent price with lens warranty etc. Cant wait to get using it and taking some great pics

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    2. romx


      ive got quite a tight budget at the moment so looking at something like this one 


    3. xtreemchaos


      good choice, you carnt go wrong with a skywatcher, im a big fan of there astro gear, and the startravel scopes are well built with good optics, i have the st120 frac what i use for the moon and sol, it works well. goodluck and clear skys charl.

    4. romx


      Yeah my first/other is a skywatcher 200P dob. I decided to keep that for viewing and go for a lighter one for imaging so I can transport it about easier

  6. That is a really really nice picture well done
  7. Amazing view of Jupiter tonight, used 8mm vixen lens and colors popped clearly very nice surprise for my location and the poor weather and light pollution here, Mars wasnt too bad either but still a fuzzy orangey-red blob lol

  8. most browsers will not be making use of cookies in some later versions. Very nice looking site bookmarked
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