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  1. looks breathtaking thanks for sharing
  2. I use the lcd but thats always pitch black, I will try again and connect to a pc as soon as this crappy weather clears up enough, weeks of nothing but cloudy nights. the problem ive been having is nothing has been on screen to focus on even pointed at bright stars or jupiter etc not even pixel seems to have any light. I am using a skywatcher 200p telescope
  3. I havent tried using a pc to see the liveview but images taken magnified a great deal always come out simply black, the min iso is 400 and it is set to that
  4. I have great focus on daytime objects and the moon when it is darker, but can not even see a single pixel of light from planets or stars, i do leave the screws loose and swap from lens to camera quickly then try focusing in and out but I see nothing whatsoever unless it is as big and bright as the moon
  5. Nice picture, wish I could get any picture at all haha
  6. I need some help, recently got a Canon 1200D and got some shots of the moon not great quality but also not the best conditions to take them so I thought everything was fine, today finally Jupiter and Mars decided to come out and play for 20 - 30 mins, like an excited school child I quickly got my scope and camera and went out to try get some images only to find no matter what settings i used when i used the camera i saw nothing but black in the LCD and in the viewfinder. does anybody have any suggestions of the settings I need for the 1200D to be able to see/image stars and planets with the 12
  7. Welcome to the site, you never get too old to enjoy the stars
  8. This one is metal so thats something i guess, if the lens is screw in it might come in handy for something else at some point
  9. Hi everyone, I am just starting to use my canon 1200D with my telescope using a t-ring and ofcourse want more magnification but i want a set of barlow lenses not just say 2x or 3x, so i hit ebay looking for cheap but sort of ok quality ones, I came across datyson ones for under £10 which on at least one site have good reviews but obviously i am not going to take the word of a site i dont know that sell thems word for it so I figured i would ask here, if anyone has tried these and can give a honest assessment of them it is the members on this site
  10. I remember the first time I saw the planets, every time i look at them now I get that warm feeling like it is the first time all over again it just never gets boring no matter how many times you see them especially when you see more detail or manage to take better images etc, your Mars picture isnt bad at all (better than any I have managed to get so far)
  11. Welcome to the site, Jupiter is amazing the first time you see it but never gets old, Saturn is one of my favorite things to look at too but sadly not often visible, I hope you have many more great days stargazing there is always something new to see (clouds and weather permitting ofcourse)
  12. The aliens have open fired lasers on us really nice capture
  13. that is just bleep amazing, darn i wanted to swear there lol
  14. skymap is a good free alternative on some phones, you can point it at things and it uses gps to show you what it is
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