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  1. You guys are amazing, lots of wonderful advice. To answer some of your questions, I have listed them in order...lol. Bingevader; I have 40mm, 32mm, 25mm, 20mm, 10mm, 6mm and a 3.5mm lenses, plus 5 filters, and a Barlow x 2. I think that's ok for a start don't you? Paul M; I also have Stellarium and Sky Safari, plus Sky Map on my mobile, can you recommend one for my pc perhaps? To Jiggy 67, I actually ordered Turn Left at Orion 2 days ago, just waiting for it to come. Thanks for that affirmation. Des: that's a really good idea, having a note book, I can get my kids to writ
  2. Hi all, fantastic forum, I must say. As a relative beginner, this lockdown has made me "get out the scope", and now my kids are fascinated with the moon, (they can see aliens in the craters would you believe). I personally would like to see some deep sky objects such as galaxies and nebula's. My scope is a Celestron 150mm XLT which my wife bought for me, I have to say the best pressie ever. I recall as a kid one of my neighbours showed me Saturn and I was hooked. Always wanted my own but was never in one place long enough to own one. Now I do. So the advice I am after is what i
  3. Wow, thank you guys, you have really given me a lot to think about, I really appreciate all the advice. I shall keep you updated as to how I get on. Kindest regards, Steve
  4. Hi all, hope you are well. May i ask for some advice/help as a novice to this amazing hobby. I have a Celestron Omni 150mm scope which my wife bought me for my birthday and i must say i have had a lot of fun with it so far, looking at things i could never imagine i would be able to see. Recently i have gotten into taking pics, mostly of the moon and some very bad ones of Saturn when i took my boy into the New Forest to witness the Super Moon a few weeks ago. As i said i also took some bad images of Saturn, and therein lies my problem. Whilst the pics of the Moon are good, (for me at least), ho
  5. healeddoughnut

    First Moon shot

    This is my first attempt at astrophotography.
  6. Thank you to one and all for your replies. I shall try without the Barlow if it ever stops raining. Thanks again Gents.
  7. I have a 25 mm Celestron which came with the scope, a Super 10mm Plossl and a 6mm Celestron Plossl. I have always used the 2 x Barlow lens ever since I have had the scope, are you saying not to use it with these lenses? You are correct on the pea sizes with lenses using the Barlow.
  8. The moon on a good night does have an excellent FOV and the 10 mm is really good too. I was looking at Jupiter the other night, hoping to see a rather better and larger image of the planet than I had previously, but was sadly disappointed as it looked exactly the same. I kind of conclude my scope needs to be bigger or my eye pieces need changing. Comedy suggestion would be fab if it was correct, made me chuckle, thanks for that. I then look at some of the photos guys have taken on here and wonder how do they manage to get pictures that large. I appreciate your help so far Ronin and Humpty Moo.
  9. Hi all, can anyone tell me if what I am doing is correct please? I have a Celestron 150 with various size eye pieces, 25mm 10mm 6mm coupled with a 2 x Barlow lens. The images I get back of the Moon and various planets are very small. Now is that down to the size of the telescope, or the eye pieces or............ what else can I do to enlarge the images of what I am looking at? Will they always be small to look at through a 150, do I need to go bigger? At some point I would love to try astrophotography, and that is a long way off yet. I thank you in advance for any advice or guidance you can gi
  10. Massive thanks to ronl and bunnygod1 for the links. Hi to all and again many thanks for the extremely warm welcome to SGL. Charon, whereabouts in Crete are you? I used to live in Gouves and Kokini Hani. I actually got to see Uranus the other night, although very small, it was still quite a thrill, Mercury was supposed to follow but i didnt get to see
  11. Thank you to all for the warm welcome.
  12. Wow that was fast, think im going to like it here. Thanks for the tips so far. Lol @ Swag.
  13. healeddoughnut


    Hi, total newbie here, the wife bought me my first scope, its a Celestron Omni XLT150 which is just brilliant. I have a 2 x Barlow lens, fairly good quality, and 3 lenses inclusive of the 25mm which are a 10mm and a 6mm. So far i have been able to see the moon in glorious detail, Jupiter and its 4 moons, Saturn, Uranus but thats all i am afraid. I havent been able to see Neptune, which is about now, nor the milky way or any nebulas. Does anyone have any advice helpful tips for a novice to get the best out of his scope, be it lenses, focusing etc i would greatly appreciate it. Thank you for you
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