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  1. Just to inform the Virtuoso's owners that I've successfully converted the mount to work with Synscan Pro app (wireless GOTO mount), i.e. becomes a clone AZ-GTi mount. Credit to the guy in this post: Turn Virtuoso mount to AZ-GTi
  2. Update: I've replaced the DT-06 stock firmware with a program (SkyWatcherWiFi.ino) at this GITHUB and now it is working fine. It can even find the mount without using a fixed IP option; though it showed found device as an IP address (, instead of displaying "Virtuoso". Everything is working smoothly. I do not have to put resistors in both Rx and Tx lines because DT-06 has onboard resistors. In summary, I flash your firmware into DT-06, then connect from 6p6c cable: - 12V step down to 5v ---> DT-06 Vcc - GND -->DT-06 GND - Rx --> DT-
  3. I now know why there are delays in responses from the mount. The DT-06 is not suitable for Virtuoso because communication between the mount and Synscan Pro app has some pre-amble data to be recognized and weeded out before the real data can take effect. That's why I got the hit and miss, thus delay, communication between Synscan Pro app and Virtuoso mount. In summary, pure/transparent serial communication of DT-06 doesn't work. I need to use NodeMcu loaded with a program written for Virtuoso mount. reference: DIY WiFi Adapter for SkyWatcher telescope mounts - ATM, Optics and DIY Forum - C
  4. Thanks a lot for showing how to do it. I recently bought AZ-GTi and I love it. I also have my 6 years old Skywatcher Virtuoso. The initial position (Altitude = my location latitude, Azimuth points north) gives point and tracking hit and miss; but AZ-GTi point and tracking is great. My components are: DT-06, 12v-to-5v fixed stepdown with onboard female USB port, 6P6C RJ12. Setup parameters same as shown in this thread. I assembled it last night in such a way to allow me to utilizing the 5V through the step-down female USB port for some other devices, if necessary. Tested indoor l
  5. Sorry to dig this thread up. I'm interested in buying one. Does it come with carrying bag like Skywatcher?
  6. Just got a new one to replace the old one. Pls see the timelapse video here: Europa Cafe' Observatory - Allsky Camera Timelapse Video I got a fly at 4.16min Latest snapsot from the camera at fullhd It seems to have a bit more sensitivity than the old one. I can see the Orion belt now. Before installing, I covered the long slit with black electric tape in order to protect the internal circuits from direct sunlight.
  7. The internal firmware allows the video invert/flip..... I put it outdoor 24/7 for almost 3 years. No sign of moisture/fog, even during and after heavy rain. The polycarbonate dome itself needs to be polished after almost 2 years of tropical weather. I use Vinol to polish it; but it won't last as long as a new unit. I have to keep polishing it after a few months.
  8. I've been using this poe almost-all sky camera for over 3 years. It's not as sensitive as the more expensive ones; but it is adequate for me, in a light polluted city (Bangkok, Thailand), just for checking whether the sky is clear or not. I placed it beside my private observatory, and I have an old tablet placed in my house for easy view; even on my mobile phone. I bought it three years ago at US$85, but now the price is reduced to only $46; so I decided to purchase another one to replace it because the dome is not as clear. Just to let the community know. I've produced timelapse vid
  9. Thank you guys. The mount was tracking fine and it is perfectly polar aligned. The above video may not be long enough to show that the same stars will rotate back into the guider view (Finder scope guider). The video frame is rotating to the right and came back from the left of the guider view...….. Last night I changed my quider CCD to QHYIIL and it works perfectly fine. I need two guider scopes for my two scope setup. If this cannot be solved, I need to buy another guider ccd.
  10. I left my astrophotographing gear in my observatory for a year. Last night I came back to shoot some deep sky objects/comet and found that my QHY5 guiding ccd had problem (shown in the attached video). The stars in the frame keep moving (confirm not my AP900 mount movement). It looks like the guider can't freeze the image frames. I tried to update the driver, detach and reattach cable. Shut down my PC...try PHDGUIDE, PHDGUIDE2, LUSOL guide. They all gave the same problem. Not sure, it is hardware or software problem. Any advice would be appreciated. GuiderProblem.mp4
  11. Got confirmation from Skywatcher help desk that we can use both firmwares for Virtuoso. The main difference is Allview firmware has panorama scan feature. Still not sure what went wrong with my setup. ps. Just know that Celestron owns Skywatcher because my ticket created on Skywatcher website, but got an auto-reply from Celestron!
  12. Mine is latest version 3.39.05 which is supposed to work with either EQ or ALTAZ mount?
  13. I have Skywatcher Synscan V3 working with my EQ6 without problem. I've lately flashed firmware v.3.39.05 and tried using it with my Skywatcher Virtuoso. I have problem with 2-star alignment. After manually move the mount to point to the first bright star, align; then choose the 2nd alignment star, the mount will slew to the sky very far away from the 2nd star. After I managed to complete the 2-star alignment successfully, the goto accuracy was very bad. It always placed my scope quite far away from the targets. I've tried the whole night and gave up. I then begin to wonder whether I
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