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  1. i too have a printer so if you need the STL modifying i could possibly do that, if you tell me exactly what you need.
  2. Use a red light as much as possible, don't keep looking at your phone etc or it will ruin your "night vision" for seeing finer details in objects
  3. damn! thats a shame, i did originally think satellite but i was thinking it was moving too slow to be a satellite lol as it was taking about 15s to move across the eyepiece. i just tried stellarium and the satellite button but theres nothing showing for me unless you have to DL the data? maybe you can clarify with the other 2 things i saw. both saw with the naked eye and i have seen shooting stars before but not like this 1. was a white light moving from east to about south eastish, straight line, constant speed. initial reaction was a satellite so i started watching it. It
  4. Hi all from ( Kit is a Nexstar 6se, f/6.3 FR, 25mm eyepiece) Long story short. after setting the scope up i slewed to the Eagle nebula (which at the time was in the South East, about 20-30° up) and when i looked i saw a small white dot moving towards the 5'o'clock position. The dot was about the size as the stars around it maybe a little smaller and dimmer (although it did seem to slightly increase in brightness sometimes). i thought it might have just been my eyes so i manually slewed it to the center and i could see it moving especially when it past others stars. It took a
  5. I press the button on the camera but its on a timer so it has 10 secs to stabilize and then takes 10 photos. As you say the guiding isn't great, I always lose sub's when I stack so 1 or 2 photos lost at the start of a set ain't a biggie lol
  6. Thinking about it lol Should we really be using PHONE apps when we are stargazing/capturing the night sky? we are supposed to be getting away from staring at phones lol
  7. Thanx peeps I'll look into it, just never really had a problem with pressing the button as they are "short" exposure's on an alt az. I can't go over 20s with my tracking and setup up and even that gives me loads of trails.I have no guide scope and I just do the auto 2 star align. If I ever get to the point of over 30s exposures and an eq mount then I'll defo need one. Its the same with the laptop, I've had it all setup with that a few times but then it seems more hassle than needed if your using an alt az. My pics on page 2 of this topic were done this way so its not that bad
  8. maybe we could pick one target and everyone goes out and gets their best img and posts them up?
  9. thanks for the advice, i have GIMP but its just learning how to do all the stretching etc. ive been away for a while so its also trying to remember what i did learn. also this was just a quick session, no planning involved, just had to force myself to get the scope back out to take my mind off stuff and to stop it gathering dust. i think this topic only had 4 pages when i was last here lol its great to see people taking pics and showing people that it can be done on an alt az mount along with their techniques this should be a sticky (mods?)
  10. i have but im just too lazy and money goes on other things plus i didnt know you could control it from an android device lol, im going to have a butchers at that, ive got an android phone.
  11. ive been away for a few years but i finally got my scope back out and tried to remember how to do this lol quick 1 of the M5 cluster. 17min total exposure time using 66 subs out of 140 at 15s 30 darks and bias, 20 flats nexstar6 se with FR and a EOS 1100d unmodded using the timer to take 10 lots of subs at a time and thats it. stacked and processed using DeepSkyStacker 4.1.1 (still too much green?)
  12. thx peeps. if its just the focusing then thats fine. i wont be so lazy next time and focus properly. also its not blurred on the single subs (that i can see) its just on the stacked image.
  13. hi all, can anyone tell me why the edges in the image are blurred? im using a eos1100D, unmodded, lens was at 18mm F3.5. 60 x 30s subs stacked in DSS with 30 darks and bias. ISO was at 400 i wasnt planning on capturing anything on the night, so i kind of just grabbed the camera and put it on the floor facing straight up with a rough focus (i know the focus is bad) but would this cause the blurring? also, if you dont mind, is there a way to improve my shot of the milkyway with the equipment i have? the lens is the 18 - 55mm one thx all
  14. just thought id chuck sum more in (nexstar 6 w/FR, 1100d unmodded) Triangulum galaxy: 78 subs 20s iso3200 part of the Pleiades: about 20min exposure of 20s subs iso3200
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