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  1. Hello fellow londoner, you'll find plenty of help from many brilliant members here
  2. Don't rub it in Its shocking in comparison to being out in the country but my London garden with a big scope has let me see other galaxies tens of millions of light years away! Not to mention resolving globulars to the core, seeing super nova remnants, planetary nebulas as well as the planets Living somewhere as bad as London does make seeing the milky way or something like Andromeda naked eye a very special experience
  3. Super images you have there! Makes me want an astro modded camera even more! I can't get over the starfield in the m35 shot... it's just magnificent.
  4. The music really makes it, the guy who wrote the music is mentioned in the description with links to his sites. He has loads of stuff up for free download or you can pay Thank you for your kind inspirational words!
  5. Hi Stan, Welcome from another London gazer
  6. Cheers Martin, I've followed your Flickr, you've got some excellent images Your timelapse from the Geminids had lovely colours between the deep blue sky and contrasting distant light pollution.
  7. Don't remind me, I want all of their primes! The 14mm f2.8 is next on my list. They are relatively 'cheap' as they are manual focus with no fancy pants stuff.
  8. Yep, I use it with the Baader solar film. It's also my guidescope I have the Celestron version whilst a friend has the SW. They are identical apart from branding. <a href="https://www.flickr.com/photos/mattpie/14144970484" title="First Solar Attempts by Matthew Pierzchala, on Flickr"><img src="https://farm6.staticflickr.com/5111/14144970484_a0e06f6bd2_q.jpg" width="150" height="150" alt="First Solar Attempts"></a>
  9. Yeah I have the 10-24mm Tamron, I know the Sigma is said to be better. I think with this its simply because it's not a zoom lens, that was at f4 with it's widest being f3.5, so barely stopped down. At f8 it can pretty much focus from 30cm to infinity because of the DoF!
  10. That was a the Samyang 8mm lens, cracking optic. Looking to get more of their primes as they really are very sharp. Hope you guys watched it in at least HD quality as the stars pop right out at you then!
  11. Cheers chaps, I used a Nikon D90, D5300 both on loan from friends and my D7100. The moving shots are on a Skywatcher alt az mount. All 10 second exposures at iso 1600, roughly 4000 frames played back at 30fps.
  12. Well I had work the next day so couldn't go and play somewhere dark. Instead I made do with my local London light pollution... Still a spectacle! Enjoy Still unsure on how to embed a youtube player... if anyone could shed some light?
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